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DANANG Station Monthly Report for0

No significant incidents of hostile activity vers reported during tne oonth of March. However, In the early comingpril, tworockets in-paeteC on the nanang Air Base. No casualit lea were sustainedesult of these explosions. There haseneralized Increase In overall security neasuree ln the Danang area and increased eneny activity has been forecast by aeveral sourcee.

One Southern Air Transport flight was nana led by the stationerch.

The local custons office hss agreed to the deletion of the groundand generalised compliance with instructions provisions of their overtime authorisation form. This information has been communicated to GAM/SGN and it is anticipated that approval to sign the form will be received shortly.

in bulk quantities (cases of soft drinks and nilk) personnel by the snack-bar waa discussed with the USAF Baee wee agreed that this practice would be dla continued and such sales have now ceased. oderate renovation on the enack bar was accomplished by the NCO club during the last three days of March.


The local COftDS Air Operations Officer hss voiced some interest In attenpting to gain approval to embark and disembark customer peseengers at Danang on company international flights. Apparently theec flights are utilisedertain extentorpe baaed personnel on .taut and such an arrangement would eliminate the need for travelling to Saigon to board the aircraft. The matter has been referred to customer channels in Saigon for action.


Tentative plans have been formulated to renovate tne present cocumny hostel and to expand same to include the adjacent Station Kanager'a residence. Snould this plan be implemented, SZ/DaD will have to relocate to other quarters. Preliminary investigations Indicate that with the recent reduction in the value of the piastre, suitable accommodations would costSVN per month ln rent.


It is understood that the pro forma Afls for the Danang concrete raving/Drainage Lltch Completion and Passenger Terminal Renovation projects have now been approved. Further action on these facilities improvement* are presently pending approval of the required Forme F.


Minor interference problema continue to be experienced on HP, but overall radio communications were eat lo factory.

Incoming and outgoing aeeeageeespectively.


DlBcueelona with 5RTH/3VH indicate that reasonable progrese la being Bade towards the eventual procurementet of cargo weighing ecalee. The proceealng of the Cenang AR vaa delayed soeewhat to permit consolidation with the eaae requirement at Khs-Trang.

Paeeenger and cargo etatlotics for the nonth are aa follows:









was obtained fron the VNAP security office to permit the scheduling of one CTD driver0 houre dally. Provioue to thla approval it was noeeesary to have non-driver pcreonnel operate company vehiclea when trano porta tloo requlreawmts generated0 houre.

At least until Ue end of April, no problems with air baae pas see should be encountered. All ground pereormel now have valid passes although soon are only for temporary duration. To date, flight pars cone1 have not been required to produce valid posses on entering the base.

Both CM/DAD and CQH/VAl returned from home leave in March.

txpeeted problems with the local inmlgretlon authoritlee did not mater1-alise. No employee has reported being subjectedesidence check or being required to produce his passport for any reason. It is often difficult to determine whether or not various prerogatives of tho local authoritlse will be exercised.

PK/SGH has advised that work permit applications for certain Job titles are be Log closely scrutinised by the Ministry of Labor.ercdt has already been disapproved for one Danang based TCH employee. It appear* aa though the Vlotnaoooe Government la nowoncerted effort to require the replacement ofTCH personnel

the closing of the "Hew Hostel" company provided tions have not beenot exeat In


confirm tna^Tneprcsent per diem rates are zing expenses on the economy.


personnel breakdown for Danang Station at the close of business,aa aa follow*i




HMDotalrrivingeparting flights, as comparedespectively in February. Delays attributable to maintenance, which resultedevenue Ices, totaled: 2. Five heavy (four numbernd one numberervices were performedB aircraft. Five aircraft were placed on AGP status during the month, end two outatation recoveries were neceasary. No engine changes were required but on VTB propeller was changed due to blade daaage.

halntenanee services were requested by the pilots of two non-company alreraft. After coordination with SGN it was agreed to provide minor assistanceMR waa signed. The Captain. operated Tradewind aircraft refused this proposal,ct of sparkplugs was changedince the pilot in command had no such objection.

KGhCotalanhours of which uo were utilized in the aaintenanee of leased properties. Significant projects included repainting the streetside of tho Operations/Adilnietration building and the constructionith USAF provided PSP, at the road entrance to the aircraft parking ramp.

It has been reported that. Amy will aaauwa.the operaUon of the present Maval Support Activityin June or July. It is not know at this ties if there will be any affect on the company supply account when thle changeover ie made.

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