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STA JE CIA? (WHAT IS CIA?)Mihvofrvko*.Silt. Dokumenti.

The author of this pamphlet received his law debtee from theof Belgrade6 and hii deflorateas

his thesis topic international law as it pertains to espionage, with special attention to lhe espionage practices of various countries fol lowing Wcrtd Wat II. The publisher* mention lhatvkov has previously contributed several articles to the same (Ourntl on espionage and International law.

The present article contains no startling revelations about CIA. The author's sources are basically overt, ranging from Allen Dulles' "Ine Craft ofthe dust^efcrt of which the auilmr or publisher his reproduced on the cover of this Imok) loo talions from "lhe Invisible- aclhor also re lets In other foreign authors such as Sovieten-ial V. A. Villnov, who wrote "Espionage Under the Mask of Tourism"hu-kov's "I'lan ofpmnagc amiw"nd F. N. Chistyakov's "lhe Secret Fiont War" into nameew. Ixvkov claims that some of his information somes from "other sources" not further identifies!.

What Irvkov writes is in fact much less inh resting thin the qcVv lion of why he (or wo should siy lhe Yugoslav govrmrnrnt) vsanled to publish al all, unless mainly fnr Internal consumption in ctanncfljlon with the revelations marie at the time conceming the plans ami ae. tivities of AletarvrW Hankovkh lhe author's main* object, itIs to altrinpt to prove that rspionigr is contrary to all forms of international law. The reader is supposed to infri from his slanted statements that onfy CIA is engaged in iitti (national espionage

levkov delves into the history of CIA and mentions its early lieginnings. in< hiding the role nf the OSS. wnkhsays vsas en gag'dariety ofinlelbgi nee miss mis andnderground antiroups rtop in occupied tiiritnry. In addi-(ton, the author comments un the role nl OSS in lheonnan-Iy and North Africa. For reasons lust known lo liimu-lf, the

j lor3

z jvn mo

Mitctllcff out

author chowgnore the far* that OSS was Inun tains of Yugoslavia helpinglo in his struggle against (lie Anil


Uvfanr refers lo most of Ihe other US intclltgenej agencies, all of whlrh we me to understand are under the control of CIA. Hethat CIA ha*0 stall employees andgents throughout the raid As far a* he is cwrrnrd. the. US govcinmcnt cannot do anything in the realm of global jlintcgy and politics without the approval of CIA. Me pictures CIA as an or-ganlration Iteyond any real control. lie apparently wishes to amuse his readers byiteral translation of the Watchdog Committee, le, that they are "dogmplying that CIA Is anion of dogs that must be watched carefully. He atiemirts to captain the role ol the National Security Agency (CIA controlled) mostly from excerpts of0 press conference given in Moscow by dc-fectoci Martin and Mitchell. In presenting the readers with an Idea of how CIA operates (against internationale makes refeicnces to Ihe nerlin tunnel ofIA's activities Iniiale-maUainhoriiaaos. Vietnam,ffair, the use of Satnos ami Midas as spy satellites, the Hay of Pigs episode. Britishhe National Studentsper.-it .'Mti of Western Kwnpcannions, pirchasrs of news media, politual assassinations, psychological warfare in Vict-nam, Camclol, Svellana Alliluyeva. and Colonel Oleg IVnkovskiy.

Despite the western literature presumably available in Yugoslavia, the author chooses to side with the Soviets in the IVnkovskiy case. llr mikes no reference to IVukovskly's havingHU officer and points out that IVnkovskiyerefieer in the Hcd Atmy. He debunks the inform ttion gisen by Penkovikiy and implies that hean agent for nmcy and no other reason It is Interest-ing to note that tire author,rn loM. Is an eipeit at international raw, defends the right of the Soviets In arrest Crcville Wynne in lindanes) "dueegal agreement liriween lire USSlt andhen we learn that Wynne Waioronsdafa (alias Kononoviet eiti/en arrested in Crcat liritain for espionage.

Uvkov oVpklS the defection of Stalin's (laughterIA opera tion limed to embarrass the USSH (luring Ibe relebration ofli anniversary of lor Itrvnlutioti. Awardingkov. Svetlma Al-


liluycva Is "two millionricher thinks lo the actions ofcliirnt that CIA preparedok ofordsarchive* In Krankfutt.ov iilwi to Itrlicve thai shebook three years prior to her drfiviion, apparrntlyvc lier story that she found little difficulty gettingout of the Soviet |

Levkov seeks to leave the reader with the impression that therevolves around the CIA. liehart

all US intelligence agencies (CIA. NSA. Kill, and the Department ol State's INH) as king under the control of CIA. When the author comments on psychological warfare, the reader is to understand that the numerous organizations overseas He refers lo are really CIAincluding (he Voice of America.

The author appears lo be very frustrated because internationalnot seem loide lo cope or curtailIAin his final paragraph he warns nations to look aftersecurity and to defend themsclvbs. from lheoln order to strengthen his point, lhe publishersavich but of thesually found in

ln the bark coveran with CIA writtenchest and sitting on the globe so that he can cover theIn additionheapitalistic- cTgar in his mouth, i

CIA operatoreyelephone,grenade, pistol, and dollar(

Unfortunately, Mr. levkovnot give us any references to bis work in which he allegedly wrote al-out more than oneIn this article he appears to accept lhe fart that no country

has admitted to Wing engaged in international espionage ami he. cornel lo the ceinclusion tint tin* US is the only

involved because CIA admitted toivily inuring

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