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Chilean Government Arrests Plotters

arch thoroup ofand active military menharges of plotting tohe administration of President Eduardo Frei. Moreozen officers, and noncommissionedleers were held.' The leader of the plot was. retired General Bora-da Gamboa. General Roberto Viaux, who led the unsuccessful armyinas denied any connection with the plotters, but he may have been involved.

The.plotters apparently were fairly well advanced in their-planning. It isthat they would havemuch support had theyto movo, as neither the navy nor the air force wasto the conspiracy.

The move by the government, which had known about the group since mid-February, apparently

was prompted by amy cemmander in chief Schneider. The interior minister had wanted to wait and arrest more conspirators. The government may have acted partly in the hope of influencing the Senate, which is to decide soon on impeachment charges against Defense Minister Ossa. Bo was suspended last week from hisby the Chamber of Deputies for paying pensions inents rath or thanump sum, as demanded by.Congress. Foreign Minister Vaides has assumed Ossa's portfolio pending Senate action.

There is no evidence that Gamboa was involved with anyparty, although he holds extreme right-wing political views Leftists have accused him ofties with Jorge Alessandri, the independent conservativefor the presidentialin

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