Created: 6/18/1994

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Likely Rwandan Reaction Io French Forces

Paris'* past relationship with Hutu former President Habyarimana and its tacil support for the Hutu interim government suggesi that the Rwandan military will welcome (he arrival of French Iroopshow of support. French units, which were deployed to Kigali during the fightingssisted the Hutu-dominated army.

- The interimofficials have met with French officials since Ihe beginning of the fighting inseek to establish relations wilh the intervention force lo establish its identity as lhe government and seek French help against charges lhat the Hutu murder campaign is continuing.

The Rwandan Patrioiic Front has long been opposed io French involvement in Rwanda. Rebel military leader Kagame has blamed France, in pan, for arming the militias, who have committed mosl of the massacres, according to press reports.

Incidents such as the RPF's reported attack yesterday lhaiN peacekeeper suggest lhai ihe rebels may confront French troops and seek reprisals for the deaths cf Tutsis.

Intervention Imminent

Paris has decided to intervene in Rwanda next week to hah the atrocities,


reportedlyukewarm ench action (rem the UN Security Council

French officiaJs have said thai tbey are prepared to act with or without UN approval hut admitted to US diplomats thai tbey would reconsider their plan in the face of strong resistance from European and African countries.

Some Council members are concerned that unilateral French action would poison Ihe atmosphere or the UN neacekecping fntrr that is being assembled in the region

Tbe French military is concerned about the possibility of becoming bogged down in Rwanda and wants to limit the scope and duration of any such operation loew safchaverts for up to tworench

will remain under French ijiici ttian COffUTaflO McTwlI protect them selves and prevent massacres


has announced it canroops from the nearby Central African Republic on short notice androm France later, if necessary.

that Italy Is

Italian officers have

prepared io send special'lorces troops torench intervention.

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