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DANANG Station Monthly Report for0


Tho lull Ln hostile activity continued throughout the aonth of January. An increase in eneay action during the upcoming TET holidays is not unexpected, however. Three isolated instances of explosive charges being thrown at allltary vehlclea were reported In the loot week of the aonth.

Two Southern Air Transport flighta transited Danang within the reporting period. Both wore ferry departures and created little difficulty.

The Director of Danang Customs bee tentatively approved the loading and offloading of cargo on international flighta transiting thie station, but this authorisation contained several qualifications. Theeo are being studied In SGNetermination will be cade as to the feasibility of utilising thla authority.


No problems were encountered ia this area during the month. LEGAL

to renew the lease on theaa furnished to the landlord of this property, preeent contract will expireebruary. There should be no difficulty in vacating theee premises by the required time.

Alternative hoatel arrangements continue under discussion and should be finalized by the end of February. No significant probleas are expected ln the interim due to not having the above hoetel available.


Flans to renovate the CSD shipping and receiving warehouseassenger terminal and flight operations office are progressingeasonable rate. Preliminary blueprints have been Bade and it appears funding by COuDS, Region I, should notroblem. However, no target date to coamence work has bean established.

Dual HF antennas were hoisted into place onanuary and were madethe aaaa day. The eighty foot antenna mast project can now be considered complete.

Th* contractor who submitted the lowtet bid In April for the completion of tho concrete paying and drainage ditch project haa atatod that be would etill assum* tho Job at the same price if awarded. Statua of thla project ia pending higher echelon company approval.


for the nonth totaledt Petty cash, expenditures totaled: VK OPERATIONS

Revenue flle+it tineours as coo pared to Dec eerier. Pooreduction in Embassy requirementa, and the replacement of the AID PorterTB all contributed to this decrease.

The normal complement of BOH aircraft at thla atation will be reduced early in February, Dueeduction in echeduled flight eervlce between SON and DAD,7 RON will be eliminated. Requirements for twoB and two VTB aircraft ahould continue.

The foUowingreakdown of flight timo generated by this atation during Januaryi

Total 3

Revenue looses for the month were as followsi

Customer Cancellation


Hostel occupancy factorsor the Old and New Hoatela respectively.


Some improvement in HF recaption wee reported by other stations since the Installation of the new HF transmitting antennas, but Interference problems continue to be experienced when receiving SCM signals.

The Incoming ringing problem on the station telephones was eliminatedt all four lines are now completely usabls. The twoinea ring in Operations, and the twoinea ring in Traffic.

Thee UHP/VHF van out

personnel were able to repair it without difficulty.

Incoming and outgoing Bessages11 respectively.


A Pro-forms AR was submittedet of cargo weighing scales for the USAXD warehouse operation. No scales were Includes in the provisions of theontract so it anticipated that their coot would be reimbursable.

Passenger end cargo etatlstics for the oonth are as follows:



All but eight TCN employees have received extensions of stay, and twenty0 air base peaces vore received for TCN personnel. There ere still three such personnel who do not have an extension of stay and whose tenporary pasaea have expired. Special approval baa been requested from WAP Security to permit theee employees to enter the base until th* support documents for their permanent pass applications can be obtained.


The pereonnel breakdown at Danang Station at the close of business,anuary, was as followsi



t: chnxcal sidviaa

KNJotalrrivingepartingight decrease as ccerpared to December. For the second consecutive aonth there were no flight delays which reeultedevenue loee attributable to aaintenanee. Heavy services increased substantiallyotal3Bervices8ervicee). Unachange was required during the iionth. One aircraft waa placed on AGP status, but no revenue loos resulted.

BGHDotalanhours of which 3CO were consumed oo laaaad properties. The routine airport building maintenance functions of thie department have been aomevhat frustratedack of workable procedures whereby needed eaterJala and supplies can be obtained. Althoughit appears UbAJJ) le required to furnish, or at least reimburse the coat of, euch supplies, little success has been forthcoming in this area. ar was submitted to the looal cuatoner for palit for tho nose hangar, but this was forwarded to SGN for final approval. No action, either approval or disapproval, has been reported on thla CfiH since It waa initiated on

fcBM b?

inston C. Comoro

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