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FROM : BM-SGN SUBJECT : Monthly Report


Saigon Base Monthly Report for9 is forwarded in three copies for your file.

SD ir E. I. MSJS5N

E.J. Thelsen



Januarytartedaal bang with heavy gunfire all over the city of Saigon. Fortunately, it was friendly fire although quite frightening to many Saigon residents. m sorry to report this irresponsible performanceZ American.

Otherwise the year ended quietly without serious incident. In reviewing progress and Improvementse feel that many noteworthy accomplishments were made. To recap tbe highlights;


ae received and0 Kit0 aa generator for our initial backup power, when city power fails.

he renovated an old GMD Shop oldg and made itice Administrative oldg for all Personnel Dept activities.

Weink trainer and Installed it ln the OPS Bldg -tali nunber of the bird ie "CO?".

e erected revetment walls tlong the majority of our property perimeter.

we have installed ramp flood lights on almost every ramp and perimeter wall.

Heg built for the 'ire Brigade Wpt, which includes vehicle shelter.

A magnuflux machine was received, made operationaloom constructed for that activity.

old Warehouse was renovatedicefacility, serving Vietnamese style food only,

he west ,iamp (dust bowl) wae finally concrete paved by AW enterprises and is being well utilised.

ewal) elevated water tower and deep well was constructed by TSN Authorities AM* shared cost intorms of advanced water rent. This has nearly resolvec all our water supply problems of the past.

Some auditional toilet facilities Mora constructed adjoiningang&r. welcome relief to the ether liaited facilities.

The city power transformer was replaceda companyVA unit and hopefullyO KVA transformer will be available. in our previous marginal power supply problems

ears end, we finally Installed our newelephone0 crop unit). Telephone communications have been tromen-GcUBly improved by this not* syetem.

. The

aw the openingew etatlon onant Can Tho. nr. John Carter is the -enior teas pony Representative there ain alsopervisor of KHO.

Thedg there was completed in hey. It houses Supply, OMD and AED functions.

Hha Trana

A now lean-to was constructed onto the AHD Hangar.

The reap lighting and rewiring project added considerably to general improvement there.

new enclosed employees scooter shed washatut

The new aircraft concrete reap was completed.

A new lean-to Mas built onto ths WD hangar for use by ,lhD, PEMD end AB>.

Ramp floodlights, blast fonce and public address system were installed there.

B helicopters were transferred to bdorn. he now have seven Bells as ooes Odom Sase.

'J. All the5 aircroft were moved to TOM for storage. The5 aircraft were trancferred to VTE, except for two whichnto storage here.

Only three Deechaircraft are left here. Two of those are in storage and tne laat one is on contract until cm

Overall flying hours slowly dropped froc Jan through -nay and then ssttlsdO. The rest of the year June thru Dec was in this some range.

5. total block tine2 in decembers compared8 in november.

errill hulso departed onecor extendedwill keep him absent fron the company for at least fivevery probablyonger period. Mr. ihilse has been withfor seventeen years serving as assistantager, seoul, korea; president'sbase mgr. udorn; and base manager- staff at saigon wishes him the very best in his the. theisen, has been deeignetedas base manager svn. it became innedlately apparentdecentralisation of authority via delegation tonecessary to prevent an administrative hang-up. ewnotice is being printed and will be circulated to it should bo noted, last year at this time the BHetaffoa with seven personnel including bm, auk,osition) has seen abolished plus aevoral clerkcurrsnt office staff stands at ono acting BH plus

female clerical asolstar.te. meanwhile,ecline in flying hours) continues to rise due greater sophistication in company one customer management and administrative policies, proceduree and requirements.

acting BM is becoming more and more strapped to his desk (sundays incluued) withess opportunity to move auout within the svn aam complex or to maintain an adequate personal rapport with customers and associate company representatives. decentralization with discrete delegation of authority will hcap but will not come close to resolving this problem. ropose* to correct thisis being finalised for forwarding to the head office.

the impositiontiff austerity tax (upn come items) plus strong rumors concerning the devaluation of the plaster hasighly evolutionary condition within the localo not think anyone knows the full impact of this development. there are as many opinions as there are experts and we have an abundant eupply of both. oubt if anyone knows exactly where we are now and what direction we are heeded. meanwhile, tne "free market" rate le runningo one us dollar. the situation is reminiscent of the etetus of the currency on the chinese mainland4

7. oniecemberaigon experienced its first rocket attack since nm rocket landed six kilometersof tan son nhut. onecemoermm rockets lanced

on Tan Son Nhut causing five US wounded, one Vietnamese killed and twelve wounded. Tan Son Nhut was last hit onune. Incidents occurred in Saigon on3 andecember with the employment of explosives against the civilian population. These incidents were largely ln effective.

years veteranwas

appoiJiteauTjecTor^oBiieT^ of tne companyesult of Air Vietnam strike in December. No Immediate solution, however, is in sl^ht for the employees' demandalary Increase. The company basic salary Is far from being competitive but its cost of living allowance now stanas$ thereof. alary increase, therefore,* increase in pay.

tiewn Austerity tax proculgated by the CVN9 on the strength of theas in serious trouble. The Supreme Court to which the decree-law as referred by the Senate for review of constitutionality and legality has declared It barred by limitation thus depriving the Executive action of its legal basis. The Senate is workingompromise bill withuch lower tax rate (half of tho Senate members are up for re-election thla year).

