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ichaelS. dttwn and long-time resident ofbducted and murdered bv member, of the Guatemalan Army. Severe] enlisted men were tried, convicted, and imprisoned for the murder. Captain Hugo Contrcras Alvarado. the officer who led the fallen, was also tried and convicted, but on the day of hisscaped from the militaryjcsCqaaners where he had been detained.

Approved tor Release

friaa Bamaca, ORPA comraaadaate capturedMarcos Department no the

-ormer Army specialists Francisco SolobaJ andyear MMence for their role ia the murder of Mduel DeVice. publicly claimed they had engaged ia Army-run death squad activity and had information on clandestine cemeteries and jaila.

tbat Alpirez, who was

assigned to Military ZoneSan Marcoa) in March*had persoaally interviewed Bamaca after the guerrilla's capture. At that time Uamaca was in good health. Alpirez clairned Bamaca was subsequendy taken way by military intelligence officers from the Armed Forces General Staff.irned be never saw Bamaca again.

thoagh information about arms caches later proved to be false. Inamaca reportedly was taken awayclicop.er aod seen by aBBBB^kaBBBBBBBBBav again.

^forms Jennifer Harbury

rtSV soverrurent has no indication that Bamaca was alive muchfirst few weeks of his

SC Advisor Tony Lake meets with Harbury in vvasjungton. Lake gives Harbury an up-to-date assessment. soverrmient mtelligence on the Banae. case, affinning that the Adrmnistradon mS ^

*"dministration has been intormed although the Aamimstration cannot verify, tbat Bamaca was held prisoner but ahve in1 Lake emphasizes that thes unportantnd that. government will continue

wo kiSTSi to

ZtZt^Zc^ ^


fsaidUbat Bamaca had Deen captured alive in2 but that

s now dead. The officer who reportedly took charge of the inteaogauonT was Alpirez, then thrrd corrmiancer of Military Zrne 1ft7


!captured aliveelieved he-

Iost uack of casc-bct Baaaca

^Sr*rf case with Guatemalan

President De Leon Carpio in Miami at the Summit of the Americas.


PBVHPbbsbbsV who confirmed the allegation

One National Security Council, in its chronology, said this inforrnation could not

be corroborated and was in conflict with previous information.

The NSComprehensive assessment of all available information on tbe Bamaca case.)

he CIA completes the NSC-requested analysis andthe NSC and State. Included in the analysis was information reffardinedeath of

rudeman requests CIA IG to review all of the facts underlying the Bamaca and DeVine cases.

3IA representatives brief committee start directors regarding5 reporting that Alpirez killed Bamaca. They also notified Committee staff, for the first time, of Alpirez's connection to0 DeVine murder.

mb. McAfee demarches President De Leon Carpio regarding flMBLVand asks for thorough investigation. McAfee requests that the investigators reinterview Guatemala army officers present in the area where Bamaca was captured in

7mb. McAfee meets with Harbury in Guatemala, informs her that "We have reached the conclusion that Bamaca is dead, based on them convinced he is dead,o not know what happened to him."

. policy review of human rights in Guatemalalear pattern of continuing violations and lack of "substantial progress"umber human rights cases, including Devine and. suspends last railitary assistance to0 in IMET (Internationalducation Training) funds.

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