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block One for April0 houre aa compared withMarch2 ln February.

2a The security situation ln Saigon renalne caLaew more incidente than occurred laat month. Onprilatchel charge explodedilitary billet withinarda of the BM House wounding eeverel military personnel and breaking glaee ln houeea acroee the atreet. Except for rattling the ocoupante, there was no damage to the BM house. There has, however, been an upsurge of demonstrations (three ln the last two-one-half weake) which keeps downtown Saigontandstill while they are going on. The last serlee of demonstrations were by students, veterane and militant aonke over the war, land reform, and greater recognition. Like dissident demonstrators all over the world, they had nothing constructive to offer to societyonly criticism.

advisee Cariboua still being considered forto Saigon from Udorn. The VN-TO customer is atlll interested

In thie aircraft.

major Accident/Incident rate ie fortunately ctillwith only one mishapaxi accidentJanuary.

RELATIONS have never been better, y


1. Form P'a have been approved by cuatoeiers on Renovation of Operations building plua Uelocation of varioue Shops and Offices. Approval hae bean received from Taipei to proceed on these projects. Form P'a have also been auboitted to the customer for i


Helicopter Pads - SGN

, c. Improvement of Passenger. Completionmp andAD

I expect no action on these pending availability of PTunds to tho Customers. n confident all the above will ba approvednd that "d" will be reduced In scope.

IT. GENERAL AFTAIitS See attachment.


Number of vlaltsi 1





1. Personnel, department activities were routine In. nature, the only exception being PN's Company business trip to IPE at mid-month. APM at month's end, departed for KKG, TPE,LAX and ITfCeriod of about two months. He le expected to return in early July.

g. Generalhe RVN Ministry of Labor is trying, albeit unconsciously, to aid and abet the CcEpany's coat reduction program they have begun to disapprove Work Permit applications submitted on behalf of some of our TCN employees and have been requiring these employeee to leave Vietnam. Itittle too soon to tell Just how manymits will be disapproved. However, we do not feel that the situation will become critical oinoe we do have the right of appeal, through and with the support of. Embassy.



CAD 13


The general flow of paetengero and cargo continuedormal rate with little difficulty encountered ln the day to day operation.

Thiehas accepted the administration of the APDs Curing the aoaance of tbe KAF3 and also is assisting the SAT arrivals and departures.

This la the occasional complaintassenger of items alesing fron their luggage when checked thru Air America. The majority of those losses reported are jewels, money and other hl-velue items left in open or unlocked baggage which no doubttrong temptation to personnelimited income. Ke had our Securitypot check of the laborers lockers

but did not uncover any customer items. The possibility remains that Item waa either not placed ln the baggage or that it was removed by someone other than airline pereonnel.

Passengers departure SON (all contracts)

Outbound cargo

Inaound cargo


Cargo (including AP)

(lbe) SCfl Inbound (Iba) SGN



evenue fiyiiu Use a>our* lose then the previous month. The cuatooer glvee n0 indication that we can expect an increase7 tiae.

There wereontrollaple andon-controllable delayaotalaigon departures. Thla averages out ton tine departures.

PIC and the Emergency Section remain in good order.

Ume report (seo attachment A)

Ground Plre Incidents report (see attachment B)

u. Accident


Danang Minor scratch acroaa the bottom left aileronB very light) noted during walk around at Danang prior to flight. revealed that tha scratch resulted posaibly as the reaultefueling truck attempted to drive under the outboard wing area. Continued emphaaie on aafe driving of vehicles in the vicinity of aircraft ia being emphasised.

VN end in one of firat stage

cosrpressor blades found during pre-flightngine. Causei small piece of engine inlet duct, at leading edge, broke off and contacted speed check blade. horoughaircraft waa releaaed for flight. SI issued for iaepecUon on Engine Air Inlet Duct for eracko.

Cantho During inspection damage was noted to theng. seven each firat stage compressor blades. Inveatlgetion revealedmail part of the apeed probe had separated and caused the damage to the firat stage impeller. Two dents and heavy scratches on the remaining portion of the sensordamage first caused by an unknown hard object possibly while operating in up-country fields.

