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CIA Meets TV-Movie CIA

"Openanny Biederman, wearing Napoleon Solo's triangular UNCLE. ID badge, demonstrates tneind UNCLE, pen communicator.

Biedorman. Danny Biederman. When he wasyears-old. he bought an Ideal Toys Napoleon Solo {The Manun. his first spy toy.ears later, this father of daughterond.nd Moriah Flint,s bringing the best of the Spy-Ficollectiontems from television and movie espionage fidCIA Headquarters. Would you believe the world's largest spy-fi collection includes:

Maxwell Smart's shoe phone.

ThreeLE. cigarette case and pen communicators,. handgunarbine, original scripts used by David McCallum, THRUSH rifles, uniforms, berels. and ID cards.

The tarantula thai almost got James Bond in Dr. No.

Shoos worn in the James Bond series by Soan Connery.

Several MOD files from the Austin Powers series.

John Steed's bowler hat and Mrs. Peel's leather pants from The Avengers TV series.

The sleeve gun device and two ol James Wesl's outfits from the TV version of Wild Wild West You'll also see original pencil sketch artwork for the opening scenes and Artemus Gordon's concealment device case.

Tom Cruise's exploding gum and stunl watch from the first Mission Impossible movie and Martin Landau's script from the TV series.

/ Spy artwork and storyboards. along with Bill Cosby's Emmy plaque.

OurMan Flints Galaxy jacket. ID patches.

ID cards from Scarecrow and Mrs. King.

Licensed merchandise, including never-marketed prototypes of be-in toys.

As part of the exhibit, the Fine Arts Commission willunchtime film festival in the Headquarters Auditorium, using rare footage (rom these movies and series. The collection4 television version of Casino Royale starring Barry Nelson as the first James Bond, unaired television pilots, and long-lost promos (watch What's News lor showtimes and titles).

Biederman isn'tollector of these fabulous props; he'sriter/producer in the spy-fi business. Ate directed and wrote aSpy for Allthe making of Diamonds are Forever. Hundreds of his articles have appeared in virtually every industry magazine, alongmerican Cinematographer, Playboy. Premiere, and Los Angelas. He's also written books, newspaper articles, and scripts for television (Gavilan. Renegades, James Bond.ugzburg, and the upcoming The Avengers: The Journey Back) and the movies (He was the co-producerAATiter for the proposed The Man. moviend the CD booklet The Best ofJames Bond. One of his earlier writing jobs was collaborating with his uncle Irving Wallace and cousin David Wallechensky on the best selling, multi-volume The Book of Lists and The People's Almanac series. He worked for MGM foronthsames Bond expertecent copyright lawsuit.

Beiderman explains that "It got into filmmaking because of my passion for the genre; the collection mirrors this passion. It makes me think of my childhood, which inspired me to get into my line of work. My parents were huge fans, and encouraged thisove sharing Ihese Items with friends, helping them recall fond experiences from decades ago. I'm very excited by

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the'opporlunity to share this collection with the American heroes for whom espionage isantasy,aily reality.'

Danny BioOorrnan's script for thedocumentary The Avengers: The Journey Back rests on Ihe set ol the production, along with replica props used to re-create The Avengers opening title sequence. Blederman mote the teteptay lor the documentary, hosted by Patrick MacNee (John Sleed).

Overviewortion ol rhe James Bond memorabilia in the Spy-Fi Archives.

Among ihe props thai mil be on display; Fab magazine appears in Austin Powers, as do Dr. Evil's ring and Austin's glasses; James Bond's Watther PPK used by Roger Mooreiewilt; Galaxy and Z. O.. parches from Our Man Flint; propr cigaierte case communicator used in The Manhe Dei Fiona's Tailor Shop

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