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R WANDA: Crisis Span Reforms

President Habyarimana last week introduced an economicannounced thai new national identity cards willaffiliation, andransitionultipartyshore up hi* beleaguered regime. Ethnic Tutsi rebels havemoves and insist that he and his Hutu-dominated regimeSkirmishes continue between thesupportedandsmall rebel groupseUgandan

egional settlement on rctugecs and has ohercd toegionaleacekeeping force, and the resettlement of all Rwandan refugees. Military delegation* from Zaire. Rwanda. Burundi, Uganda, and the rebels arc meeting in Zaire tooint force to patrol the Rwandan-Ugandan border. The UN High Commission for Refugees isegional summit on the refugee problem lhat may convene laic this month in Tanzania. |

Comment: Habyarimana probably made his announcement in the hope of maintaining foreign, especially French, economic and political support. He also probably believes his reform initiatives will preempt rebel demands. The prospects of concessions to Tutsi interests and of economic austerity, however, nsk Jeopardizing his position at home, particularly with Hutu hardliners in the military, and may limit his maneuvering room in regional talks. |

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