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Intelligence Information Report



s- iPrisoners of. Wsr

I, H.jhi* Province, South viciue, lo SR-1. Thesecaeps ssrs consolidated efter8 st5 sndss the.ttinm Prison (or SR-1.

to silos non-viotnsasss prisonersIn theprison cenps but to aerj then to U* Central Office for South Vtetnae,VN) In Cambodia aoon is pc-iilblr. .jM ess tlfj COSVH vhrn fh risoners In this categorr and to arrange to have Thea taken to Bo Huer to Bo Ba Tay,


Casbodr. HM.oen6 andJQbad inhe throe prlaonora described holowT^BjjJBl vae not euro a* which detention canp ho eae thee.

One Caucasian, probably an Austrsllan,-captared in early$ while he eas enrouts to Cholon via the Bias Hoe Highway. Tbe prisoner ststed tbat ha vaa Britishidower and, at the tin* he was captured,

a civilian employee oflater andCompany located lo tha Thu Due District. Ha eas aboutearsounds, ruddy cooplealoa, round fat face and beautiful teeth. Herlst eaten slth so old silver casingide leather wriat atrap ehlch had been glvon to hla by his wife sho had recently died froa tuberculosis. He had two children wboa ha bad left vltb bla alater la London before cosine to Vietnamob *ltb good


b. One Anerlcao prlaonar saa rased "Hlkiet-saasaa phonetic spelling. He eaa aboutears of age, round face, full bead of eavy light brovn hair, large nose, prominentabout all feat tall aod weighedounda. He vaa captured tha morning of tha second day of the flrat attack lo8 Tat Offensive ut Chuongroaaroada, Co Vap District, Gfa Dinh Province. " aaa broughtrison ctsp where be stayed for almost a'month. Tha Viet Cong (VC) unit which Lad captured bla aald that when they badattached the Co Loa Caap, they had alaoeighboring Aaerlcaa camp where "Mlkhoa they nicknamed ,aaa captured. However, "Hik Kal" claimed to beivilian workingog training unit. At tbv tlae b* was captured, "Hlk Kal"bIrt which bad laltlale prlaircle oa theJroat aod oa tbe back thereog's head. ':lgWtad tbai LI caricature ofdog with'aTBlack noavTTnV^ong droopy eara.) "Hlk Sal" bad explained tbtt thll vaa tba ayabolog training unit for ablch ba worked. Heinglack atone on tha alddla fioror of kla ritht hand.

C. Tha aecond Anerlcao prlaonarof. Army Stb Inglnaarlogla Cu Chi,bla Provlnca, who had beenba warderedC caap In about Tbabean takenrison caap and bad remained tbero for Ha elalaed that ha bad beenirl whan baand aoas children directed Mm lo what turned out to ba a Ba eae froa tho aouthweat United States and badand abort black hair. Ha saaSpanlab Catholic andprayed, ha klneed hla taumb. Ha aald ba waa from tba lowla tba United States and tbat ha had volunteered to comafor batter

2. IheiftflHa vlalted Boa Lo Prison In Banoi li 3 during ao tneayProaelytlag Department training eouree, ha read brocburea on five Aaerlcaa prlaoners and alao talked altb thea. Ba reaeabsred only two oaaaal ilot, andajor aodilot froa Vbon, Thailand. Tba other three Aaerlcana warellote fro* Oboe.

3, During convereatlone regarding prisoners ofeard that Mr.aabar of. Economic Mission

(USAID)ibid been captured by tha VC and la9 Mr, Ramsey eaa atlll being heldOSVN prison In Casbodla. Ha alao

beard that ao Army MOO bad bean capturedIn tha Den Cat District, Blob Duong Province). This prisoner aaa nearsighted and vera vary tblek slassei,aokar and vary young.

r': coordinationPmnBI Recovery Centeratson. Kal" at Htchnol K. Xjoao,acific Architect!who had been slsslng sincea PfC f'ardlfiand.Rodrlquea

ofh engineering Battalion, aho was believed ton Boeever, lnforatatloa onslnlng prisoners *aa iniuffioianl tor pealtlv* ldaatlfleatloo.)


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