5. Ground tranaportation

mlcrobusses mileage Microbussoe downtime Mlerobuaeoe pea carried Isuzu bus mileage isuzu bus down-time Isusu Due pax carried Supply vehicle mileage Supply vehicle down-time

m4 pax

m1 mlleeax

2aU7 km0 mlleere


Another oooth accident free A. great precedentood one, ie being eet. All will agree it la most gratifying to enjoyosition.

MPC/SVN spent three days at Vientiane In Air Drop orientation. How qualified he becameatter of conjecture, he got aono dayPANEL" the next. Overall the training received waa moat beneficial.

In general the morale of the pllota la very high. Pew complaints are In evidence on the hostel at Danang and the Quartere at Cantho. The hoatel at DAD is in the proceaa of planning for renovation. The Cuatomer at Cantho la to be approached regarding the facilities there.


The Installation of Tranapondara in our SVM aircraftat pie ted thle month to give un the satisfaction of beating the eehedule by-several weeks.

The now time on the Porter aircraftervicee haa leveled off at eight days. The first one turned out in0 was scheduled at ten daya. Further improvement will probably conelower rate, depending upon the application of experience and theof methods and procedures.

Facilities lgoroveaente and development are reducedow level. Work io continuing on several projecta, such aa improvement of the water and power systems, and providing employee recreationaletc) however, moat activitlea are confined to reehuuTfllng

and maintaining that which we already have on hand.

Boyd Heaecher departs 1st May on Home Leave for four nonthe.


Fixed Waft,

The work load has slightly decreased during the nonth of April.

Onaircraft several isolated cases of engine andccoponents malfunctioning were encountered. Several engines were changed due to oil leak at the front and rear carbon seals, low oil pressure, internal malfunction of torque system, low power output and one engine was changed due to POD.

The first phase of training on the Management-Development Course has been completed by the group of twenty persons coo prising Le admen. Crew Chiefs and Supervisors. The second and the last phase will begin during the next month. ery favourablehasc been shown by those attending the classes.

Slot any Wing

The oonth of April was quite busy, flying0 hours andeightuaberumberervice, ^jarsstal Inspectionsigh time engine change.

Preplanning to cover the DAD heavy services with the present limited number of qualified Supervisors becomesroblem when flight schedules cannot be spaced to spread out the work load, ashappens. The heavy vacation/home leave requirementato that coverage problem.


Overall Shop activities remained on an even par. The OSPAAAuthorisation (IA) activities wereormal pace. The following alreraft underwent Annual Inspections andX,fc.


DPLNO Mr. burkett visited with uaays ln the last part of April. His visit was very oeneflcial to us.

General Maintenance

The deteriorated water pipe supplying the Pereonnel/Traffic Area is being replaced.

The installation of larger power cablea between GMD and the Main Transformer Building is complete with the exception of Terminal lugs.

The extension of the revetment wall adjacent to theeet Is complete. This was required afterthe old "hicewas torn

The TSN water well ie still marginal due to the dry aeason and we are forced to supplement the eupply from the well in front of operations. The Airport Commandant has been queried as to the plan of action he is.taking to supply the amount of water agreed upon.


There hasigh of relief, that SVN easily cast, and beat, the dates of completion for ATC Transponder installation. This vas the project of

Twond onenstallation were completed for this month. This brought the project of3 to completion.

Technical Training

The following courses were completed during the aonth:

Non-destructive resting

Basic Helicopter course

Hanageaent Course (supervisor)

Courses now in progreBs:

Management course

elicopter flight meehaaie

Supply course

Thla month our training facilities increased by one small classroom. This room is now in use for small classes, meeting and EOT.


During this period, KSD/SGN held the first formal Supply Training Course ever conductedegjonal_statlon. Cue to work requlre-aenta the class was limited to Classes

organized and instructed bywith

the help of STT/sGN. Because of tn^^lffHen^rflBulta oftart during Hay with again si^ more fl students. Classes with the second course will be Supervisors and Technical Training Instructors.

