Created: 8/1/1994

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July Inroup known as the Southern Liberation Army (ELS) has been recruiting members Ln Isolated towns and may have adopted EZLN-like tactics andor example, the group recently raided several ranches andead of cattle, according to pressnroup oftate judicial policemen were ambushed in the town of OlinaJa-presumably by theresulting in the death of one po^oernan and prompting state authorises to seek Army aawtance in combing the area for possible hideouts. Intate pjdicial poUcernan was killed and several ts

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m0mWk, these organlzatjonfl are more readily resorting to violence, and the number of individuals thought to ba> Bdpsttas; has trvOTaaad over the lut months.'

PR1 candidate Zedillo,!

D-point national security

planpeech in violence-ravaged Guadalajara last month The plan emphasizes coordinating the activities of various branches of the police,ational crime-prevenb'on campaign, reinforcing the independence of the judiciary branch, and controlling the abuse of power by officials. According to press reports, the outline was well


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