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The WEEKLY SUMMARY, issued every Friday morning by the Office of Current Intelligence, reports and analyzes significant developments of the week through noon on Thursday. Iiincludes material coordinated with or prepared by the Office of Economic Research, the Office of Strategic Research, and the Directorate of Science and Technology. Topicsmors comprehensive treatment and thetefore publishedas Special Reports are listed in the contents pages.

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Sino-Soviet Talks Yield Only Words, Word, Words

has made its most harsh and direct attacks against Moscow since thohou En-lai meeting onongratulatory message to Tirana onhDay directly condemned the "Soviet revisionist ruling clique" and Chinese publichas weighed in heavily against Moscow's collusion" with the US. This attack and the subsequent Soviet response, is the most dramatic indication to data that the border talks are not going well.

The new round of Chinese polemics was capped by Chou En-laieception trie Albanians gave in their embassy on 29 Chou refrained fromthe Soviets by namg but, using the well-understoodofondemned Moscow for itsambitions" and called for full "psychological andpreparations" for war. His remarks were then eagerly amplified by the Albanianwho accused the "Brezh nev-Kosygin clique" of "bloody provocations" and military buildup along tho Chinese The uninhibited attack caused the Soviet bloc diplomats in attendance to walk out In Chou's presence. The Albanian ambassador's blunt remarkshad Peking's approval and Moscow will rightfullytheneliberate Chinese effort to resume open propaganda exploitation of the border conflict.

Moscow Is already edging close to resuming polemics. tinging Radio Moscow commentary to Chinaecember avoided direct mention of the Chinese but was transparently aimed at recent Chinese propaganda attacks. Vividly conjuring up the horrors of nuclear war, it condemned "modern adventurists" who goner-ate "war frenzies" in their own countries and criticize measures taken by others to easetensions.

The Chinese apparently hope to place the onus on Moscow by charging that the Soviets are using military pressure toew "unequal" settlement on them. Peking is gonuinelyabout the border situation, however, and seems to have little to gain by breaking off the talks.

Meanwhile, tho Chinese are


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