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SUBJECT : DAUAXO Station Monthly Report for9


Ho significant incidents of hostile activity were reported during October, but according to Embassy sources,calo attacks are anticipated prior to tho end of the year.

Although the Danang Air Baseremains constant, the city curfew was reduced one hour and is now effective00 hours dally. Since thelate shift Is scheduled00 hours, Ui*re is tiau for personnel to return home without curfew difficulties.

Nino Southern Air Transport flights transited Canons during tne nonth, but no difficulties were experienced; all were ferry Departures.

The station air conditioner situation is still critical; four units failed during the cxxith due to burned out fan ectors. nit, received froa Tainan, developed this problem after only three days operation. Local repair capability has aade it possible toull complement of air conditioners in the old hostel and essential offices but nine units are presently inoperative. Two units in tho worst condition were shipped to Saigon for repair.

Preliminary discussions were held with the local Custom Authorities rerardlng inspection of transiting international flights. Arrangements for providing them with advance notification of these flints wore made. It was admitted, however, that at the present tlaa, (hare are insufficient customs personnel available to inspect all flights. The possibility of being authorised to load and off-load cargo on these flights at Danang was mentioned and not rejected, but an official decision on this matter must await future meetings.


The operation of thu terminal snack-bar hasreat e'eal of Lnprove-ment under tho nanageia-nt of Sergeant Dobb3. If his position becomes definitely ptmanent, it may prove advantageous to drawee-Bant with the Danang WO club to outline tho res pons ibiliUes of both parties.


An lnpauao was reached with both local customer representatives concerning the assl^nacnt of aircraft nurbers to specific flijita. Although more efficient aircraft scheduling would accrue froa Flight Operationsactual tail numbers, the imbassy customer maintains that their afcrce-ment with AID assigns twond3 aircraft for Infcassy use and

control. In order to facilitate this control, accoi^Lnj to the tabuitsy, iteac-ry that tho aircraftL,ricd by tail nuaber. Uoa of any of these aircraftore-Lmbascr/tracjelssion. It la also cliifflKl by both customers tbat tailar.slgrvacnts jxq necessary Lo specify which custoner lo responsible for the payop.nt of maintenance ferry fllhts.

froblcno would be uicrnVTod -hen ferry fll/its -jx requiredca All tananv; cased aircraft ai. ht bo eciKdulfd at the uaau tine when one or core i3 not available, .iucolutlcn of thla situation lo pending discussions Kithr^rpective customers in ^n.

ilU AID cistoejer nas Indicated tnat -ii^on Is favorably disponedrds providing funds for Vier atrial innovation and Havingpcdlttd conpony approve! of theseprovtrnonts has been Luv to tho factost eutluates for thcao projects arc baucd largely on contractor bids, significant delays will create pre*)leas since both contractors maintain that rising costs will require upward price revisions if contracts arc not oLjned Ln tiio near futui*e.

An oc:oi'nt Was reached kith L'-Ar* Power ProductionS will continue toenerator for etatlon use even though coa-iorlcal rovor is aviilnbls. In turn, centrical power will be supplied to the iir o'-rinr; pvrlodsncr^ior failure.

o bvon linclriod to acconpllnh the llation of the

anU.nnj BBSt through ln-house efforts. Verbal approval for onotlng the naot has beenrom theond written conf inentlon io expected In early lioveabor. >bct of the uxcavntlon lor the aant footing ban been completed. Cue to the curing tire* required for the concretenstallation will not be operational until .'cceober.


Mnor problems are encountered withet Ion tine clock whenever cooxrical power Is being utilised du^ to the differ*.nee1 in cumnt frequency (JOts). AltJiourh thr clock runs slow during these riods,cratorr io available coot or tho tine.

"jibl for ronthj| hhonml

petty cash expend it uroa far the month totaled:

Totalit tiaoconparcdc previous aonth. Although weather waa ruaponnibleroat amy flightsubstantial revenue looses, tiicae were offset by aincroasu in overall Lrabassy requirementshe tosporjry assignment

of oooircraft. Tho aatoaasy euttoiw doe*iring and AID haa aentlcnad tharaor/ reset* poeeibtlity of an additionaleing requestor Danang.

The followingf flight tin* generated by thlatat ion during Octoberj



Total 2

Revenne loaaaa for tha aonth war* aa followsi

Cua+^aatr 0


Hostel occupancy faotor*1 for the Old and Mewp*otlr*ljr,


roblen* were encountered during the aonth with the flL*BBaBBBBBBBB*BBBBl

react* TH7/UKF. All ground radio tnnanitUr* were tranafarrvd to th* HMD lean-to. Although some reception difficulties war* imported by 8QM on HP, tb* problen was corrected by tha aiddl* of th* nonth.

Inooadng and outgoing neaaagaa02 reapectirely.


Crerall Traffic workloado 1fairlyith no significant deviations fro* th* previous reporting period. Mo Continentalr DBA* aircraft war* haajttag during th* nonth.

nd cargo statlstiaa for tha aonth ar* a* followei

raaa*nA*r* In Pasaamt*ra Oat Cargo In Cargo Out

- ft -


yn. tMtttiaersonnel to ret-in on th. air bas. after theight boif operating eli-eumjUnce. warrantiuch approvalew CTD drivers nay ba requested to avoid problano with lota workahift tranaportation.

Delays in obtaining extension* ofor third country notions! pereonnel nay create carious problems in the earning nooths sinceair base passas are expiring. Thea* pseeoe will net bo renewed without written evidence that application has been nade for an exten-tion of stay whleh in turn, will not bo acceptedork permit. It ia understood that no Danang employee presentlyalid work permit.

Tbe perscmnel breakdown at Danang station at the aleee of business,ctober, was as followst




HMDotalrriving aad 6ft6 departing nights during the month,ore of oaoh than export ess id ln Boptmatiei1. Plight delays attributable to maintenanceots! of ft* four outstatina recoveries warsnvolving DHC-ft alroraft. Twoervloes wars performedhe romslitliig fournd twoervicee were performedtB alreraft. Mo engine or propeller changes were required during tho month.

HOCotalt aanhoure ofore utilised In hoetel maintenance and painting ths Station Keneger'idditional celling fans wars installed In the roar rooms of tho old hostel to provide eoae additions! air circulation la ths event of air conditioner fallures.

isitwas learnedebuilt Caterpillar

engine will be chipped to Danang to replace the engine Installed la theA generator. It will not, therefore, be aeeceearr to attempt aa overhaul on the preeent unit.

Routine requisition* froa MSA ar* presently encountering delay* due to higher priority cueut urgent lUn* have been handled by the tin* conaunlng but expeditious walk-thru nethcd.

C.OAMBRE Winston C. Canbre

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