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^. Januarytartedeal bang with heavy gunfire all over the city of Saltan, fortunately, it waa friarvily fire although quite frightening to cany Saigon resiUente. a sorry to report thie irresponsible performance% Aatarlcaxt.

the year ended quietly without serious incident. progrese and improvementse feel thatacccopliehaents were made. To recapu;

fce received and0 Km0 KW generator for our initial backup power, when city power fells.

ne renovated an old GAD Shop Blag and aade itice Acainietrutive bldg for all Personnel bept aetivitiee.

eceiveslink trainer ard installed it inldg -tail number cf the biro.

U)rected revetment walla along tht majority of our propttrXy perimeter.

have installed ramp riooa lights on almost every ramp and perimeter wall.

eeew Blag built for the 'irept, which indud vehicle shelter.

* magnuflux machine was received, made operationaloom constructed for that activity.

IS) The old Ol;waa renovatedice Cafeteria Annex facility, serving Vietiu-aeae etyle food only.

he "eet Hasp (cust bowl) was

enterprises and is being well utilised.

ewel) elevated water tower and deep well

was constructedM shared cost intorme of advanced weter rent. This has nearly resolved all our water supply problems of the past.

Sou additional toilet facilities were constructed adjoining tho ftXD hangar. welcome relief to the other limited facilities.

The city power transformer mls replacedompanyVA unit and hopefullyVA transformer will be available. ig improvement in our previous marginal power supply problems

At years end, we finally installed our new PABX telephone0 drop unit). Telephone communications hove beenimproved by this new system.

Can Tho

Me saw the openingew station onant Can Tho. Mr. John Carter is the Senior Company Kepreeentative there ana also the Supervisor of HMD.

The new rlAD/Supply Bldg there was completed in Hay. It houses Supply, iWD and AED Functions.

Wha Trang

A new lean-to was constructed onto the AMD Hangar.

The reap lighting and rewiring project added coneloerably to general improvement there.

new enclosed employees scooter shed wasManx

The new aircraft concrete ramp was conpleted.

A new lean-to was built onto the HMD hangar for use by HMD,D.

Kamp floodlights, blast fence and public address eystem were Installed there.

3 helicopters were transferred to Udorn. ow have seven Belle aa aoes Udorn 3ase.

3. All the5 aircraft were moved to THU for storage. The5 aircraft were transferred to VTE, except for two which were put into storage here.

Only three Beech Ten/Two aircraft are left here. Two of these are in storage and the last one is on contract until end

Overall flying hours slowly cropped from Jan through May *nd then settledhe rest of the year June thru Dec was in this samo range.

progress In oevelopment imd Mvcj:-cnannt cf cur Huch emptasis was directed towards ave deven (U) female mechanics in ;tMD Shops, seven of which are Sheetawttul HechanlcB. They were formerly itilityDaid sweepers.

Total bloc* tiae2 In Decembers compared8 in November.

B3BB Merrill Hulsg departed onecor extend ea leave which will keep hla abnent from the company for at least five montha -nc very probablyonger period. Kr. Itulee haa bean with tho company for seventeen yeara serving asSupplyachikawa; Station Manager, Seoul, Korea; President'a Office; Aeaistant Base Mgr. Udorn; and Base Manager. The entlro staff at Saigon hla the very beat In hla future endeavors. The. Thelaen, haa been deaignateu to function aa Base Manager SVN. It became lmMdlately apparent that certain decentraLlsaticn of authority via delegation to L1 apartments ia necessary to prevent an admlnlatrative bang-up. ew Base Kanual Notice is being printed and will bo circulated to all concerned. It ahould be noteo, last year at thisha BM Office waa staffed with seven personnel including BH, AfcR, and AA/flM.

Tha AA/rW position, hao been abolished plus several clerkur current office staff atanda at ono Acting BH plus twoaoaleiatanta. Meanwhile, tha edadJilatrativ^worRoaoecillia in flying hours) continues to riaa aua greater eophistlcation in company and customer manageoent and adalnlstrativa policies, procedures aid requirmrer.ts.

Acting BM is becoalng mora and more strapped to his desk (Sundays induced) withass opportunity to move about within the SVN AAM complex or to maintain an adequate peraonal rapport with custciatra and associate compujiy representatives. Decentralisation with discrete delegation of authority will hetp but will not come close to resolving thla problem. roposal to correct thlais being finalised for forwarding to the Head Cffica.

