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weekly surveyor


y March iy/:i

Oireclcxal* ol sclent* and technology

This publication la Intended to furnish the Intelligence community withtimely survey of significant current scientific Intelligence. The Items herein are based on selected Incoming reports of c'l kinds received during the previous week. The com. ments represent the views of the Office of Scientific Intelligence and the Foreign Missile and Space Analysis Center and are coordinated to the extent possible in the time available within CIA but, being based on the material at hand, areto change on receipt of further Information or analysis. We caution against action taken solely on the basis of the preliminary evaluations herein.questions concerning Items In this publication may be addressed directly to the OSI, CIA Headquarters, Langley. |

nlng distribution should bo forwarded ihrough appropriate depart-

menta! channels.


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9 MarchG

weekly surveyor


First Cuban Reserve Officer Class in CW Graduates: Onanuary,tudents were graduated from the first reserve officer class in "Chemical Warfare Defense" held in Cuba. The men were promoted to the rank ofthe promotion order was readaptain Roque,

Commanding Officer of thg general Staff for Chemical Warfare Defense.

Commenti This is the first information on Cuban formal training in CW of reserve officers, although prior data has disclosed such training for personnel on active duty. This expansion of lw instruction to the reserve component is an indication of more 'han casual interest on the part of the Cubans. The existenceW section at the Cuban General Staff level, as also in the Soviet organization, is additional evidence of Cuban awareness of CW possibilities.

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