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SUBJECT: DANANG Station Monthly Report for9

Hostile activity for the month waa limited to one significant incident, but in terms of reported casualties and projectilea fired, it was the largest attack In tha past five months. This attack occurred In the early morningeptember and consisted of an estimatedockets andortar rounds impacting in the Danang and surrounding area. atalities andnjuries, mainly to Vietnamese civilian personnel, were reportedesult of the attack. One rocket apparently exploded en AHVN ammunition dump and the resulting concussion caused minor daaage to some doors and windows in the company hoatela. No Lnjuree to company personnel were reported.

The Danang City and Air Base curfews remainedurfew paos in the formatter was obtained for those personnel who might be required to remain on the baae0 houra. Thle pass will be renewed monthly without any anticipated problems.

Southern Air Transport flights wore limitednd no problems were encountered in their handling. uch flights are already scheduled to tranait Danang during October.

The maintenance of company air-condltioneraerious problem during the month with eeveral unit failures. The station repairla satisfactory in most instances, but in several cases, the units require replacement compressor motor assemblies which are unavailable.esult of thla situation it has been necessary to remove all therom the new hostel to support the old hostelffices at the air baae are without air-conditioning.


Negotiations withompany eoneerning their proposal to operate the terminal anaen-faer have ooaaadesultUCT elrvotlve which cancelled their operating authority In Vietnam. As an alternative,are being heldergeant Dobba who apparently was raapon-elbla for netting up the Mack-bar eo-iginally and ia now serving another tour at Danang. Through his efforts With tha Basa RCO Club, an operation far ewnarinr to tha present may be forthcoming.


Two minor problems developed with tho Embassy customer concerning the handling ofassengers and cargo on company aircraft. The former waa resolved locally by permitting an Embassyto pick-up the required oenditions of contract from Traffic and escort the Vlrs to the aircraft without Traffic assistance. This customer haa their own protocol procedures and apparently feals that such passengere are beat handled internally. The ultimatefor the correct loading and tie-down of Embaaay cargo on company flights is somewhat undefined since5 contract la no longer in effect. This natter has been referred to Flying Contracta for clarification.

The AID custonor seems satisfied with the pro.reae made on the design of the passenger terminal renovation project, but funding for ths project le still not assured.


Detailedwere prepared by SGN for the passenger temlnal renovation project and bids have been received froa four local contractors to accomplish the required construction. einbureable pro-foraa AE haa been euhavitted by SGM/SGM based on the lowaet bid.

The Danang City Power Project was completed during the tenth and payment was made. for the transformer installation. Although the facility haa remained on DSAF generator power alaoat all of tha tine, very satisfactory voltages are received from tha transformer. echnican was aent from SON to balance the currant loada and tha alight beating problem In the main distribution lines seessj to have been eliminated.

The Moee hangar Lean-to Project was also coapleted and finalwas effected with the contractor.

A re-evaluation of the deferred Paving Project haa been requested soirm determination can be made as to whether or not0 bags of cement on hand should be retained or exchanged for gravel. The local AID customer supporta tie project but funding for it Is still indefinite. The rainy season la rapidly approaching and it is doubtful that any of thlo cement will ba useable If it la not utilised fairly soon.


I payroll for the nonth totaled:

Petty eash expenditures for the aonth totaled) VM


Total raven ua night tine5 hours aa compared to tho previous aonth. B firing was reduced significantly dueack of requireoante by the labesay and tha substitutionor Quang-ffgai on the part of AID on Sundaya. he-venue lossessignificantly prinarilyesult of poor weather when Danang was within the influence of tropical stoma.

The followingreakdown of flight tlaa generated by thla station during Septemberi


Eevenua loaa for the nonth waa as follows!



Cuatoner CancellationB

Koetel occupanoy factorsho Old and Mew

hoetela respectively. The higher utilization of the Hew hostel resulted froa extendednd7 BONs.


The recxjte VH7/UHF waa out of eervice only oncedurLru; the nonth andwas repaired within one rh,!

tranafer oS thelio transmitterscommenced, and all the required underground audio cablaa were installed. Temporary antennas have been erected for interim use until the progrsjaaedoot antenna aut la received from 8CH and installed.

Incoming and35 respectively,


A planned reductionround Services personnel was deferred at

custoator insistence. Although the Banning of this department le considered excessive, the AID customer apparently vents to continue to bear the additional expanse involved.

Passenger and cargo etatlstics for the month ore es followei

Passengers In Passengers Cut Cargo In, Cargo Cut

Ho Continental Air Servicee flights ware handled during September.


A crevmeaber reported the theftlight case froa tha entrance of the Near Hostel while awaiting transportation to the airfield but no conclusive evidence could be found that the hostel security guard was negligent. According to tho guard's statement, other erewmesfcera were in the lanediate vicinity of the case when the theft apparently took place.


Ho solution to the work permit problem haa been reported andonsequence, visas, extensions of atay and air base pase processing are at ill being delayed. KM/SCf indicates that progress in this area la being aade butery elov rate.

A third major personnel reduction was accomplished during September which brings station manning downevel not experienced In nearly two years. Withery few exceptlone and ihoee requiring aof policy, any further reductions can only be sustainedery noticeable decrease in eerrloe or capability.

The personnel breakdown at Danang etation at tha eloee ofSeptember, was aa



* Includes two personnel who will bo transferred to SGN when Tan -Son-Nhut base peases are obtained.

technic ai. rtavicrs

IJEotalrrivingeparting flights during the oonth. Maintenance delays remained the eane as Augustotal of 5. No outstation recoveriee ware raquired. heavy servicee aaountod to two nuaber 1eervicee, three8 services and twoB services. One engine changend no propeller changeo were required during the nonth.

HC!t) expended at total5 nanhoura, ofare utilised in hostel maintenance. In an attempt to reduceproblems in the old hoetal, hoarier guage wire. switches were installed In addition to replacing the thin plastic wind owe with plywood sheeting.

NBA transactions ware disruptedrief periodeeult of the substantial daaago sustained bj their facilities during tha rocket attackeptember. The only enduring problem wae that their September invoice did not include UAH cards which will delay reconciliation of the invoice with company recorde.


Proa previous nonthly reports the following data waa extractedi

7 6 9

Plight Time (hours)





Coca not include Traffic Ground Cervlcea Labor force.

Although the above figures are not necessarily comparable, they do give eoae indication of the changes over the years covered.

OrifSn.il Signed by WINSTON C. CAMHliE Ulnston C. Caabre

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Apr 10, 2012 @ 11:11 am
The above report makes no mention of the destruction which occurred at the Navy's cover storage during the explosion at the ammo dump. Material and food were destroyed and surveyed. Warehouses were destroyed and warehouse structural steel bent, damaged and had to be replaced by the NCB. This was mostly due to the excessive concussion of the ammo dump exploding. I was awarded both the CAR and NAM with a combat "V".
No mention that the threat of a ground attach was eminent and required sailors to man fire pits armed locked and loaded.
The concussion from this attach defended hearing temporarily.
This was a morning of terror.
It is my best recall that an Army helo destroyed rocket and mortar location close to cover storage. This is what happened and should be researched and docunmented.

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