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Total block time.ln.042 hours for

ustomer (USAID/CORDS)TBaC) plus6ill remain in Tainan in temporary storage status whereas the VTBa (for the time being) will remain in SGN. C will go to temporary storage in SGNZ will be carriedGN spare. The VTBs were terminated due to internal customer problems however we expect full utilisation of the spare aircraft and our experience so far in February bears this out. He will watch this situation very carefully and make recommendations accordingly. Meanwhileas Issued

a Call Order forouldairly stabilised flying program00 block hours for an indefinite period.

change in our pilots uniforms with the addition of"scrambled egg" hats for the Captains hasoticeableaircrews look sharper, act sharper, andope) will flyover-all personal appearance is much improved with betterhaircuts and better polished boots resulting from whatis the psychological effect of the improved uniform. Iproud of their appearance. The customer is also


1. He are quite stabilised in our facility development with no major projects which urgently need doing exceptenovation of the Operationa/MPD Building which formerly housed the Base Manager's Office, andenovation of various Shops and Offices. These have been substandard facilities throughout our evolutionajor base within the company system. Both projects have been forwarded to the HeadPE for approval.


ur relations with all customers has never been better. They are so congenial, it Is unbelievable.


1. Cost of living - According to the National Institute of statistics, the consumption index for Dec.s compared with that8 increasesor the middle classor the workers class. Compared with the index of the base3,9 index is ao followe: Middle class: orkers

The cost of electricity hoa recently increased% fronoer kw/hr.

2. Air VN payhe employees' demand for salary increase was finally settled. he Board of Administration approved salary increase as follows:

, : 0 VNS per oonth Grade 5 : 0 ess Grade 6 i 0 "

The pay raiss results in tha company's payroll being increasedillion piastres per month.

gifts - In appreciation for assistance during the past

year, token gifts were presented to H8 GVN officials or ARVN officers with the following breakdown!

High level i upervisory level: orking level: 79


Rumored public disturbances ono

Historical or customary dates It particulars forthconlrw- Tha Vietnamese New Tear "TET" took place All business has bsen suspended on those days and no customary demonstration anticipated. Accordingointof tha Commander of the Special Military Capitol and the Militar Governor of the Saigon and Gla Dinh, fire crackers were etrictly prohibited.

TI. MEDICAL Number of visits: 1 Accidents: ospitalisation: nhoepltelization: utcalls: 6

Physical examination: ick leaves:

eneralt ia also to be the Tear of the at this timeajority o

ugh the Tear of the Dog ralnees. he are assured candidates will be able

to leave for Tainan in Pebruary. Ae appropriate, cable correspondence will be sent to all concerned keeping them advised of all late developments.

There is lota of talk of an impending devaluation; the value of the piastre on the open market la still abouto US$1.


2. Pe rsonnelaigon Baae





* 13

Pre-processed: 5


Ground peraonnel: Flight personnel:


Classif. Permanent

Classif. Permanent

Trang Sub-Base

Can Tho Sub-Bone






VIII. tbaffic/aah

December 69


Outbound cargo SGN Inbound cargo SGN


Passengers departure SGN (allassengers arrival SGN (all contracta)

Outbound (lbs) SGN Inbound (lbs) SGN

Cargo (including AF Caribou69 January


here wereontrollable andon-controllable delayaotalaigon departures. Early morning Saigon ground fogajor factor in the number cf non-controllable delays.

Flight Tiae Report (eee Attachment A) Acircraft Incidents Report (See Attachment 3)

Accident Report

Type Remarks

wing struck Army truckas being marshalled into parking spot by USAF lineman. Substantial damage. complete. Local Board during4 February.

3 PICdhile

bove terrain. PIC maintained heading and increased altitude. Minor damage fromal hole leading edge of left wing.

L. Communications

Project Transmitter Building and Antenna Syetem, Saigon

Ninety-five percent completed. All transmitters and ancillary equipment were moved into the newbuilding in mid-January/ Only power hook-up toVA generator and minor wiring remain to be completed. Old transmitter building has been rased and all old antennae and antenna towers have been lowered.

InstallationVA Transformer, Saigon

Base continues toVA transformer which was installedemporary basis by the power company. Completion of power cable distribution system awaiting arrival of stand-off insulators from Hong Kong.

ntenna Mast, Nha Trang (HF Transmitter Relocation) Mast and antennas erected. Construction of transmitter building near completion and expect to haverelocated and operational by mid-February.

ntenna Mast, Danang (HF Transmitter Relocation) Completed. All transmitters were relocated and were operational by mid-January.

elephone cabel distribution systsm and Base9 Completed and ICO percent operation asan.