Tha Lopositiontiff Austerity tax (up ton some items) plus strong rumors concerning the devaluation of tbo piaster hasighly evolutionary condition within the localo not think anyone knows tha full impact of thla development. There are as many opinions ao there are experts ahu wo have an abundant supply of both. oubt if anyone knows exactlywe are now ana what direction we are headed. Heanwhile, the "Proa Market" rate ia runningo one OS Dollar. Tho situation ia raolniscent of tha status of tha currency on tha Chineseno4

?_. ppecemberaigon experienced, ita first rocket attack since nm rocket lanced oix kilooetvrsof Tan ben shut. Onecsoermm rockots lanced

on Tan Son Nhut cuualng five US wounaoa, one Vietnamese killed and twelve wounded. Ten Son Nhut was last hit onune. incidents occurren in Saigon on3 endecember with the employment of explosives against the civilian population. These incicents were largely in effective.



appointecTTOTecTor Uenerai ofompanyosult of Air Vietnam strike in Ueceaoer. No inmediato solution, however, is in sight for the employees' demandalary increase. The company basic salary ie far from being competitive but ito cost of living allowance now stands% thereof. alary increase, therefore,% increase in pay.

The new austerity tax promulgated by the OVN on9 on the strength of theas in aerloua trouble. The Supreme Court to which the decree-law ao referred by the Senate for review of constitutionality and legality has declared ity limitation thus depriving the Executive action of its legal basis. The Senate lo workingompromise bill withuch lower tax rato (half of the Senate members are up for re-election this year).

Meanwhile0 budget forecasted on the basis of the high tax rate has already been approved by both Houses. The pressure for inflationdevaluation of the piastre la mounting.


ntenna Hast for Sanann Staticr. Hoot was erected on schedule,

ntenna hast for Trang Station

The Base waa poured on The mast was erected0obili crone borrowed from

ompletion of HaaeArea Lighting (SGN)

Lights have been placed around tie perimeter of the Northeast Samp, RGHli crew is in the procoss of iis tal ling electrical connections.

L. VA Transformer (SONl Cnhe SDL (Cih- Hower Coapany) arbitrarilyOO KVA transformer Si lieuOO KVA transformer. They alao informed usQQKVA transformer will bo installed when it becomes available probably next month.

enovatione Operations 3ld| This project awaiting TP2 approval.

ouchdown Pads (SGMJ This project awaiting TPE approval.


jU Rumored Publiche rucor from mouth to mouth that the Vietnamese currency will be devaluated to the lowest point after KVH Government puts into circulationank notes which are expected to be issued scon this coming year, and the cost of living will be higher.

Number of visits: 0

Accidental 74

Hospitalisation: 1

Out calls i 4

Physical examinatione: 21

Sick leavesi


1. business for the monthit slow owing to the holiday so&con. "part from routine activetiea our efforts were directed toward overseeing the Vietnamese Employee Representatives* Election and decking the Pereonnel Office hello with boughs of holly.

Employee participation in the election was somewhat less than impressive. 2 percent of the electorate in Saigon got out to vote. Host of the primary representatives elected are repeaters from past years.








personnel: light personnel: otal 1

Classif. Permanent

tbchnical sstncts

Maintenance, fixed wine - December has been an average nonth In expending ekillod manhours on aircraft maintenance. Althoughhas varied, from light to moderately heavy, It haa beanto fully utilize tha manpower most of tho time

wJTK - 5 helicopter hours werebee ameer.

aa transferred bo Udorn tho firat part of tho aonth, thlaotalelicopters based at Saigon now. Two Salron helicoptaraI) want0 hours airframe time during tha month.

Tha chango over to0 oil was completed during tha prescribed amount of time listed onao far no problems with any excessive carbonn any filters.

Section - Tha overall RKD Shopa activities rsmalnod onpar. Wo annual Inspections were performed thistwoa wore forwarcea to the FAA Kanllacovered tho Installation ofControl System onnd NI53L.

Since this la the final monthly activity report for thetood time for reminiscing. Progreas has been made in all areas ana this is as it should bo. Perhaps tho bast waB to measure progress ia by coaparing the snd product.

If ona achievement during tha past year ware to be selected assignificant, it would be tha training of unskilledas replacements for journeymen TONs. One year agono


to only ono shop, ihe coobSnlo1 M) Shops complex

2 percent indigenous staff ono year ago tourcent today.

