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TO i 0


SUBJECT : August Monthly Heport

Saigon Base Monthly Report for0 la forwarded in three copies for

your file.

. Thelsen

saigon base konfhlx report0

i. general

total block time for august6 hours as compared8 for95 hours for

ac rockets impacted within the perimeter of the danang air base facilities. several persons were killed and several sddltional persons wore seriously injured, there was no damage to aau facilities

or personnel.

locally. in saigon the situation remains quits stable with negative rockets attacks and diminishing terrorist activities. however there ia an increasing number of demonstrations by vietnamese war veterans augmented by questionable organisations. there were also several students demonstrations against the vietnamese government and american participation in the war effort hero which makes this american unproud of some of the bad lessons being learned from our activities in the united states

we have given up numerous contacts with. air force to solve vehicular traffic situation along our taxi way (ahlch includss vip vehicles! from macv and 7th air forceariation of military vehicles which use our areahortcut. also there haa been increased irregulated traffic on 6th street which crosses our main taxi way from the aam ramp to the runway. since thisnapave addressed official correspondence to the vka? authoritiesm pleased

with their enthusiastic appreciation of ourxpect that an acceptable vehicle control will be established within the aam area within the nextays. this has been the subject of separated secndattachment c)

continues to press forward with plans to bring7 jumbos

acilities in danang.

into saigonaily basisctober. special ground handling equlpmont has already been received. my contacts with the vietnamese aviation authorities indicate however that there are still questions whether tSX airfield facilities are adequate to handle this operation. meanwhile air caabodge (cambodia) caravelie operations into saigon have diminishedaily flights per week to one, and sometines, two flights per week.

6. we have heard nothing further concerningplans to

Completion of Conesvenept and Drainage Ditch. DAil

Tha target data for completion lamprovement on Pcaacngor Lounge. DAO

Tha eoope of work and total coat of the project by The bid propoael of the contractor waa alao cut. eoting ia echeduled with the contractor for the flret week in September to negotiete andontrect. Conatruction la expected to begin on or about

enovation of the Operatlc-p* Buj^nr, sr.M

f the work hea been completed. Thla projectcheduled completion dete of0

elocation/Renovation of Varioua AAM Shooa and Offlcca. SOU

All echeduled moves have been made.

s hangZ Reee Renovstlon

This project is coaplste. The AR Closure notice wss submitted on

The contract is scheduled for signing during ths first week of September. Aoproximately5 dsys will be required for sctusl construction.

ir Cond;tlonlng NHA Crew garters

To date eleven units have been installed. The remaining two units were received0 from HKG.

Proformahase One have been submitted for ths following projects:

Convert the Cafeteria Annex for the Securityocal management la projecting the closure of the Phu Kiet Office located in down town Saigon during the month of December. If thla materieliaca, the Security Dept will hove to be provided adequate specs. It ia feltortion of the Cefcterle Annex could be developed into adequate offices.

ii. cekjxal affairs

1. Coneec^encee of tne unrealistic exchange rate of the piaster at VHilie tot aust be recognised that this exchange rate is unrealistic becauev Inollar Islasters. This situation has created many uifflcultiea for the nation:

paralyses export: In the face of increasing local cost*,the exporter cannot eell et coopetitlve prices wheniasters per dollar and governnent subaidieslow.

creates an Irrational foreign exchange transferfines operating in Vietnam for lnatanco may transferportion of their profits, alth the existing rate of lieUS* these fires appear to be over privileged.

existing unrealistic exchange rate la unfair to theallied troupe end foreign residents, who consequently tendmite their expenses in local currency or to exchange theirthe black market which involvesillion collars per year.

ir relations with all customers havebetter. They ar so congenial. It is unbelievable.


Danang - All rooms at tha hostsl esre occupiec every night during the nonth. Ofedseds were used during August for an occupancy rate of

Mhauring theooms wereotal ofayo. In addition, the hotel had beanugust due civil disturbance. All crew members were moved to the Hautique hotel. Ofedsere occupied for an occupancy rats of


huober of sick call: ements: ospitalised sick call: nhoepi tallied accident: utcall: 2

Physical examination: ick leaves:

vi. pehscn:;el

1. Apart from routine activities, we have expended ccnelderabls effort trying to iron out the problems with respect to the new Entry Visa requirement. citiieno. Since we are notcccsaand* position, we ourselves have not been able to make much progress.

