Created: 11/28/1994

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talking Points for the DCI's Weekly Heeting SOSJECT: . BAKACA veiasquei, AKAante tverardo"


To advise for your seating with Secretary of State

Christopher thate "Mimi iimifftWP3ryBJPMntaBflhB

tjKflBtfaV:'c Ba-^aca praEably waadetained

We currently lack sufficient reliable ir.foraaticn. however, to judge his subsequent fate or whereabouts after April CIA continues to query assets forir. format ion. Attached are talking pointsopy of tte current DI/ALAof the Intelligence reporting on the Bkuci case.

Ambassador McAfee requested that Latin Acerlcawith Deputy Assistant Secretary of State forAnna Patterson on efforts to brief all USC entitlesexpressed concern over the BaEaca case on theof the case. ITAS B} Latin America Division plansinstruct Station to advise the Ambassador that thiscontinue to provide Intelligence support, howevercannota part of the policy-naking

For theackground.

On4 Ha. Karbury =et and discussed the Banaca case with Whlce House National Security advisor, Anthony Lake. Also In attendance were National Security Advisor to the Vice President, Leon Fturth, NSC Senior Director Intera-ierican

Affairs, Richardnd Assistant Secretarye Human Rights, John ShiLei.


Fromctober to liS citiien Jennifer Harbury, wno claims to be the wife of Guatenalan guerrilla cocaanCer Efrain BAMACAunger strike in Guatemala City, charging that her husband has been secretly detained by the Guatemalan military since his capture in March

Her charges stem from allegations in3 by two ex-guerrillas, who escaped from clandestine Guatemalan Armyhere they clain to have seen Baraca alive shortly after his capture in March and again in Theevernnent continues to clain that it does net keep guerrillas in secret prisons, that Samaca diedelf-

lr.flicted wound in? and was boried in an unmarked


GOG is unlikely to deviate fron current story line on Bamaca's fate and it is unlikely that the Human Rights Onbudsinan independent investigation will differ froo that story lire. Guatemalan public reaction and media coverage is generally unsympathetic towards Harbury.

Reporting indicates that the URNG has been manipulating the Bamaca case through Karbury to upset US/Guatemala relations.

Chey provided fabricated information

concerning Bamaca's fate to encourage Karbury in her current activities. edge bet-een the US and GOGolitical goal of Che CTtNG.

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