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DANANG Station Monthly Report for0

Reports of hostile activity during the nonth of February were limited to one small ground probe of the airbase perimeter and minor mortar attacks directed at Marble Mountain, about ten miles south of Danang. No increase In enemy activity wae apparent during the TET holidays.

No Southern Air Transport flights transited Danang during the month.

Inauguration of the utilization of transiting international flights for the shipment of Danang originating or terminating cargo is now pending an interpretationertain customs form. Although this form ostensibly is to approve the payment of overtime to customs inspectors, it appears to also include provisions for supplying them transportation end an agreement to comply with any terms the Director of Customs may deem necessary.


At the request ofoint meeting was held between company, AID and Embassy to determine the feasibility of formulating written procedures to govern the routine aspects of the operation. Ho agreement was reached due to the differencee between the AID and Embassy policies and methods.


Thevacatedebruary. The

remaining hoste^ls^presently layedout to provide accommodations for fifteen personnel, but could be modified to increase this capacity slightly.

The normal complement of RON flight crew personnel dropped to sevenwo week period when the DAD/SGN early morninglight wasand theB was reassigned temporarily to another However, due to revised scheduling, and the return ofB,RON crew members will again be required and additional hoetel capacity may be deslreable to handle contingencies. Hostel accommodations are no longer being provided for China Air Lines flight crewsoutine basis.


No further information has been received concerning AID plans to renovate the CSD warehouseassenger terminal/flight operations office. One difficulty reported is that Entoasay will not provide positive assurances that the building will not be required In the future for cargo storage purposes.

The status ofConcrete raving/Thra Lnage Litch and the Passenger Terminal renovation projects reaalne Indefinite.


^payroll for the nonth totaledi . Petty caeh expenditures totaledi


Revenue flight tine declined substantially in February as compared to any previous nonth. Contributing factors included poor weather, the rescheduling of flights on the part ofeduced Eabaeey reo^ironents, the lack of flying over tho TET holidays and only0 being assigned during the last half of the nonth. Prospects for Marchittle eore encouraging although Embassy is not forecasting any slgnlfloant increase in flying.

The followingreakdown of flight tins generated by this station during Februaryi





Revenue losses for the nonth were ea follows:



The Old Hoetel occupancy factor waei .


Interference on HP was again pronounced and recaption ability was reduced accordingly during several periods. On one day it was necessary to relay all message traffic thru Mha-Trang. Since both the Saigon and Danang Improved transmitting antennas are in operation, better reception than experienced waa expected.

remote IfflF/UHF relay wUa out of service approxlnately thirty six hours due to maintenance on the power supply.

Three ATE* tnlopnone/Lotorcoa Inetrumente are presently out of eervlce due to broken dial gears. COKLNC/SGM has been requsstsd to procure or fabricate replacaaonta.

Incoming and outgoing nessagos71 respectively. TRAFFIC

Traffic workload did not decrease significantly in February aa had been expected. Inrojection of passenger handlingsreater number of departing passenger* in February as compered to January.

PasGanger and cargo statistics for the nonth are as followsi





A general increase in air base security asaaurss threatened to create probleave for all personnel not in possession of valid pass in gaining access to the base. ew dsys Americans wars stopped at the gates to produce Identification. Fortunately no company saployeee were unduly detained.

The VNAF Security Officer has stated thatarch, even flight crew personnel in uniform nuetalid paas (nsny of which will expire in March). However, to data this policy haa not been enforced.


Another personnel reduction was accomplished in February involving Security Guards, Hostel Maids, snd GTDowever, the coot seringa will be offset almost completely by the recent increase in meal per diem authorised for American flight crew personnel.

A potential problem may devclopwlU^thelocal ijsBigratlon authoritieswoulrement that fmmhhhb personnel hav* theirand extension of stay dc*umerWs"Tn"lrnTlr possession for possible residence checks. Compliance with this requirement, if enforced, will lead to serious consequences since employee passports are held in Saigon moot of time for processing visas, work permits, extensions of atay, at cetera.

The personnel breakdown at Danang Station at the close of business,as as follows i


AMDotalrriving aad 5A2 departing flights, as comparedespectively In January. Delays attributable to maintenance totaled three. Only threeervices were perforaed, allB aircraft. Two aircraft were placed on ACP status during the aonth.

RCMO expended at totalanhours, ofere utilized in the maintenance or improvement of leased properties. Since HFA/SGM has advised that company furnished materials and supplies are required for all building maintenance and upkeep, with the exception of the US AID warehouse, additional projecte of this nature will be commenced in harch.

Oi'flinaJ Signed hv WINSTONURE Winston C. Caabre

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