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Confidence in the government has been severely shaken by the recent disorders, and cabinet changes will probably soon take place. The government alsolikely to present newin an attempt to dramatize its awareness of the need for social and economic change.

The arrest last weekend of the ringleaders of the army mo-tiny, which erupted onpril, finally ended the drawn-out The rebellion, coming on the heels of weeks of unrestby black power dissidents, had threatened to topple theof Prime Minister Williams. Since the arrests, government spokesmen haveto divulge any of thesurrounding the mutiny, but it appeared to stem primarily from complaints about internal conditions in the regiment. Some of the officers, who are scheduled to stand trial for treason later this month, may also have been sympathetic to the black power cause.

Prime Minister Williams, who has held poweras probably now incurred political liabilities that could shake his party's long-time dominance. Williams' personal political stock, upon which the Peoples' National Movement {PNM) has been highly dependent, has undoubtedly droppedesult of histo head off the black power movement or to take earlyaction against the The resignation of one

of his chiefoung cabinet official regardedpokesman for the blackwing of the PNM, has also tarnished the party's Image.

William has tried toscone of his lost political ground bydrastic reconstruction of government" and vowing "to support unequivocally" the clains of blacks to social justice and economic dignity.the rhetoric, Williams' new programs are thus far vague.in the year, he tried to counter the demands of black power advocates by prescribing anercent tax on corporations and individuals in high tax brackets andew jobs. Even these specific efforts had little impact, In part becauseestimatedf the work force, appears to affect mainly secondary school dropouts who are unwilling tothe common laboring jobs

Williams will probably call elections late this year or earlyhe current parliamentary tern expires next year. The prime ministers1 difficulties may be complicatedoliticalthat recently has shown new signs of life. Although his foes are still splintered, williaRMOVHFORlEUASI will have to present some pUTlrSlMIIID cal programs in coming months if he is to staveeriousof his party's strength.


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