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: tation Monthly itaport for9 Ol MTitAL

Hostile activity renainedelatively low level curing the nonth. Thtroewen rockets here launched against the Da-Mang Air Pace, but none of these attacks were lirte and no damage

or casualties were reported. SMC guard has been positioned at the nide ontrancc to. Consulate, which is adjacent to the Old Hostel, but this situation nay only continue for the durationargo construction project being performed on tne oain access road to the Consulate.

The DaJlang City and Air Base curfews remain unchanged, and no curfew incidents concerning coapony personnel were reported.

The anticipated volume of Southern Air Transport flights aid not materialise, but sixteen of those flights wereecrease of ten from tho previous month. On oneAT flight arrived nearly two hours ahead of schedule, at OaAOL, and consequently no codpuny personnel were on hand to handle same. The flight departed without undue delay, but MAC personnelittle disturbed about it. It should be realized that it is impossible to inform thepersonnel of such early arrivals curing the night.


Furtherss on the proposal from Barclay and Company to assume the operation of the Terminal Snack-Bar is pending the receiptoraal agreement from -LC. Should this agreement be acceptable, efforts will then be directed towardsommissary account fro* the Kaval Support Activity. ir Opcratione Officer has indicated that CURDS will offer all possible support In this endeavour. It ie conceivable but unlikely that the snack bar could be under new aonagement by October.


VM-al has shown strong interest in several facilities improvements, and has indicated that efforts will be made to eeeure the required funding from Saigon. The main projects under consideration are the renovation of the passenger terminal area (including making aore space available to the snack-bar) aad paving the unsurfaced areas of the facility. Thie customer interest in the latter project (action on aAR to accomplish same was deferred In July for an indefinite period due to lack of funds) baa interrupted efforts to obtain sufficient gravel to cover these areas ln exchange for cement presently on hand. Overall relations with AO/VK-al remain satisfactory.


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Ts IiJUJO Station lonthly Keport for9

*ho Tcrmnent Labasey Air Operations Officer has been on temporary oaoi^natnt to SCVJ, but continued excellent relations with hlo replacement have buen maintained.


An Engineer froa ECU, with the aaelotance of nli'D/DAT, pre paorking drawing for the proposed puasrnger teriinaloot estlr&te lcormulated basod on supplying awith all isntcrLels obtainable froa UA. It Is anticipated tnct bide for this project will be oelictrdptoatcr.

M- Lean-to project is all but completed. Far unknown reasons the contractor has failed totair to the upper storage area which would effectivelyinal settlement.

Only rinor Ln-house work rucnlnaiie Cityeject, all underground cables are ln place and the companyVA generator (in need of overhaul) has been movid to tno new generator. has con nintod the installation ofVA transformer so that only two tcr-Unal splices and the relocation ofF ICO KVA venerator are re juired to sake the rysteR operational. Fortunately, the Ua? generator's reliability has been quite high during the pant few weeks.


kith the exceptionew minor difficulties, such os power failuref and adjustments, the station timekeeping ayatcm basediao clock is working satisfactorily. Tho use of attendance rooters forpunching time cards has been discontinued.

payroll for tho oonth totaled

Petty cash expenditures for tho month totaledt VlI


Total revenue flif-ht time0 hours as coap&rtd tointe seem to have stabilised and

little variation is anticipated in the future, 'kilike other locations, very few special or VIP fllfits am operated out of tsliang. enue losses were tne lowest of any reporting period to data and renultodol par Fuel Control Lnit change.

The followingreakdown of flightgenerated by this station during August:

rane 3

rXJ-iCTs Ltetion Ifanthly -eport for9

vonuo loss for Urn aonth woo as follows i





In order to more equally bolseics the) flying between tle> two assigned 2GLB aircraft,ocaent was reached between AIObasay whereby AH> would fly tlx Lcbasay helicopter on .'orelays, rudncsdays, andill now pay half the nointonance Sorry cost involved -hen it is necessary to pcrforo services at Saigon on the Foxtrot Helicopter.

Hostel occupancy factorsi andor Us old and Sew hostel respectively.

roblcan wore encountered with lotorola rrmote ilttJVO9 during tho nonth. as cosivnccd preliminary work on tranefurring the station radio tran unit ten to their now location in theean-to.

Incoming and outgoing eeesagea5? respectively.


Asidehe inauguration of two additional6 passenger flights from Caifon, workload has remained fairly constant. ew conditions of Contract fom was initio ted during Uic aonth whichew core entries than that used previously, but no real problca Ln this regard has been experienced. otaleparturcs were handled during the nonth.

Ponsencer and cargo otatistico for the ronth aro as followsi

Pago 4

C7i DAIASG Stationbeport for August

?.ian*Tv:ora In ors Cut Caryo In ut

6 Continental Air fervlcea fliihta wereuring August.


Moountered Ln tils area during nonth; the Slick Tine Clock syetea ia workln, very cffecwlwly. So further action will, therefore, be taken to providv separate guard3 for the :CAID warehouse.


Lxtension of stay approvalstly dueroblcoirk pvrnltamployees. ew plcnnvd leaves have had to be deferred.

Tho porsonnel reduction aceoerpllshuri irt July has lud no noticeable affect on the overall etatlon operation, and further reductions are being coneidered for Septeatoer.

The personnel breakdown at Ds.fang station at the close of bualnecj,ur.uot, woo as followe!

Perreanentorary Dally ilire



otaleparting fli,hte during the month. Thereotal of fivo delays cf which only one

Paso 5

tXBJcGtt DAittlC UUtion ^tbly Heport for9

evenuu loo a, Two outstatlon recovorieaccsoary but only uLncr nainteoince was roc uij-cd In each caoo. von hoavy ovrvieca were performed, all8 aircraft, throe of which beingervices required maintenance personnel support frora Saigon,' or cropuller changes vera required.

ililDotal7 rsinhoura ofere utilizednointennnce. Th* old hootol all' conditioncra and waterbeen particularfour air comiitioncra being

outi-rico, it van necessary to rt-nw one unithe now hoitol to support the old.

A substantial credit was rtceivid on tho July ?wA invoice,urther credit for soao previous double billings ion i'opteuber, Jio other probleca with ICA account wore exprrimctd.

TNSTnxc. CAM1IRE Winstco C. Oa=hre

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