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Needs More Than Aid

ne* Rwandan Patriotic Fronr-dominaied government and the international community are trying to slop refugee flows and to persuade moreillion refugees, most of them Hutus, to return to Rwanda, This week RPF ministers wiO visit refugees in neighboring countries andillion displaced persons in the French-patrolled safe zone to try to persuadeeturn home, according to press tepotK.buiikes&vrnmem almost certainly will nghdy control any repatriation program.

The refugees include some intact miliiary units, radical Hutu militiamen.

and government officials who orchestrated anti-Tutsi

These officials still can stay the

refugees and, fearing RPF retribution, are likely to ley to block Hutus from returning.

The UN peacekeepers1 schedule for deployment outside Kigali ma, be unduly optimistic because il depends on Whipped African contingents; Ghana and Zimbabwe, which xc to provide two of the UN force's four infantry battalions, have serious doubts about particit '

The new regime wants UN peacekeepers to provide securityin border are as J

Since early April, international agencies and nongovernmental organisations working in Rwanda and neighboring countries have received0 million in international donations, according icT" reports. The European Union and its member slates flaVc contrtbuledercent,

The UN Secretary General plans to appeal today for0 million to cover the expanded humanitarian needs in Rwanda, and the Ell intends io divert an5 million.

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