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Actress Alice Krige Visits Headquarters

Alice Krige, who will portray Dr. Sarahenior Dl political psychologist and love interest for Tom Berenger in the Showtime movie The Agency, visited Headquarters on Junes part of her research to develop the Gold character, she met with DDI John McLaughlin. ADDI Winston Wiley, Ombudsman Sharon Basso, and several Public Affairs officers. Krige, who originallylinical psychology major in college, was particularly interested in how an Agency analyst would obtain psychological data, how one determines what makes leaders tick,risis team would operate and what role the psychologist would perform, how role playing/simulation/gaming techniques are used, and what it is like tooman in the Agency and the DL

Krige told What's News, "This visit has been very useful for me in letting me inhabit my character. The scenes have now flippedor me. You've fleshed out Sarah's backstory, and underpinned herense ofas very moved by the Stars on the Wall, and by the quotation from John [VIIInd the truth shall set yout nicely sums up Ihe aspirations and intentions of peopleave been struck by the extraordinary senseiversity of talents and personalities here, as well as an extraordinary feeling of opennessurprisingly relaxed qualityefreshing absence of rigid hierarchy-analysts and operations officers are given considerable responsibility at fairly young ages. I've been impressed with the absolutely breathtaking level of expertise amongst those I've met, as well as with the lightness lo this energy. People are enthusiastic about what they're doing for theiras fascinated by the level of enjoyment of your people-lhey find this the best place they could be. They know they'reontribution to America, Nothing can be quite as satisfying as that feeling."


(U) Krige is known lo millions of Star Trek fans as ihe Borg Queen.

iu) krige discussed ihe facts andfiction ofher character wilh ombudsman sharon basso.

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