Created: 9/22/1970

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1. eeting in Dr. Kissinger's office.

morning, attended by Dr. Kissinger, Under Secretary of State Irwin,Johnson, Dave Packard, Tom Moorer. Pete Vaky and

escribed the general situation and our own actions as follows:!

a. The Allende forces have been continuing their propaganda and coercion efforts and threats. The Generals, while talking among themselves about the possibilityoup, are clearly not about to do anything unless Frei gives them the word.

is general agreement that


ead duck. Newspapers and other media around the world are picking up the problem of Allende and papers such as the New York Times and the Post have carried editorials. We have been active in much of the overseas press work, and American publications of influence are important inUVj particularly in Chile and Latin America gener;

note that

fSIA and VOA have been putting out material which could be considered pro-Allcnde and this should be watched. We also have noted through State traffic that the Inter-American Development Bank has or will4 million loan any day now for the technical university whichot bed of Marxism and whose radio is constantly on the air rabidly for Allende.

Declassified and Approved for Release0


might be the same as it bas been for the Greek Junta and they would havo difficulty getting military aid and support. After some discussion, it was agreed that Mr. Johnson and the State Department would drafti*Tlin% Knkcy to" get-the word to Frei thai-he wilL have our support if he goes into an electionesult of a. coup scenario, and alao passing the_word to the mUitary that they,will_continue to receive military help from the U. S.ilitary coup takes over.

Deputy Director for Plans


r. Phillips. WH Taskr, Kararr.cssines

p. s. Secretary Johnson also undertook to look into the Inter-American Development Bank item and the USIA-VOA matter.

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