Created: 2/5/1971

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DFD/Tffi via BN/SCK

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: monthly Report, Saigon,

HFD/PW spent the raonth on leave and Capt. Clarke substituted as head of the Fixed-Wing branch of the Flying Department, Saigon.

umber of years the ideaB radio net for Saigon has been rejected by the company as impossible due to GVN regulations. Through ths efforts. Brassil, COMEHG-SGN, it develops that this was not true and that if approached properly the necessary authorizations can in all probability be obtained. While not yet approved, things look very optimistic for approval in the near future. This will provide considerable assistance in maintaining contact with our crews under all sorts cf typical Saigon situations which now requireehicle and driverote, let hin fight the localttraffic and hope the individual is home. This net will be at no cost to the company oxcept for one or two "base station" set, one in Operations and one in Crew Scheduling. It is unfortunate this concept was not supported and pursued yuars ago.

Theidsot of probleos in getting personnel movod out. lack of authorization for pick up and shipment of household *ocds has resultedreat number of completely wasted work days by crewaesbers transferred PC5. Ten days to two weeks was not an uncoroon delay for the authorization alone actual'schedule of pick-up further delayed departures. Admittedly part of the problemesult of TET, but lack of authorization was the primary reason and cause ofdelays.

Capt. Bays became Acting SIP/PC6equest was received from Capt. Orover that he be relieved from the position.

It should go without saying that the biggest single "excitement" item for the month wasdict that there would be no exceptions to tre flight duty limits iaposed by the SEA Operations manual and flights should be cancelled rather than deviate from these criteria. Considering the number of messages, phone calls and time spent In meetings, it would seem the problem would be solved or at least stabilized. Actually there are still many problems to be resolved. Perhaps we are too far down the line to recognize what is really going on, but everyone isaximum effort to coordinate and cooperate to make the schedule work as requested by tha customer and still live within the limits imposed.

omgc'alt F. M. TJtV.ttL





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