3. Meanwhile0 budget forecasted on the basis of the high tax rate has already been approved by both Houses. Ths pressure for Inflation and devaluation of the piastre is mounting.


ntenna Mast for Dantnft Station Hast was erected on schedule,

ntenna Hast for Hha Trans Station

The Base was poured on The mast was erected0obile crane borrowed from

ompletion of Base Area Lighting (SGN)

Lights have been placed around the perimeter of the Northeast Ramp. RGhD crew is in the process of instolling electrical connections.

L. VA Transformer (SCH) Onhe SDL (City PowerrbitrarilyVA transformer in lieuOO KVA transformer. They also Informed usOO KVA transformer will be Installed when it becomes available probably next month.

enovation of the Operations Bldg. (SON) This project awaiting TPE approval.

B Touchdown Pads (SON) This project awaiting TPE approval.

1. Humored publiche rumor froa mouth to mouth that the vietnamese currency will be devaluated to the lowest point after rvn government puts into circulationank notes which are expected to be issued soon this coming year, and the cost of living will be higher.

h'unber of visits: 0

accidents! 74

hospitalisation: 1

outcalls: *

physical examinations: 21

sick leaves:

vi. personnel

1. business for the monthit slow owing to the holiday season, "part- from routine activeties our efforts were directed toward overeeeing the vietnamese employee representatives' election and decking the personnel office halls with boughs of holly.

aaployee participation in the election was somewhat less than impressivs. 2 percent of the electorate in saigon got out to vote, host of the primary representatives elected are repeaters from past years.

personnelaigon 3ase classif.


grd plt




4 temporary:



Maintenance, fixed wing - December haB been an average month in expending skilled manhoure on aircraft aalntenance. Althoughhas varied, from light to moderately heavy, it has beento fully utilise tne manpower most of the time

2, Rotary wjpK - 5 helicopter hours were flown during December.

as transferred to Udorn tho flrat part of the month, thisotelelicopters based at Saigon now. Two Saltpn helicoptersent0 hours airframe time during the month.

change ever to Essoil wag completed during the prescribedof time llstec ono far no problems with any excessive carbonn any flltere.

Section - The overall RiiD Shops activities remained on an

oven par. ho annual inspections wore performed this month, however, twos were forwarded to the PA* Manila Office. These reports covered, the Installation ofutomatic Flight Control System onR.

Since this is the final monthly activity report for thetood time for reminiscing. Progrsss has been made ln all areae ana this Is as It should be. Perhaps the best was to measure progress is by comparing the end product.

If one achievement during the past year were to. moot significant, it woulc be the training of

n^la^rjpUcemeclofar Journeymenthe Shoatsvrtal Shop.


Shops complex

has increaseear ago

2 percent

4.Planning ha present personnel strength of the Maintenance Planning Department in Saigon len comparison to theersons inhis personnel reduction percentage equals to the reduction of aircraft assigned in SVh*.

Since the support from hub by transferring toeconditioned stencil Machine on exchange iaels, the Publicetion Unit has been in its most srficient operation. It saves en sstimate ofe month.

In December, the scheduling and Production section pre-planned, scheduled and processed, for aircraft of all types: vernight services;ervices;ngine changesorropeUer changce;i's;ime controlled components changengine hot section inspections;RH's;bop work

vn Transfer wasn the vault by the City Power Company. VAbe installed soon an replacenent,

m2 power cable is being laid between the utilities building and GHD complex.

Building and Grounds Manitenence Excavation of another nan ho Is Infront of the hangar is in progress.

The water supply problem is bsing worked on. ate valve wason the piping system at the TSM well and their operators have been instructed on the pumping eohedule. kith proper monitoring of theconsumptlon, AAM will have water availablerom the elevated tank.

Training - The following courses were completedGarrett: Two courses were held st CanCourses in Progress (Auto Maintenance): Thla coia-se formechanics.

ec. the FAA written examination was held in Saigon. Pour-teen AAM students from the Powerplant course completed the written part.

Three PAA oral and practical mechanics successfully passed written and practical examinations and received their FAA mechanics licenses.

ear of Increased; .reining for A Mrva total ofroceiving tecnnica?TTra?nlng in

Aviation training. ^sbbbbbsbbbbbI

The completion of our first helicopter flight mechanics course enabled four TChs to qualify for flight mechanic.

