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tuijccr Patoet Laop la tbe Kan Ngaof

* .Phongly Province

ACS entJaf^isTj^^

mi Hovesberatbet Lao prlsoslocated in the vicinity ofKg* Xa Bong. Thereprlso.iers housed In six itmclur.i. The prisonbyatbetoldiers end had least two interrogators. There were do Americans stEnd o!

1. la risoncontaining*nd civilian Lao prisoners was located in the Hut Kga Na Song area of Phone Saly Province stdei- wars do American or Thai prisoners, at this locatloo.

3. The prison camp conslateJ of sis grass-roofed building*ut for guards, surroundedaaboo fence about four or five meters bleb. There was one sain gateide cats leading froa the camp. Host of the prisonerslocal civilian villagers. Including tvo somen, one o* Than the vifeormer cantos chief. The womoo eero quartered in one of the buildings. Kine of tbe prisoners




te"i7 Vrtv/

h so

3. Each prisoner was keptc^-mr,call, one- br three Mttn is ansa. ThealseC baatbon platformed and alerr.eai2 aucb Cpl't. Duringi:three monthsbe

was lied abovehort length of twine. Tba bonds restricted tba sayreaent of his inu but be was able to use hi* hands towith. During Ills ilrait year oi captivity he ni not permitted to leave bis cell eacopt at meal times which mere00 hou.

4. Deals consisted of rice,we greens enda day. Once every three months buffalo meat masid tbo diet. Individual metal bo*In mere Septoutside tacit building. After onoMggggga|to leave tbo compoundaysnwork details carried rice mnd salt8 to other camps and military unite in thealso cut wood snd made crass roofs for bulltlng*. .

. The security force at the prison consisted ofLao troop*, Thoy were quartered in liuts outside mall hut within the compound was usedruirds on duty, four guards were oa dutyu to IftOC. They were cbangodraardn were on duty at night. They were changed During nlr raid warning*, prisoner* were tnkon byto a long dee* trench outside the prisoncaap commander was, his deputyB. Both were Pat hot Lao officer*.

6 Saal I" Interrogated by two Sorts Vletnamose. One bad tie Lao name of l the other's name was uUcnowB. inclaimed

ad InfomatiOD on two to"Three Koyal Thai Army In the lluoag SOUl , Xlens

nd Pliou Rout (uoloceted) areas, and lists

at merican military personnel ar.g

. end interrogated WjVggtcggf,nc"'

Questioned about sames, numbers, mnd actlvitlos ol"Thais and Americans inhat percent Of American military were pilot* sod were Lao trained besides Pbitsanalouh and Hou. Hi

7. Prisoners who attempted to eacape warm beaten and placedolitary cenflaememt cell with leg chaise for

24 tours a day formount of . offsDoera were shot, fl ssF*b* one pro-Co prisoner beaten and confined loanner

When news reached the prison of the death of at of Storth Tietnaau la CU Blah, prisonerskilograms of porx'to mat anday ofPathAt Lao guards mourned the passing of Ho Chi Minnsnd drinking sndlack strip of clothshirt

g. field Dlssem: State Armr Air Paiges'CIIBCPAC fACVLT ARPAC PACAF

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