4.Planning ha present peraonnel strength of the Maintenance Planning Department In Saigon isn comparison to thoersons inhis peraonnel reduction percentage equals to tha reduction of aircraft assigned in SVN.

Sinco the support from MMB by transferring toeconditioned atencll machine on exchange baeia, tha Publication Unit haa been in lta moat efficient operation. It saves an estimate of LSS3CO permonth.

In December, the scheduling and Production aaction pre-planned, acheduled and processed, for aircraft of all typaai vernight servicee;erviceejngine changearopeller changea;I'a;ime controlled cooponenta changeB;ngine hot aaction inspections:RA's;hop work

5. Opneralransfer waa installedec.n the vault by the City Power Company. TA tranaformer will ba installed aoon as replacement.

A 2COm2 power cable ia being laid between tha utilities building and GMD complex.

Building and Grounds hanitenance Excavation of another manhole infront of the hangar is in prograaa.

Tha water supply problem io being worked on. ate valva waeon the piping system at the TSN well and their operatora have been instructed on tho pumping schedule, aith proper monitoring of thaconsuoption, AAM will have water availablerom the elevated tank.

6. Technical Training - The following courses were completed during December: (a) Garrett* Two courses were held at Can Tho; (b) Courses in Prog re as (Auto Maintenance}: Thla course for GMD auto mechanics.

I4 Dec. tha FAA written examination waa hold in Saigon. Pour-teen AAM atudanta from tho Powerplant course completed tha written part.

Three FAA oral and practical mechanics successfully passed written and practical examinations and received their FAA mechanics licenses.

ear of increased training

otalreceiving tochnJxT^reinlng in

Aviation training,

Tha completion of our firat helicopter flight mechanics course enabled four TCNa to qualify for flight mechanic.


In December, Stockworkloadlight four percent decreane In lta overall transactions as compared with the previous


In early part of this month, thereotaline ltema needod for theine items were available in stock;ine items HISine ltema found never carried ln this station.

Procurement Section of Supply-Saigonighn the number of transactions during this reportingotaline items of commodities were purchased from local market in comparisonine items procured last month.

Total value of commodities pure ha sod from the Sal^on/Cholon market amounted to

A decrease of AGP cases was noted the past month with five aircraft grounded caused by the lack of six rotable or recoverable parte with no revenue hours loat.

Thie aeetion's workload remained at the same busy level than during the previous months. Ever increasing emphasis has been given to thie Section's personnel training in the correct handling and documentation of cargo.

The flow of critical items remained alao constant and is being watched closely for faster processing back to HHB.

The movement of Peraonal Effects is etill very much ln evidence. Improved or new metbode of handling Personal Effecte to end from the SVH satellite stations are under discussion with theEA representative.

The Customs Unit ia kept toping ant iaemarkable Job despite the holidays' congestion.

viii. trapptc/aam

departure SGN (All contracts) Passengers arrival SGN (All contracts) Outbound cargo SGN Inbound cargo SON




Cargo (including AF Caribou


Outbound (lbs) December



l.MiiWe canaoothpr running operation with our new telephone system. All incoming calls are routed thru Operations when the Air America Telephone Operator secures for the day and these calls can be transferred to other departments. Outgoing calls have been ouch simplified by the new automatic dialing system.

There wereontrollable andon-controllable delaysotalaigon departures.

2. There were consicicrably less GTD complaints during the month. The earlier survey made on improving GZD certainlyearing on itaoother operation. New rules governing GTD have beenart of the Base Manual. tudy ia underway now to reduce our Microbus fleetesne to cut costs in this department. Subsequently, this opportunity will be used to release some of the less desirable drivers, however positions will be maintained to hire core suitable personnel to bring the department up to it newly established operations strength.

3- Flight Time Report (See attachment A)

Aircraft Incidents Report (See attachment 8)

prop blade tip dented beyond limits

rarrivedwith left tire

flat. Sjiarp object5 with right main

tire flat. Tire blew out at large flat spot probably caueed by excessive braking. Left nose geartayed open on retraction. Inspection revealed erroneous pin-ball-lock had been installed, wrong, correct.

wheel dropped intout while

turning around. Tail section buckled rt side fwd of tail wheel post and under ri^lit stabilizer


alight carnage. Door not properly closed and latched.

