Created: 12/4/1970

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Praphat's Day Looms Nearer

Recent cabinet changes strengthen the hand ol Deputy Prime Minister Praphat's supporters in Ihc government and lend further weight to the possibility o( Praphat's early succession. Inhis cabinet, Prime Minister Thanomall previous members, but made oneministerial transfer and added asignificant new face.

General Krit Siwara, who has been moving toward closer political ties with Praphat. shifted from the Education Ministrypecially created post in the Ministry of Defense. The shift can be viewedersonal triumph forhas been impatrent to move out ofand should considerably enhance his standing both within the cabinet and the army, where he is mentioned more frequentlyuccessor to Praphal as its commander in chief.

Of potentially greater significance forforces, however, was Thanom's awardeputy slot in the Ministry of Economic Affairs to Liberal Party chieftain Senator Prasit. who is one of Praphat's closest supporters and who has longabinet post. The liming of his appointment appears to be related to theSupport he is expected to be able to muster on the government's behalf in Parliament when the controversial budget bill is voted on later this month.

The cabinet changes will strengthen thethat momentum is building for Praphat's early replacement of Prime Minister Thanom.



a fundamental Conservative strategy from whiclxjhe government will not be diverted.

aktng up the-challengeof those calling for an incomesMfpljcit, official targets for Of even statutory cooffols due.'wage-and price gains to solve inflation problerns*JHeatlI claimed that his program is not less an incomaspolicy because it is different from, and mce consTfuc-live than, the policies that have been so describe up to now. He argued (hat the government'sexpenditures reform, tax cuts, andrepresent the program on whichParty was elected andii.u'iv. :'i,it hav: con-

demned the country lo frustration and to short-term expedients Howover. criticism is continuing on the adequacy of this policy to solve theinflationary spiral in wages,SSFMJ

Problem Comes Up Again

Eastest German negotiations, the four power talks on Berlin, and theof the Soviet and Polish pacts with Bonn are allrucial stage. Available evidence indicates that this is attributable laraelv to

cvily of the- meeting, the end of the harassment,hethe words "peaceful cooperation" in theindicate that the pact "coders convinced thelo


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