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Intelligence Information Report


Medical Training"flln and scope/Anti- datiVaccina Use on All HawAntibiotics or 2

Prisoners In Ylatnta Ostting Standard Local Wat

In0 on hla aarllar

to China and North Vletnea, tha latest of which took piece InMa eaked about modern madlcal acfiooling In China, ha aald ha did not Know how aany medical schools nov vara operating. a had boan told there veraradlcal schools adnlttlngav atudanta par yaar. Ha aald aost or tha hospitala In tha larger cltlaa In China war* vail equipped by hla atandards, and no tad that In tha mdlcel achool In tfuean the Chlnaaa bad alx 'JS-aade cobalt machlnee.

la tha traditional Medical achoola vra being brought cloeer

- to we

of anatomy thay ara novaachlng normalanatomy In contraat to tha aarllar taachlng or tha thraa tub-Jar aystene..the arteries,na, and thia third ayatam that thay plarca vith thair acupuncturo. At tha earnha nodern dootora hava to learn many or tha traditional remedies In ordar to ba able to workha larga number or traditional doctora atlll practising,

China rleitor vaa questioned about can ear raaaarch and surgery Ha knav of no particular raaaarch on aalignanclaa goingbut ha gava good aarke to thair cancer surgery. noted tha quality of thair esophageal oarclnoaa aurgary. Haapaciric cancer vaa aomvhat indigenous to China, for no

reason, much as carelnosia of tha stomach la lndlganoua to Japan.

U, Conaamlr^ epldaniology, ha believed thatnd tha Ilka vara not rampant in China chiefly bacauaa It vaa easy over thara to Inoculate tha entire population, and ha ballevad thia already had bean dona. In China and )lorth Vletnasi, all nav bablea ara inoculated vlth sonathlng like BX, an antl-tubarculoala vaccine, in addition to Inoculatlona againat other dlaaaaea.

and antibiotics that an mnufacturvd in China varaha Indicated that aome had been teated in bat Oeraany and

to be of high quality. Ha mentioned no particular vaccinae, but



tha antlblotlea ha specified chlorellln,dUlsj


1 it



IittlaHid about Sorth Vietnam, but critical

of tht or* aadlcel icboDl there, vhich la In Iknol. The flcilltiea for handling patlentarco lout--two-tlt-nd wooden bad* vlthpatient on topatient undarneeth. Also, the aedlcel equlpaant

Hi Mia ht had tried to vieitriioner-of-we, oubb, but had been denied tUa reeueat. Vhen queried about nutrition, ha replied that ha believed tba priienere were being fed the mum nuttber of calorlea and tba aaae diet aa the north Vlatnaoaaa. Tha problea was that the prisoner* could not eidat on thla diet without aadleeJ. problems and apparant atai-retlon.

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