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Changes Governments

Salvador Allende will bocome president of Chileovember, having receivedcongressional confirmation ofpercent plurality in the presidential election last month. Official delegations being named to attend his inaugurationoncommittal attitude by most countries toward the prospectarxist government.

The full support given Allende in therunoff by the Christian Democratsthat initially he probably will meet with little parliamentary opposition to the far-reaching programs ho has promised to put into effect swiftly. The "building ot socialism" that Allende has predicted, however, may be affected byconsiderations and by serious differences among members of his coalition. In the eight weeks since Allende's narrow electoral victory, there appears to have baon little significant progress In coordinating the plans and reconciling the ambitions within tha coalition.

The strugglo over the naming of arevealed and exacerbated theseown extremist Socialists have heldtop ministries, to tht dismay of theand the other contenders. Socialistthe posts they demand would give thea more radical cart than the low-key,bogirininqthe Communists andAhad envisioned,

The Chilean Foreign Ministry expects more thanfficial delegations at the inauguration, and the Communists claim thatountries will be represented. The ranks will be swelled byabor delegations from such countries as North Korea and East Germany and an extensive list of artistic notables invited by Allonde's UP coalition. Although the NorthVkfUiarnese delegation will beeaded by the vice minister ot foreign affairs. The five-man Soviet delegation will be led by the vice president of the presidium of the Supreme Soviet. OAS Secretary General Galo Plaza's position that he will attend the ceremonies In order to avoidto discriminate against Allende is shared by some Latin American governments. Others In the hemisphere and some Western European countries want to send "propor" delegations in tha hope of putting pressure on Allende to "resisthile's most important neighbor,eeply worried over the implications of Allende's government but wishes to appear friendly. It willabinet minister, as will several other countries including Mexico. Peru. Colombia, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Ecuador. Brazil and Paraguay, which do not hide their distasle'for Allende, will be represented only by their ambassadors. Cuba is reportedlymen delegation headed by the brother ofDorticos.

The assassination of Army Commander In Chief Schneider has practically ended theof any military action against Allende. It apparently has unified the armed forces behind acceptance and support of him as constitutional presidentay that few other developments could have done. It also has rtrengthenedposition with the shocked Chilean public; leftist propaganda has been warning incessantly that rightists would make some desperate move to avert Allende's assumption of tha presldoncy and has already claimed Schneiderartyr of thfl UP. I



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