In December, Stock Control's workloadlight four percent decrease In its overall transactions as coopered with the previous month

In early part of this month, thsreotaline items needed for theine items were available in stock;ine items HIS and HI line items found never carried ln thie station.

Procurement Section of Supply-Saigonighn the number of transactions curing thie reportingotaline Items of cosssoditles were purchased from local market in comparisonine items procured last month.

Total valus of commoditiss purchased from the Saigon/Cholon market amounted to

A decrease of AGP cases was noted the past nonth with five aircraft grounded caused by the lack of six rotable or recoverable parts with no revenue hours lost.

Shipping and Recolylnfl

This section'* workload remained at the same busy level than during the previous months, over increasing emphasis has been given to this Section'e personnel training in the correct handling and documentation of cargo.

Tha flow of critical items remained also constant and is being watched closely for faster processing back to HH3.

Tbe movement of Personal Effscts is still very much ln evidence. Improved or new methods of handling Personal Effects to and from the SVN satellite stations are under discussion with the "dcor-to-door" VANPAC SEA representative.

Ths Customs Unit is kept hoping and Isemarkable job despite the holidays' congestion.


departure SGN (All contracts} Psseengere arrival SGN (All contracts) Outbound cargo SGN Inbound cargo SGN




Outbound (lbs) SCM Inbound (lbs) SOU

Cargo (including AF

eti lbs


canmoother running operation with our new AH incoming calls are reutec thru Operations when theTelephone Operator secures for the day and these callstransferred to other departments. Cutgoing cells have beenby the new automatic dialing system.

There wereontrollable andon-controllable delaysotalaigon departures.

were considerably less GTD complaints during the aonth. survey made on improving OTP certainlyearing ona smoother operation. Hew rules governing GTD have beenpart of the base Manuel. tudy is underway now to reduce our

Hierobus floateans to cut costs in this department. Subsequently, this opportunity will be used to release some of the less dsslroble drivers, however positions will bs maintained to hire more suitable

personnel to bring the aepartnent up to it newly established operstione


Time Report (See attachmentIncidents deport (Sec attachment 8)

prop blade tip dented beyond limits

ith left tire


12 5

flat, bharp object' puncture In5 with right main tire flat. Tire blew out at large flat spot probably caused by excessive braking. Left nose geartayed open cn retraction. Inspection revealed erroneous pin-bsll-lock hod been installed. ong, correct.

wheel dropped intout while

turning around. Tail ssction buckled rt side fwa of tail wheel post and under rifht stabilizer


slight damage. Door not properly closed and latched.


5, Ground_Trarffpertation Aggregate microbuses mileage: Hlcrobusee downtime: Micro-bus pax-carrledi Isuzu bus mileage: Isuzu bus downtime: Isuzu bus pax-carried: Supply vehicles mileage: Supply vehicles aowntime:

Both nose gear doors failed to open on fcetraction, both extensively bent, linkound bent, probably undiscovered after door incident onecember. LeadtaonP.

Some damage reported in paragraph 5.

Marketeer struck bellyelow passenger door, very slight dent, steering column of Marketeer bent back, and driver slightly injured. Ke stated Marketeer went forward when he placed trans handle in reverse. Marketeer transmission handles move forward for reverse and rearward for forwara which lamovement of control lever.

Right prop struck runway during landing, prop and nose sectiondamaged. Investigation complete, scheduled for Board Reviewan.

Left elevator found withear and trailing edge bent. Crew had no knowledge of damage, cause, Si^ftect damaged1 ramp by vehicle or cart.

Left horizontal stabilizersc, ft holeeep on landinguspect struck by rock

Right wing tip and aileron damaged by forklift. AAM driverays LsOP.

Fatal injury incurred by VN National, ran into tail rotor. amage. Report being prepared.

mrs6 pax


m6 milesrs.


FDSVK was absent during the first part of December and returned in time to step into the middle of the messes.

A week visit of AVPFO to Saigon and sub-stations was probably the single highlight of the aonth. It is believed he should nowetter current understanding of our problems. Equally important, the fact that anyone from the Taipei management level actuallyonsiderable amount of time "out-amongst-um"oost to crew morale when it was badly needed. '

2. We finished the year without the myriad scheduling problems of attempting to stay within the flight time limits that plaguedear ago. One captain06 minutes. All others stayed under the limit,


1. Dudftot matters - Total net reduction of work force during December was yi persons. An analysis of salary costs by department was prepared and shown to weekly staff meeting. This created much interest in the total cost reduction program. Each department was asked toritten evaluation of his department manning requirement end additional savings he can make during the last quarter of our fiscal year.

cci-Av. nc.^

E.J. Theisen













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5. 9 -






Flight Tine by Type of Alrereft

Type of

Block Tine Plight Tine Block Tine Plight Tine


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