ATTITUDE SSB Voice Circuit: Transmitters installed in newbuilding and new beam antenna erected in late December. Receiver console and ring down equipment transferred to Message Center. Muting devices for

receiver installed allowing headset operation only (no speakere).

The above represents the major projecte which have boon completed during the past two months after many years of planning and waiting for tbe fruition of said plana. Many projects remain to be completed. Soma are. Southeast Asia Kadlo-teletype elrculte, Tan Son Mhut/PTT Saigon speech plus radlotyletype UHF link, Saigon Paging System. System, Mossage/Communicatione Center Installation Including added on and off-line teletype circuits as wall as expanded on base teletype dlatribution system. These areew of the projects tc improve tha everincreasing need for more and batter communications. Thoy are in various stages of partial development with much remaining to be done before final completion.

5. Ground Transportation

Aggregate alcrobusos mileage: miles


Icusu buskm6 milee


Isusu buspax

Supply vehiclekm1 miles

Supply vehiclehra

- The oonth also saw FEPA and associated aetivitiee take

ot of time. The problem Is becoming more acuta as to Just what poaition, attitude and relationehip should exist between FEPA and MFD. There is the problem as to what and how much office and administrative support io to be provided. There does not appear to be any abuee of their requirements but the volume of work required continues to increase and thereefinite needefinitive decision aa to the policy that is to be applied to this area. equeet for thie guidance has been requeetedeparata memoearlier in tha oonth but no response has been received to date.

In the middle of the month we received the new epaulettea and the hat bills for Captains. The generel Impression appears to be that it was an improvement froo before but there was obviousin that tha epaulettea were not the design that was thechoice of the crews.

FEPA and tho Flying Department did conalderable work ln attempting to arriveeaaonable and satisfactory propoaal for the hoetcla and general crew accomodations at outetatlona.

The arrival of the firet few transponders is already gettingcomments froa the pilots and greatly surprised reactions from various ground controllers.

Discussions at the end of the aonth with Senior representatives froa the Embassy Customer indicate complete and enthusiastic support in obtaining UHF rod loe.


I, January was an uneventful month in roapnot toevents, but progrsss waa made in moat areas on production and administrative problems.

The Cantho Station celebrated the completion of ita Firat Tear of eucceeaful operation onanuary.

Inapite of progreea in other areas, our primary objective: Flying houra took another drop with redjeed hours on all types of aircraft, with the exception of the CL7 The total flying being down noreouro from the December level. The numberircraft assigned here remains at three with two in etorago. Helioe are reduced to one, in etorago. Perfornanco of the turbo-prop aircraft continued toonsolidation of the Ground Cooounications facilities was completed with the transfer of tho remaining transmitting equipment, andU Offices to the CRD Complex.

2,t Aircraft Maintenance The work load has remained steady during the sooth of January. 6 and? aircraft were reported to have engine vibration In flight, the cause of which has been mainly the props. Shortago of serviceable props and engiaee for Porter aid the Volpar aircraft was experienced for awhile.

The crew supervisors received eiasa room instructions on various types of propellers.

3. Rotary t'lng,, Thlo month has been normal maintitnance wise with total flying houra about average

i. Shope Shop activitlea renained on an even par during the first half of the nonth, then picked-up during the second half. Wo annual Inspection* were performed thla nonth.

The nuraber four service ons progreaaing.

anuary, an Open Maintenance Kork Order numbering system waa put into operation. There is no change in the basic system but this revision doesot of unnecessary paperwork.

The installation of the AIC Transponders ia progreaaing very well. It waa necessary to change the location of the control unitho VTB-L9 instrument panel from the position indicated on the propooed .'A print, fngineerlng haa bean advised.

5. Plannlng/En^ineerlnx The Planning and Production Control Section pre planned, scheduled and processed, for aircraft of allvernight Svces,vcea,vces,hginee Changee,ropeller changes,A'a,ime controlled components changengine hot sectioniut'shop work orders.

6. generalll transmitter equipment from the old transmitter building has been moved to the new transmitter building located in the gmd complex.

ent to the day/data

scheduling of routine maintenance of equipment.

6. ctivities for the early part of the months were planning and scheduling of work for the approveda draft, preq plan changes for sea, fm transceiver evaluation endepproved ea were received simultaneously.

5cm and comemg sgn office was transferred to tha new pabx room located in the gmd complex.

una service - completion ofssued for protection of vhp5 was made. umber5 antenna unit had to be repaired upon removal. hops provided us support ln manufacturing lock nut through machine lathe.

training, activities increased curing the month of

january and with the holidays behind us several courses were completed: garrettntegral fuel tanke.ontrol3 fuel control.

courses in progress: auto maintenance.

three mechanlce received their paa cral end practical examinations with two men passing.