However,. Bnbasey is aoiog full steam ahead ir. itu efforts, and they advise that procedures should becone consistent and simplified "before too ion^".

2, Personnel Stranrt-h








Flight Tine Heport (See Attachment A)

Ground Fire Incidents Report (See Attachment B)

axi eccidentort or aircraftt Bien Hoaouth Vietnam.

axi accidentorter aircraft) at bUenhoaouth Vietnam untilear upD at 3ac Lieu, SVN. Substantial damage was incurred to the aircraft. Tbe pilot and four passengers received no injuries. We had no accidents or incidents however we destroyed our good recordatastrophic demonetration.

2. hortly after climb out from Hoi An Airstrip, the external eling loadas inadvertantly dropped in the outskirts of the village. The load consisted of twoallon drums of gasoline, oneallon drum of diesel fuel. As the cargo impacted theire resulted, three small txmses were totally destroyed and two nouses were fifty por cent destroyed. Thereatalities and three seriously injured on the ground. There was no damage to ths aircraft or injuries to the three crew members. This is still being Investigated and tight now it appeare AAH was not completely at fault. Local emphasis is being token to get this trend "back on track".

L. Ground Transportation

Aggregate microbusesmiles

Total Qicrobusee dcwntdne rs 8'

Total microbuses pax4 pax

Isuzu bus3 km0 miles

Total Isusu bus8

Isuzu bus pax

Supply vehicle0 km1 miles Supply vehicles0

mi. tsaffic/aak

Passengers departure SOU (all contracts)

Passengers arrival SCH (all contracta)

Outbound cargo SGN

Inbound cargo SGN


Cargo (including AF)

Outbound (lbs) SGN

Inbound (lbs) SON


The month was relatively cniiet end no earth-shaking incidents marked our operation as other than routine. Assorted problems arose with

tryirg to schedule crews returning from JCs or leave cue to the *ffl visa restrictions. Theft from crewaembers cere ln the AAK perking hueharp increase. Friers haveumber cf instances of the fuel tanks being drained.

The lost el at Danang is almost completely reconditioned. The Nhatrsng hoetel is finished with the Installation of air conditioners.

Pixed-wing bidding was closed and the bids were uubmitted to Taipei.


1. TechnicalVN productive activities continued along the level set In June, with flying hanging between00 hour level. Caroge repair work wee up dueTB gear-up landing, eotor damageB and wind dosageC6C. Oocovorioo, lncldente AGP's and flight delays were down. The flying hour level wae supportedeavy and very successful refugee movement ln the early cart of the month.

Z. fixed king Unscheduled work consisted of eight engine changes, handling of five aircraft Departure delays and two aircraft recovery missions.

king Augustery quiet month with no outstanding problems

or difficulties encountered.

8 suffered considerable damageear up landing.

Helicopteruffered over sixty holes from unfrienaly mortars. USFAA Inspection aetivitiee were quite active during the month.

Planning The Planning and Production Control 3ectlon pre-planned echeduled and processed for all types of aircrafts.

General Haintenanca Grans plots on ths south side of the ahD building and at the Traffic have been reworked to upgrade their

eetor pipe has been Inetalied along the front of the CITCA hangar and along the south aide of the Eortheost Samp.

Electronics Augustood nonth for AED/SGN. KithSVC and L9 Heavy Servlcee, there were no delays duoD.

Control Plve inspectors attended coureee ln aircraft inepectlon

techniques end practices, fluorescent and dye penetrant Inspection, oognetic particle inspection and aircraft radio graphic inspection.

Ths work load was soaewtot light this sooth.

9. Supply activities remained routine. Tho procurement Sectionlightly larger amount of transacticno as compared to last month. Total value of cocaDOdltlee purcheee from local market amounted to

Local customs authorities enforced strict regulations to inspect incoming and outgoing shipments, requiring core tlae to clear.

K.J. Theisen

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