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SUtion Monthly Report for0

Significant hootlle activity waa lialtod to one Incident on the evening ofay. Pour lAOmm rocketa iapacted due vest of the eonpeny rasp between the taxlway and. Although aaveral pounda of shrapnel were found scattered around tha ramp, only one aircraft waa hit. This damage was minor, consistingmall skin puncture In the upper fuselage.

Pour Southern Air Transport flights were handled during tha month. All were apparently substitute service flighta for the World Airways Stars and Strlpee schedule. The first of theae aircraft arrived shortly before midnight due to the necessity of pre-positioning crews, but the remainder created no pro-bleao since they arrived between lOiOOCO houra in the morning.


An arrangement has been made thru local CORDS ehannele to billot flight crews in their transient quarters when the company hoatel is full. Since this situation usually arises when an additional aircraft KONs at Danang for CORDS, no reimburaeaont type difficultiee were encountered.


The lease waa renewed on the Old Hostel but complex problems developedadditional renewal options on tho property. Tha landlord advised that be was no longer interested in granting any further options except at anrent. Re firatiss tree per year for the options, but finally came downiastres if paid two yeare in advance. To protect thelanned renovation expenditures on this building, theae terse were found agreeable.


Hostel renovation plans have been finalised, and actual eonetruction ahould commence in June. Significant improvements include the construction of interior walla tootal of thirteen eeperate bed rooms (including four In the adjacent SZdditional aircondltioning, and ths installation of more shower and lavatory facilities.

ere signed on two long outstanding station facilities improvements. Funding was provided for the completion of the entire area paving and drainage ditch and paaaenger terminal renovation projecta. The next problem will be that of reaching an agreement with tha local contractors to perform the work

on the basia of bids sub-ait tod eaa year, and six aonth* ago, reapsetiToly. Since no long tern agreement could be reached on the utilization of tha CSDand receiving warehouse for an Inproved paaaenger taradnal area, the original concept will now beanted.


Ipayroll for the aonth totaled) Petty cash expend it uree totaled: Q$VV. OPEaATIOSB

HerenuG flight tineoure aa compared to the previous aonth. Scheduled Sunday flying haa been further reduced byrovince, all dayequirement, to Saturday. Unless specialgenerete, the ear lie st Sunday departureoure and the latest arrival isours. All departaant personnel schedules have been revised to provide only one shift coverage on Sundays which pemita fewer individual days off during the week.

The followingreakdown of flight tiae generated by this station during Kay:

OD 3

mbaaey 2


Total 1

Revenue losaea for the month were as follow*:



The hostel occupancy factorJ. During theiastrea were disbursed to provide hotel acconcedetlons for flight crew peraonnel. Moo-evaliability certificatesotal ofighta were Issued to TCS ground personnel.


Saigon reception of Danang HF signals was only marginal during the month. Additional frequencies wereailed, but the problem still remained.

performed without major

Incoming aad outgoing meesagee25 respectively. TRAFFIC

Overall Traffic workload reDalned fairly constant. Close supervision of transiting international flighta has precluded any further problems with local customs officials. It was necessary to0 pouncs of cargo from one international flight due to additional fuel requirements and this cargo was reloadedubsequent flight without any delay from customs.

Passenger end cargo statlstictlcs for the aonth of Key are as followei





TCN air base passes expired during the oonth. It has been necessary to resort to obtaining temporary Indorsements on Travel Orders to preclude problems with these pereonnel entering and departing the base. Renewed extension of stay receipts have been requested from Saigon ao that permanent passes can be processed, but these have not been received aa yet.


An updated listing extending the validity of reoldenee permits for ell TCM personnel until July was received from PM/SGU. No significantwith local Imalgratlono officials are anticipated until thla list expires.

The personnel breakdown for Danang Station at tho close of business,aa aa follows!



SM)rrivingeparting flights, aa conparedn each category in April. There were no delaya which resultedevenue Ice9 chargeable to maintenance. ervlcee were performed on oneircraft and8 aircraft, and twoervices0 aircraft were accomplished. One aircraft waa placed on AOP statue.

CM/DAD departed for anssignment onay. Hie dutiea were assumed by Crew Chief J. V. Rejante.

RChOotalanhours of whichere utilised at the Old Hostel. Significant projects Included painting the exterior of the Operations/Administration building and aircondltloner aaintenanee.

The conpany account with the Danang Naval Support Activity will be terminated onune. imilar account with the auperceding Army Support Command will require an Inter-Service Support Agreementhie agreement la being negotiated directly by Saigon since It ia issued by is Ait V, Long-Binh. If the LSSA la obtained, it ahould be possible for RSD/SGN to open an account locally with the Army and thus eliminate the need for procuring the items carried thru Danang.

Onpjnnl Signed bv

WINSTON C. CAMBRE Winston C. Cambre

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