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Buaaary: In northern Tay Hlnh Provide thererisoneraap, subordinate to tbe South Yleinue Liberation Amy, which holds both Amy ot tbs BaTwblla oi* Vietnam and Aaorloan prtaonara. Th* caapeavycanopy, la not visible froa tb* air and can only ba reached by Jangle trail and *aall Bridge*. The prisoners dotalned at tb* caap are housed in individual cells. Sod Smeary.

1. risoner of aaraap, administered by tba south Ttetnaa Liberation Army (SVbUlocated at grid coordinates8 (AU3K,ll) In Tay NlnbSouth Vletiaa, The caap la" aod Is subordinate to the Eneay Proselyting Starrt the Political Starr Departaent of the South Vietnam Liberation Amy, i: housos captured Amy of th* Republic of VIA&VM) coeMlaaloaed offloers-acd Aaorlcae prlvooereUC tfto nuabsr of prisoners wa* lew, betweenccording to Sonlor Captain Duong of- the Enemy Proselyting Section.

3. The caap lallceteter* eortb of a

east-west roadaap). arro* brldg*ocated about four klloB*ter* eeat of the caap ont

personnel of Boreas ll-Hliltai-y

Service of tb* Military Staff Departaent useally. Each evening00 hours,4 personnel froa5 seat 1O0 eat eraf tho bridge and transfer doeuaants, personnel snd aesaages. ervni east of the bridge and5t of the bridge. 'Other landsarka near tb* caap in6 werea Da Cong'inker, left over froa the Junction City Operation,urned ovt Aaerlcen entered personnel carrier alcog RoadDoth were within three kilometers of the caap.

April theas approached froahree-to four-Mter long temporarytroae about * froa th* caap. aththe bridge to the caap. Tb* pathovered withlengthwise. Theee saplings are intended to provideand to bo easily reeovsd when hostile forces are In Tb* bridgeemoved when the Viet Cong wlah tocaap. Th* whol* area iseavy tree canopybe seen froa the air. The caap lapsnd thsr*o teuce of any kind. hatched guardenough for one aan to stand lmidj, Is locatsd about froa the bridge. Beyond tb* guard post tbe trailabout one aoter and Is well-worn aad swapt. It Is thein tbe caap. All non-camp personnel who go Into th* caap tbe guard peat east be aseorted. Th* caap extends along path foret am. Four or five lateralalso about oo* aster wide, wslL-worn and swept, lead

off the aaioividual prisoner cells, palled "tigerre located alo -g iheer lateral wihu. #JssaW>>Ad tv v*

did not see th* "tigert this particular caap but assume* the* to be tbe saae as thoso he saw lo5 when tbe political departaent of COJYK moved Into tbe foraar location or the saa* PO* caap near Do Tuc la Blob lx>ng province.ri bod the cells as being aboutojoarea plank* and covered with leaves. Baca calledmncb.

prisonerur riels worth of riceor fish dally but the rlceratloa could vary with chathe security situation. Tb*exchange laials tof dollar.) la HayCaptain Aah said that the Aaerlcacs la Ch* caap had They had been receiving aoa*tblag silled or poedered,


bellevmd to be adigestible (ore of rlee (Bot Ceosh Baked for authority free tbe Political Staff fieparlatent to providenutritious toed. Anh eleo ccswaenlod tltB about tee death of ee American prisoner. This prisoner died ofr for* of malaria called "hot Bet Ac Tlafe" la Viat-i" ** ' eald that tbe prisoner bad comeealthy, *cll-kw-r . - and that be could have beea eachangedot Of aoeey aad for Viet Cone cssree aeld prleenor by tbe Go*eramcot of Vletmaa (CVS).

Thereendeecy within COSVM to look eo American prlsonere aa hoetaaco.

ft. pii - anh dot leu (Deluded trnvpectlag tbef tun camp and the treatment rivrn to tbe prlsonere. He speaks Zejrllsh asd French aad talked directly to tne prisoner*, some rbama somas; so air lermrrocator. Captain

Aah reads and writes English and baa written Ingllsh-languagc propaganda leaflets.


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