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SUBJECT j DANASG Station Monthly Roport for0


An unconfirmed number of rockets Impacted In tbe downtown exec of the city of Danang during the early morning ofune. Several Vietnamese fatalitlee were reported but no injur lee were eusteioed by company pereonnel. Hostile activity directed at the air baae wasinor nature.

Three Southern Air Transport flighta transited Danang during the month. All were substitute service Stars at Stripes missions. Ho problems were encountered ln their handling since no night arrivals were Involved.

The NCO Club operated terminal anack bar was closed down on tbe evening ofune. The Secretary/Custodian of the club advised tbat repeated Public Health Sanitation discrepancies ware the primary cause for this action, but varioua complaints by other agencies and patronstrong contributory factor. Thereossibility tbat either CORDS or tbe Vietnam Regional Exchange may be interested in settingeverage/cold sandwich type of aervice in tbe area vacated by the ICO Club.


The arrangement with CORDS to billet exceac flight crew pereonnel in their transient quarters le working out very well. To date no requeet for rooms haa been refused. In fact, two rooms bava been reaervedne week period so that the hoetel renovation can be expedltlouely completedinimum of inconvenience. Ae construction proccedo through the hoetel, those occupants involved can be temporarily traneferred to CORDS billets.


Tbe agent for the landlord of the SZ residence received and acknowledged the renewal notice for an additional one year lease on thie property. ubstantial increase in rent was requeated due to the rlaing cost of living. However, since under the present terse and conditions of the lease contract, the company is under no obligation to pay additional rent, it is anticipated that payment will be made as presently stipulated.


The contractor for the Area Paving and Drainage Ditch Completion project commenced work onune. By the end of theubic yarde of ready mix concrete were poured, which constitutea over half tho area to be paved. Ready mix concrete was purchased rather than bagged cement due to non-evaliability of the latter commodity. The estimated completion date for this project leugust.


Tho Hostel innovation project Is underway oad should bo completed byuly. Tho installation of some air conditioners and coamodss nay bo delayed alnce the source of these lteae is Hong-Song. Fortunately, aost of tbc basic Materials required were obtainable froa tb* Naval Support Activity Joat prior to ito closing down operations. igher capacity watt hour neter will bo installed to handle the additional electrical loads.

The Passenger Terminal Renovation project Is being frustratedack of aaterials and Insufficient funding. The AR endor this project were predicatedontractor bid aubsdtted in This contractor has advised thatesult of local inflation, tne bid ia no longer valid and the coat would now be approximately fifty per cent higher. Very few of the materials needed for tbla project ware obtainable from ISA ao that expected coot eavinga from thla source of procurement were not realised. Unless COnDS is able to supply materlale at no coat, the project will probably be only completedcale far reduced from that originally contemplated. Another possibility la that this project will be revised to concentrate oo the apace vacated by the NCO Club Snack-Bar. maller faoUlty would result, but by utilising existing structures, the coot would be significantly reduced.


With the eloalng down of the Snack-Bar, the atatlon'a prleary aource of electrical power ia in Jeopardy. The main Justification forVA USAF furnished, maintained and operated generator waa to supply power for tha Snack-Bar. Although USAF Power Production allows that Air America may retain the generatorritical requirement for It eleewhere developee. It is still aobject to being removed at any time. * operation on commercial power would result in monthly coats inource of back up power would also be required.

Per diem expenses for the atation increasedJune aa a

result of the hostel Renovation team beingfrom Saigon

and additional TCS replacements required toand annual leave.

MHHsmV Payroll for the month totaled:

Petty cash expenditures totaled) VM


aevenue flight timeoure as compared to the pravioua aonth. Moat of thla increaae ia attributable to6 RCSe

required by CORDS to ohuttle cargo between Danang and Cantho. Reduced firing on Sundeye continues but pereonnel ichadullag le somewhat frustrated by laat alnute customer requirements for early departure or late arrivals net originally envisagedroblao.

the followingreakdown of flight time genorated by thie station during June:




Revenue looses for the month were ae follows:


- -





The hoetel occupancy fector* During the0 plsstrea were disbursed to provide hotel aeccmmodatlone for flight crew pereonnel. certlflcateaotallghte were Issued to TC3 ground personnel.

Moderate reception problems were encountered from the UHF relay of the Monkey Mountain remote VH7 eystem. It wae necessary on severalto transmit position reports over HF. Overall HF operation wae somewhat improved over last month.

Incoming and outgoing aessagea totaled8 respectively. TRAFFIC

Passenger and cargo otatlstice for the month of June are aa followai



The VNAP Security Office continues to validate company travel ordersimited duration in lieu of requiring the processing of temporary air base passes. What was originally an arrangement to facilitate the entry and departure to and from the base for TCS flight mechanics ia now being utilised for all TCS personnel and eight permanently assigned employees. Five of the latter personnel still require an extension of stay receipt before application can be madeermanent pass.


The undersigned will depart on Home Leave onuly. SOR/CAD,, Grace,will be assigned as Acting Station Manager in the interim.

The peraonnel breakdown for Danang Station at the cloae of business,as as followsi

Peraanent Pre-Fro cess Temporary rally Hire



KM) bandied at totalrrivingeparting flights, aa comparedn each category in May. Thereotalelaya which resultedevenue lose chargeable to aaintenanee.ervicee were performedircraftervice8 aircraft wasircraft were placed on AGP atatus. Extenaive aaintenanee waa required onnroute to TNR from VTE. Total ground ties waa fourylinder change, angina change, and two propellerere required.

8GHDotalanhoura ofere utilised at th* Hostel. Air conditioner fallurea are on the Increase.

The final invoice from MSA ia expected during the firat part of July. Procurement from the ARMT Support Corns ad la still pending theof an Inter Service Support Agreement.

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Signed by WINSTON C. CAMHRE Winston C. Caabre

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