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SURTECT : DANANG Station Monthly Report for0


Significant hoetlle activity wan United to one Incident on the evening ofay. Four lWhss rockota iopaetcd doa weat of the coaaeny rasp between the taxlway and. Although eeveral pounde of shrapnel were found scattered around the roup, only one aircraft was hit. This damage waa nlnor, consistingnail skin puncture in the upper fuselage.

Four Southern Air Transport flights were handled during the nonth. All were epperently substitute esrvice flights for tha World Airwaya Store and Strlpee schedule. The first of these aircraft arrived shortly before nidnight due to the necessity of pre-positioning crews, but the rceninder created no pro-blens sines they arrived between lOiOOours in the morning.


An srrsngenent has been mads thru local CORDS channels to billet flight crews In their transient quarters when the company hostel la full. Since this sltustlon usually arises whan an additional aircraft hOMs st Danang for COhDS, no reinbunwnent type difficulties were encountered.


The lease wea renewed on the Old Hostel but complex problems developedadditional renewal optima on the property. The landlord advised that he was no longer interested in granting any further options except at enrent. He firstiastres per year for the options, but finally come deemiastres if paid two years in advance. To protect the company'a planned renovation expenditures cn this building, terms were found agreeable.

Hostel renovation plans have been finalised, and actual construction should coanence in June. Significant iaprovenenta include the construction of interior walla tootal of thirteen eeperatc bed rooms (including four in the adjacent SZdditional air conditioning, and the installation of more ehover end lavatory facilitlee.

ere signed on two long outstanding station facilities laproveatants. Funding was provided for the completion of the entire area paving and drainage ditch and passenger terminal renovation projacta. The next problem will be that of reaching an agrceasnt with the local contractors to perform the work

co the basis of bidi aubmltted oos year, and six nontho ago,no long tern agreement could be reached on the utilisation ofchipping and receiving warehouse for an inprovod passenger terxlnal

area, the original concept will now be implemented.


payroll for the nonth totaledi H.

Petty cash expenditure* totaled. VN.


Hevvnucineoura aa coDxexed to the provioua nonth. Scheduled Sundsy flying haa been furtheryrovince, all dayequlreamnt, to Saturday. Unless special re-qulriMants generate, the eexliaet Sunday departure ia lOiOO boura and the latest arrival la HiCO hours. All depoxtnont personnel achedulec have been rovised to provide only one shift coverage onhich permits fewer individual days off during tbe weak.

The followingreakdown of flight time generated by thla station during Kay i

jn 3

VV_7rytnbaaey 2


Total 1

Revenue lcsaee for tho nonth were ee followai

Cue too* r

Total 0

The hoetal occupancy factorJ. During theiastrea were diabureed to provide hotel ao roaredatl one for flight crew personnel. Ron-Availability certlficateaotal ofights were issued to TCS ground personnel.


Saigon reception of Dsnang HP signals was only marginal during the month. Additional frequencies were Installed, but the problen etlll remainad. ihe remote TOP/IMF unit cn Monkey Hountain parfcrnad without major difficulty.

Incoming and out going BMitgea5 reapectlvely. TRAFFIC

Overall Traffic workload ranalned fairly constant. Cloeeof transiting International flights haa precluded any further problean with local cue tone officials. It was necessary to0 pounds of cargo froa one International flight due to additional fuel requircaeats and this cargo was reloadedubsequent flight without any delay froa custanc.

Fassenrer and cargo statist let ice fee the aonth of Key arc ao follows:





TCH air baae pas sea expired during the nonth. It has been necessary to resort to obtaining temporary indorseaente on Travel Orders to preclude problenu with these personnel entering end departing the base, henewed extension of stay rscoipts have been requested froa Saigon so that peraanent passes can be processed, but these have not been received aa yet.


An updated listing extending the validity of residence permits forTCh" pereonnel until July waa received froa fV/SCM. so significantblsns with local lanlgratlona officials ara anticipated until this list expires.

The personnel breakdown for Danang Station at tho close of business,as as follows;



RMDrriving,eparting fll^hte, aa comparedn each category In April. There were no delaya which reoultedevenue loaa chargeable to maintenance. erricea were performed on oneircraft andB aircraft, and twoervlcee0 alraraft ware accomplished. One aircraft waa placed on AGP etatua.

CX/DAD departed for aneIgua.ot onay. Hisaaaumed by Crew Chief

PCMDotalanboure of whichere utilised at the Old hoetcl. Significant projecte included painting the exterior of tho Operations/Adxlniatratinn building and aircondltioner nalntcnancc.

The company account with the Danang Naval Support Activity will be terminated onune. imilar account with the superceding Army Support Command will require an Inter-Service Support Agreemeothis agreement Is being negotiated directly by Saigon since It is issued byllV, Long-Blah. If the ISSA is obtained, it should be possible foro open an acoount locally with the Army and thus eliminate the need for procuring the items carried thru Danang.

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