5. Ground Transportation Aggregate microbuses mileage: Microbuses downtime: Hicrobus pax-carried: Isuzu bus mileage: Isuzu bus downtime: Isuzu bus pax-carried: Supply vehicles mileage: Supply vehicles downtime:

Both nose gear doors failed to open on retraction, both extensively bent, linkound bent, probably undiscovered after door Incident onecember. Leadmanays LnOP.

Same damage reported in paragraph 5.

Marketeer struck ballyC below passenger door, vory slight dent, steering column of Marketeer bent back, and driver slightly injured. He stated Marketeer went forward when he placed trans handle in reverse. Marketeer transmission handles cove forward for reverse and rearward for forward which iamovement of control lever.

flight prop struck runway during landing, prop and nose sectiondamaged. Investigation complete, echeduled for board Reviewan.

Left elevator found withear and trailing edge bent. Crew had no knowledge of damage, causesiSpect damaged1 ramp py vehicle or cart.

Left horizontal stabilizerso, ft noloeep on landinguspect struck by rock

flight wing tip and aileron damaged by forklift. AAM driverays LwOP.

Fatal injury incurred by VN National, ran into tail rotor. amage. Heport being prepared.

m or6 pax


a6 milesrs.


FDSVH was.absent during tha first part of Decauber and returned in tins to step into tho middle of the messes.

A week visit of AVFFO to Saigon and sub-stations was probably tho single highlight of the nonth. It is Believed he should nowetter current understanding of our problems. Squally Important, the fact that anyone from the Taipei management level actuallyonsiderable amount of time "out-amongst-ura"oost to crew morale when it was badly needed.

2. Ne finished the year without the myriad scheduling problems of attempting to stay within the flight time limits that plaguedear ago. One captain08 minutes. All others stayed under the limit.


udget matters - Total net reduction of work force during December wasersons. An analyeie of salary coats by department was prepared and shown to weekly staff meeting. This created much interest in the totul cost reduction program. Each department waa asked toritten evaluation of his department manning requirement and additional savings he can make during the last quarter of our fiscal year.

B.J. Theisen





enroute7 "hen the PICurst of tracer fire directed at. Capt. KNOTXS lnaediately changedirection and gained altitude No personnel injuriesamage involved.

- Situation Report -

r Emphasis has been given to reports of LOC'a (linos of Cocnunication) in Laos

leading into RVN undergoing repair and logiatio activity by recentand sightings of vehicular movement along tha Quang Tri/Laotlan borderof Khe Sanh flSightings of logistic activity hare been reported also in ansouth of the DMZ in KE Cuang Tri province. Thsso sightings along with adocument revealing objectivesorth coming offensive give XKsmtxzOrr toof an enemy offensiveorps during Tet

; During the reporting period enemy activity *aa largely concentrated in south-

western. II Corps. Elements of the units involved in the attacks against Bu Prang and Du Lap Special Forces Camps are believed to be moving northwards towards tba Tri-border area. Low level sources continue to mention the possibility of increased enemy activity prior to

i While thereecline in attacks by fire for the reporting period, there

harp increase in the number of terrorists incidents the mosttaking place in Saigon. Fromf thiserrorist sapper incidents were carried out in the capital. All involved the use of explosives apparently aimed at the civilian polulace, but were not particularly well executed. Onecember twoIncidents were reported. ecember one Incident was reported.

Cnecember Saigon had Its first rocket attack sinceme rocket Impacted six kilometers SW of Tan-Son-Shut. Onecemberam rockets impacted cn Tan-Son-ncut Air Base resulting in five US wounded, one Vietnamese civilian killed, andietnamese wounded. Thisiwas^he first rocket attack against the base sinceune. Oneceaber BlrnB tookounds ofe rocket fire followed three dnyii laterocket attach on the Naval Facility at Vung Tau JHHFresultlng In

civilians killed and seven US wounded,

i During the reporting period activity remainoderate level. The first

indications ofD NVA Regiment Intentions of infiltrating into Chau Doc province was provided by captured documents. Although there were numerous low level reports mentioning enemy plana to attack population centers, theacification program la atlll considered to be the primary goal.

/ R. N. Begien III 0PSP/SGN

saigon BASE flightj rt



2 -




4. Contract


5. 9 -








flight timeype of aircraft

type of

block tiae flight time block time flight tim



orend signed. parrisharrish

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