.yll. quality control - tha station started their firsto.ervice this oonth withew problems being encountered that involved quality control and most of them came froo problem onsent from tnh or from lack of parts.

- during this reporting period, the workload for thio

section was increased byue to the original work of *o. ij3 svc andorter aircraft.

the tools display cabinets fabrication and installation are nearing the completion stage. project should also see its conclusion during the next month.

ftearrengeaent and updating of stock reccrde for all classes are still in progress and expecteo to be complete in the early part of february,

a totaline items of commodities was purchased from the local market this aonth. total valud of eonmcaities purchased from the saigon/cholon market amount to

i.j. thelean



3* 3 -




5. 9 -


. 16








block Tlx* plight Tlx*








oitfieG By


Flight otcioution aigom -

- mcnthlt ACTIVTTI HEP0



as in climb out from tjuang-Trihan pilot observed two man In aaparate amall boata stand up and fixe alternate automatic burata. PUot turned right and continued climb. No peraonnel injuriesamage.

as flying below weather when PICuret of amall arms fire directed at. PIC immediately Increased airspeed and departed

as being radar rectored toutinal approach onast of outer marker. Tracer fire was notedhe right (north) of. Twelve toounds of white, golf ball sized tracersust beneath the right wing arching to thebove the wing. PIC turned off tho rotatingon and advised Approach Control of groundo personnel ln+urlesamage involved.

: Pilots only awareness of ground fire waa whanelt impact of one round on left wing. aintained heading aid increased altitude. ierced front edge of left wing causing minor


ituation Report -

During January enemy activity and movements- were observed closely for indicators of enemy intentions during the traditionally active Tet holiday period the moat critical tine frame kota being from late January to the middle ef February. orps


- Situation Report (Con't) -

and the Delta were shaping up during the aonth to become the focal points for pre-Tet activity; however, neither area was subject to the degree of activity predicated.

Inorps pressure was maintained on Allied unite below the central

and easternnd logistical activity continued in the western provinces

specifically into aid aroundhau Valley. Enemy units were reported in

an advanced tactical position inuuTg-ttoi An City area prepared to launch coordinate.

attacks against friendly ix inatallatlone, refugee camps, and hanlets. An NVA regiment

reportedly moved fromorps to Chiang Nam province (Danang area) to support

these attacks. All Indies tore pointedigh point of activity prior to Tet.

Cn the night ofeb contact was made with an estimated three enemy companies

SW of Con Thien (eastern DMZ area) and areas inorps came under attacks

by fire. However, pre-Tet activity waa not achieved to the degree anticipated and

predications now calligh pointorpe following the Tet holidays.

In early January an NVA Division with all its elements moved into II Corps in the vicinity of Binh Dinh Province with th. Pacification Program reported to be its primary target. Cam Ranh Bay, Phu Cat, and Phan Rang Air Bases came under attack during the month with light damage and no casualties reported, while much apecu-lation was made as to possible pre-Tet activity, it now appears that an increaae incan be expected in Binh Dinh, Plelku, and Kontum Provinces following the Tet holidaye due to large numbers of enemy troopa in and near theae three Provinces.

In III Corps tho moat significant increase in enemy activity cams en the nightanuary asttacks by fire (ABP) were recorded against Allied positions throughout the Corps. Ono of the hardest hit of these targers was Song BeACV Compound which0 roundsmi mortar. It waa hit again0 onanuary with an unknown numbermm mortar rounds whichire destroying the ammo and POL dumps (AAM had an acft on the ground there at thla time but sustained no damage). In what was described as "heavy" infiltration was reported coming from the Parrotds Beak and Angel'a wing portions of tho Cambodia border. Saigon was subjectumber of terrorists Hoe lncidente two of which involved exploalona In movie theatera and three othera taking place from ono to six kilometers from Tan Son Nhut involving charges placed in Jeeps parked near military installations. ost-Tet increase in activity can be expected in connection with the initiation of the first phase of the spring campaign. Northern III Corpe and Central fcarill see activity. No specific mention haa been made of Bien Hoa, Saigon, or Tan Son Nhut during the upcoming phase.

Recent enemy infiltration Into the Delta,orps, from the Crow's nest portion of the Cambodian borderuild up of troops along the north-western portion of the border gave rise to much speculation as to the enemy intentions during tho critical Tet time frame. Citiea mentioned targeted for activity included Chau Doc and My Tho. Since much emphasis ia being placed on tho Vietnamlsation Program here, It ia considered likely that the enemy will attempt to discredit the ARVN and at the same time hit targets involving the Pacification Program. These attacks should coma following the Tet holidays.

R.N. Begien

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