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Station Monthly Report for9

The apparent lull in hostile activity continued throughout the aonth of November. Nearly three months have now elapsed since the lastincident involving oaaualtlea and destruction in the Danang Area.

No further changea have been effected in air base and city curfew hours. However, onovember, nine TCK personnel were denied entrance to the baae due to expired air baae passes. Special arrangements were made which would allow these personnel to enter the baae and applications for temporary passes were submitted to the VNAP security authorities. These efforts can only be considered aa sxpedienta since applications for0 baae paaaea will be processed in December with valid extensions of stay required as supporting documenta for all TCI peraonnel. Very few of these personnel have been granted an extension of stay due to difficulties being encountered In obtaining prerequisite work permits.

No problems were encountered with the five Southern Air Transport flights which tranelted Danang; routine turnaround maintenance support for these aircraft have ceased with the transfer of the station maintenance supervisor

to Saigon.

The critical air conditioner situation reported previously waa aoaswhat alleviated with the advent significantly lowered temperatures experienced during the last half of the month. esult, airconditionlng haa noterious requirement.

The local director of Customs haa verbally indicated that there should be little problem in obtaining authorisation to load and offload cargo on company international flights transiting Danang. Formal writtenhaa been requested but no reply haa been received to data.


Their Operations Officer has expressed some dissatisfaction with the amount of time being required to obtain company approval for the passenger tendnal renovation project. It la understood that tha proforma AR has new been forwarded to Washington for final approval.

Considering the nuaber of flight delays and cancellations due to weather, ovarall relations with both customers on an operational level have remained excellent.


A local national waa seriously Injured when ha entered tha tail rotor arct Dei-Loo onovamber. Be waa evacuated to too Danena/ISAE boopltal where bo waa treatederero left am freo-ture and aoderata facial ahraaione. The attending physician advlaad that skin grafts should be eado on the arm, but tha facilities for earns are only availablerivate clinic. 8LC haa beea queried as to whether or not any company liability should be aaeumed for tho ooet of this madioal treatment.


The footing for too etatlon eighty foot, froa standing, antenna meat was poured during the month. krectioc of tho mast should take place on or aboutecember when the concrete will have adequately cured.

The US AT furnished generator was unusually reliable during the month, rower failures wars infrequent and of short duration. Commercial power consumption was therefore substantially reduced.

The elty poweraancrease in eleo-trlclty rates. The pries per kilowatt boor la nowiastres, an increase3 piastres.

Boutins aalntenance of tho station faoilitiaa has beeng olarifleatioa of thefor obtaining oust omer aaterlals support. All buildings at Danang are considered Government furnished Property.

oll for the nonth totaledi fletaal Petty cash expenditures for Ue aooth totaledi 1


revenue flight time declined substantially during Rcveaher as compared to October. The decrease aattuoUd2 hours. Although poor weather was tho primary causal factor, tho revenue loss figures ecemrwfaat conceal this fact since aaay flights were not even scheduled by the customers due to adverse weather conditions.

The followingreakdown of flight time generated by thla station during Novemberi

il Mil

W/70 3



Revenue lessee for tho aonth were aa followa

Malntenane*uatoner Cancellation*

diapa ten aetlvity was somewhat naaparedack of timely weather re porta. With the eignlfleant deterioration inorpa weather tha need for extensive and up to data woathor inf era tion la becoming aor* and noro critical, id though weather teletype and autcwritar equipment has been lnatailed In oparatloos forear it haa not been connected to the baseue to alleged radio interference problana asaoclated with tha growl radio trans-


Blnce these iranaaittera haTa been reloeatad and/ had recentlyewair underground telephone cable In tha Operations/ id mini at ration building, coordination with tho local eoaenmloationa equedron was offeoted whareby tola equlpaant will ba reconnected in the near future. In fact, It appears as though Air Aaerlaa Eanang la programmed to receive, fron tha Air Force, an upgraded weatheroapabla ofords per adnata In January.

Hostel occupancy factors1or the Old and newreapeotlvaly.


Periodic failures of the TKF/UhT ground radios) wars experienced during tha nonth, but no extensive problems war* encountered in their repair.

Incoming and outgoing aaaaagna38 reapeotlvaly.


'ha Danang Traffie Manager, Kr. Oasbury, resigned effectiveovaaber. Sine* this poaltlon was funded under th* Ground Sax-vise* oooplaaent, tha AO cuatoaur haa decidedS-DIs aot neoeaaery to supervise and aaaag* tha activities of tha US AID warehouse operation.

Pending futur* developments In this area, TM/CS-SGM has been assigned to tha stationemporary basis. Ha la being primarily utilised in Plight Operationsentative replacement for SOB/DAD who la en extended hone leave.

nd cargo statistics for tha aonth ara aa follows)

fas-anger* In paasengera Cut Cargo In Cargo Pot


A meeting vaa bald by tho TMAf Security Offloo to out Una tha pro-ocaalng requlremente0 Air Baaa passes. Although It wi admitted that air baao paoa prooaaclng procaduraa had boon standardised throughout Southiven peso vill only be valid for tha Installation where laauad. Mo problama ara anticipated in obtaining new peeeea far local Mraoonal, but aa previously mentioned, oeriouo dlfflmdiiee oar result if axtenaicn of ataja ara not reeelvad for TCM employcee.


Anee representatives aleetion ia achaduladacaabar. APM-SGMtatlon vialt to eat up the aleetion procedure* and to coordinate with the local labor sdnletry offlolalo. Proa all appearances, there lo little eonjlovee In tercet In thio mattercaroity of volunteer candidates.

Thio offloo baa vet to bo approached by any employee regarding tbe Inereaaed coat of living whleh baa reoulted from tha recent govern-meat implementation of eueterlty taxes. . Consulate advised that several basic food prlcea have Increased eignifieantly ia tho Danang Area, but do formal manifeatatloos of discontent have ao far occurred.

Ibo personnel breakdown at Danang station at the close of business,dveaber, was as follower


TF-gaiGAL sKavioa

UK)otalrrivingo parting flight, during thalight decrees* astob*r. Flight delays attribatahls to aalatenane* also decreased,otal of 3. Heavyfor the nonth totaledncluding on*adB nuabar two eerrle**. Only on* outetatlon recoveryaaryj two *ngin* changes, and on* propeller* required. For th* second conaeoutiT* aonth, fir* aircraft war* placed on AGP status,

BCMDotalanbours ofar* utilised In general aaintenanee at th* Old and Mow

No significant problana In the arearocurement war* reported during tha nonth, but long delay, ar* oontlnulng to h* encountered In th* delivery of construction Materials and POL products.

OrijHnaJ Signed by WTNSTONC. CAMBRE Winston C. Caabr*

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