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: DAN ANO Station Monthly Report for9


HoOtllo activity in tho Danang area was negllble throughout the nonth.ew evenings explosions were heard, but these were sttrlbuted to outgoing artillery fire.

Only two Southern Air Transport flights transited Danang in December, one of which operated the scheduled World Airways Stars and Stripes mission.

Ho Information has yet been received regarding an authorization fron the local Custome Directorate to permit the loading and offloading of company cargo on International flights transiting this station. the natter has been referred to Saigon for approval.

One local nationalevere heed Injury et An-Hoe onecember when he entered the tall rotor areX. The vlctin waa evacuated to the Danang/UEAID hospital but died shortly after srrival. According to the physician, the brain damage was so extensive that it was doubtful ho would have lived regardless of the treatment facilities available.


Both AID and Embassy had TCS Air Operations Officers assigned at Danang during December but no significant problens have resulted during their assignments.

Numerous flights were cancelled due to weather, but with the exception of certain Volpar nights, difficulties in this regard were minimal. AD) voiced eone generalised complaints concerning the long block tines experienced when Volpars were filed IPS. ATC departure delays in excess thirty minutes are ccasaon and extensive holding tine is not infrequent for approaches, but AID would notlear cut decision es to whether or not flights should be dispatched IFH. In nost instancee, it was necessary to obtain their approval for the flight on the basis of the number of passengers manifested.

The lease on thepjj^

ebruary. Duo to the lS^ccupsncyratea^nl^faclllty It is doubtful that renewal of the leaeo will be receesaended. Alternatives

LEGAL (Cont'd)

to rellnquiehlng thie pro party through cither leeeing another build ina, to eoabine both hoe tela or leasing roonoocal hotel are being inveotigated.


hlpping and receiving warehouse loeatod adjacent to tho reap area waa recently transferred to COnXS for operational control. Coo-aide ring the long delay being experienced in obtaining approval for the Teralnel Kenovatlon Project, AID la exploring tha poeelbllity of renovating thie ware house for useaaeenger proceeelng facility and to relocate flight operations eo as to give this oepertasmt visual access to the flight line. All work on this warehouse project, if approved, would be performed thru cuatcesar channels utilising their GSO capability. The primary company expanse and effort entailed inove would bo the relocation of the etatlon radio reoeivera and intercom eyetorn.

The station eighty foot antenna meat was erected onember. as utilised to lift the oast into position which requiredlnutee flight tine. Four polea are in the procees of being inatailed to provide eupporte for tbe antennas. It is anticipated that thla antenna nay be operational by the end of January.

The -CAP generator was slmoet one hundred per cent reliable during December. Coesaerical power waa only required when scheduled maintenance waa being performed on the unit.


| payroll for the nonth* (Includes year end

bonusy merit

Petty cash expandIturea totaled i


He-venue flight tineours se compared to the previous month. Although weather waa reeponsible for several flight cancella-tiona, there were days when unrestricted flying waa poeelble. On theee occasions, additionalere scheduled which tended to compensate for previous revenue losses.

The followingreakdown of flight tloo generated by tola etatlon during Deceahert


Total 7

rtevrmue losses for tbo month were as follows i



Ths station weather teletype snd autowrltar clrcuita ware reactivated during the aonth by USA? personnel. AM3 ara transmitted over the sana circuit as tha weather but these are usually transmitted at night. Presently, the teletype la being operated00 hours to receive the dally KOTAK summary. The night security guards turn the machine on and off st the above tines.

Hoetel occupancy factorsor the Old snd Haw Hostels respectively. The use of TCU flight mechanics snd an increase in ICS HMD personnel are tne primary reasons for the above distribution.

. Clay, OX/bCS, arrived oncenter to nplaoe SCn/CAD who is on bona leave.


Telephone cocninications capability was doubled during the nonth with the installation of one additionalndine. Theelephone is connected to en instrument in the passenger terminal for passenger use only. The remaining three telephonearc connected to the station int^rocsa/tela phone system. there are no provisions for having two of these linee ring on Lnccndng calls. Ground radio in attempting to connect the one ringer available to sound when soy l. looming call is received.

Incoming and outgoing messages13 respectively.


The PCS transfer of TH/GS SCM to DAD was approved, and with the arrival of Hr. Clay, TK/DaD has been relieved of responslb illtiss in Plight Operations.

utilising paint and anterlale supplied by the homessy customer, the passenger processing area was repainted and rearranged and nowa very attractive facility in comparison to tho previoue layout.

Passenger and cargo statistics for the aonth arc ea followsi

rasscngerBOut Ciryo In






rue to Internal adnlnlatrative difficulties, VMAP Baee Security announced0 base pane processing date* would be extended. Seventeen TO peraonnel have ret to receive an extension of star eo It would not have been Impossible to process new pea see for these anplojeee if It had boon necessary to aubmit applicationsa originally echeduled.

An employee repreeentativee election fictoasmec Labor Laa*.

there wee little interest displayed In rT'elected as an alternate representative, formally resigned from the position.

The psreonnel breakdown at Danang station at the close of bualnese,ecember, waa ea followsi

ito-Process Teoporary nelly Hire






HMDotalrrivingepartinglight increase sa coopered to Movwmher. There were no flight delay* which res>iltcdevenue loss attributable to maintenance during the reporting period. Four heavy eervicee were performed during the month, ell8wo of which wereervices. Only one aircraft was placed on ACP status.

kGMDotalnnhoure, ofere nraisiismri by leased propertlee. The main ceapleted project was the installation to two high intensity lights to lilualnate thearking area.

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