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damarc Station Konthly Report for1

Gnly minor incidents of hostile activity vara reported Ln the Peannej area during January, Increased security measures were undertaken. and Vietnamee military forces over the TET holidays. Scheduled flights to Oueng-hgalanuary, and all CORDS passenger flights within Militaryanuary, were cancelled due tocivil dioturbanoes.


The strict enforcement of company flight tine limitations for flight crews baa disrupt ad customer requirements somewhat. Motours flight tins per day and complying with the crew rest provisions of theec limitations have erected the grcateet problems. Both custouer air operations officers have manifested discontent over the situation.


Mo payment has yet been mads regarding the Leaseeeidence for SZ DAD due to delays in accomplishing required improvements. However, the new residence has been occupied.


Rightly operation of the ho*tal gencretor has ccessenced. Tbe noiee level Is considered high but not intolerable. The significant coot savings of thie unit will probably not be realised until warmer weather results in Increased elr-ecodltloner operation.

A work request was submitted to the Baee Civil Engineering Squadron (USAF) in an attempt to have8 touchdown pads, on the company ramp,with concrete. The asphalt aurface haa deteriorated to the extent that they are only marginally usableotential POD ha sard Is evident.

USAF plans toate across the flight line acceee rood,to the station facility, have been delayed due lack of required materials.


Conversion of the station tlneclock toerts operations is being undertaken at this tine; attendance meters era being submitted by each department in the interim.

Pegs 2


oaah expendituree totalodi vm opthATicas

Revenue night Unafl boara aa compered to December. AdTarao weather, rcdnccd flying orer the TCT holidays, aad fewerequirements oootrlhntcd greatly to thla redaction, no revenue loeeec were Incurredennlt of tha enf .irof ooapany night tine llaltatlone in January, but auch la not expected to continue in Febmery.

The followingreakdown of reweoue flight tlae generated by thla

a tat Ion in January i


aewcona loaaee for the aonth were aa followai

Cuetoear cencellationa

The atetion connleaant of CTD rahlclae waa reducedith theof one Kltaublshi Jeep to SZ DAO to replace the prerioualy utilisedJeep ahippad to Saigon, no atataa has been reeciTodequest to survey the two station sdcro-bneeie.


ode ewailahls at theere utilised whichouth iy ocoupancy rate. The total member of beds at the hoctel waa redweed froaos one room was considered too saall to socosssodate two bads. There areouble rocsssingle recess st tha boetel.

Certificates ofbilityotal ofights aere issued to TCS ground personnel.


Dlfflcultiee continue to be experienced with the "otorola remote THr/VBT system. Flight crews freqesatly report that Danangare unrsadable. Although all reeolvere sad trsnealttsre

CO**MJBIC4TI0M3 (Cont'd)

i nrolred In this eyeteO were tnorourfi Ly charted andhauled IS

necessary In Decesber, lta performance la far below previous levela. In coning and outgoing messages7espectively. TjUFTTC

Tbe cue toner fended cargo weighing eeale for tbe Traffic/USAH)wae received and should be installed In tbe second wee* of February.

Passeagrr end cargo etatietlea fer tbe nonth of January ere aa followoi





lrbaee passes have not as ret been received from WAP security for any etatlon personnel. Only minor probLeoo have been encountered to date byalid pass.


Leeve plans for saveral TCB personnel are being Modified due to dlffieeltiee ln obtaining axit,'re-entry vises, match of the problen seeno to reeult fron tbe proceeeiag Involved in new axtenaione of etay snd work pemlta which reoulree tbe canloyoe's peaaport aa part of the eupportlng deconmntatlnn.

Tbe pereonnel breakdown for Danang Station at tha close of business,as aa followe1




BJ0otalrriving nod departing flights oo eosaxtredn Decnaber. B inUBber oon Mrvieoo worn per-forned daring too nontb. ervicee warn Hr1*r1 toir craft and totaladt 2. Onechange waa required (VTB) end two aircraft were grounded for parte (TTnB).

nOMDetalannoure, of whichere wtiliaed in waintaining the coapany boetel.

Scent hoetcl expendable euppiiee arc now being stockad by KST/5CJ which will reduce considerably tba nsynsnt of inflated pricce for theee iteaa on tha local eoononyox of eoap powder cosiastre*aa of insect spraylastree).

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Winston c. caMHRE


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