This waseavy month for Customs clearance, with hia usual dispatch, and deaplte the daily Increasingly stricter regulations, the Customs agent was able to clear the coonerctally shipped cargo again with ainiaua delays.

During the aonth, the Property and Inventory Unit completed cycle inventory ofoes!ine ltema. Alao completed was property cycle inventory6)otaline items. In addition to cycle inventory,roperty transactions were made.


Proa0 (Hostel COB) to the end of this aonth, nineofof company furnished accomnodatione" were Issued.


E. J. Thelsen



1 -




Tlao Flight T:



Total Reeenoe Block

Total Plight

Totalvecuo Block

Total aou-fioTauuo Plight



jaaVilrt Jin fryircraft







L. C. Parrlah 5GK/SGH

"Attachment A"

11 BM/8C8 XFD/5GM TK/SCM File.


- saigon -


Cround Fir* Incidenta -

an on approach to helipad vhen PIChoard moderate email arms fire. Bo pereon-Del injuryamage

aa on approach to helipad vhen

heard automatic weaponso

was made end cargo was dropped at

location. No personnel injury or


as enroute tohan crew

6racer roundsf.

Bo personnel injuryamage

aa on takeoff vhen PIC heard one round of sniper fir* pase near. climbing and departed the area. No pereonnel injuryamage involved.

as on 1stuarterile from approach end rwyt HON QUANhen PIC and pax noted alight bump. Capt KAF.EiAH landed eafaly and later proceededost flight Inspectionthatustained one email caliber round which had entered tbe forward edge of the left horlscntal stabiliserthe main epar exiting through the rear horlsontal stabiliser. No personnel Injury involved.

PIC heard one round of small erne

while sling loading cargoroplying below weather in mountainousapt HEXaT reporte no damage involved,elieves the sling load may have been hit. t

- Country Situation -

Thofirat phase of tha auaraer campaign got underway here on the first of Aprilignificant riao in enemy activity being reported throughout the country* Terrorists and rocket attacks were compounded by student and disabled veterans demonstrations in Hue, Saigon and Ky-Tho causing disruption in the National Assembly, tho Palace, and several Embassies. In NWn Irregular Defense Gamps at Dak-Scang and Dak-Pek sustained almost three weeks of concentrated enemy rocket and ground attacks. allons ofallons of diesel fuel wereby rocket fire. De-Nangotal ofrockets during the month while Saigonotaln two separate attacks on the city tho firat taking place onhietnamese school was hit near. Etnbaesy as wasovie theater. One rocket landed on the number three tennis court of the Corele Sportif Saigoncaiseaping six foot deep hole twelve to fifteen feet In diameter. Tbla attack was followed by another three days later. Special Servicee library sustained rocket damage while two other rockets landedesidential ares. Reporte from the Delta of aea Infiltration of personnel and supplies intolng Forest were substantiated by sightings of Sampans off the coast ofLng unloading uniformed peraonnel and eupplieo.

Press reports from the Delta of AfiVN incursions into Cambodia to asaiat the Ion Nol Government were followed by reports of Caiabodian authorities Indiscriminately executing Vietnamese Nationals in an effort to weed out the NVA who have infiltrated the Vietnamese community in Cambodia. This further exacerbated local unrest as Vietnamese students occupied the vacant Cambodian Embassy in Saigon to protest these actions. There is little likelihoodet up In activity next aonth in view of reportsecond pahae of the summer campaign planned to coincide with Buddas' andbirthday onay.


andiait of AAM, ar. Air

he Preeidenl

.automobile accident

ollowing Airport C. Vietnam made up of i


lingchnicalechnicalasiatant to the Piiala'a

imilar tour of our inatallationa after an infornal lunch with company management at VRAF officera club.

Diftin* r** brtei*ed on various departnenta*particular rapheal* on technical training. They saw thefenale aircraft aochanica at work in our natal ehopTory

Director _

clone to attend our training coursee for poaaibleaaaignment aa Ina-tructor after graduation.

2. The Directorate general of taxation haa agreed in principle to relnburae taxes laried oo meal and traneportetion allowancaa for Viat-

plorhe date on which exemption of theae taxes were granted.

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