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iwbject Location of Patbet Lao Prison Soutb of Soasaoouk District

Northern Savannakhet

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1 1. As ofatbet Lao (PL) prison Ecubloc approximatelyocates wis locatedeavily forested area atoughlyilometers soutb ofDistricteters isoutb of the Se (river) Noy inannakbet Province. Tbe inmates included -Royal Lao Armed Forces (FAR) troops and Lao Government irregulars,l as two Lao civilians and two Thais. _Tho Thais had oo clothing other than their shorts. Thereno Doited States prisoners in "the area.

2. Tbe prison site vas guarded byreen-uniformed Nortb Vietnamese Army (NVA) troops under tbe .command of two guards. Toe guards woro reported by inmates to be Chinese Communists. Unlike the NVA, they tore khakiour-pocket blouse with epaulets, khakiilled khaki capanvas belt. One of the Chinesearge silver star and twe smaller ones. *blle one was armed with only one pistol, the second guard carried two. Both spoke Vietnamese and some Lao and residedeparate quarters adjacent to the main prison.be Chinese guards cited may have been Ki Ron-Cnineee speaking Lao and Thai tend to believe that ,different-looking, unidentified enemy are Chinese.) ^y 7


Too utn prisoo structure was constructed of luaber aod measuredeters In length aod ala me tare in width. The gabled roof of tbe edifice was camouflaged by true leave* cowered with earth. Lee irregulars, FAR troops and civilians detained forto leave the area were housed in three separatearbed wire fence two meters in height and comprised of 'jstrands encircled the prison0 meter radius.

An administrative building, guard house, and amwuhl-tlon bunker were located to tbe south of tbe main prison structure. They were also surroundedarbed wire feoce measuring twotors in height and comprised ofire strands.

The prison guard force consisted of two guaids stationed at tbe main gate, ooe at tbe inside gate,ourth patrolling around the prison perimeter.L troops eere also based In tbe area. No dogs were observed at anytime.

G. J phnni^nt: Current eoeay listings carried no previous reportsrison in the7 area, bat training and storage facilities are confirmed ot


7. Field Dlssem: State Army Air usuacV 7tb AirForce TKCPAC PACAF ASPAC PACTLT TFA/HKP

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