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[Article: "You Have Eelped Usetter understanding of MaoyLinol, Thong Nhat, Vietnamese,]

elegation ofw_Mob_lli2atiflQ fiomniuee innited States for ending the war in Vietnam visited our country. Before departing for home, the American friends happily expressed theentimentseporter froa the news pa per/Thong Nhat Jr'Reunlf.


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tc-gl-voryf "Before visiting .Yitlaaa.ad participatediairr ol pro-Vietoam activities. earned about Vietnam through books and through articles written by people who had been to Vietnam. new froa films that Vietnam la very beautiful. These facts Impelled me to want to visit Vietnam lo order Coetter understanding and, at the same time, to try to find out the truth about the war whiehS. government is waging here so Chat, when we return home, wa can In tea STty our struggles In the United States' to icnd**he. aggressive war lo Vlett__

The realities of your country have helped me toetter uo- derstandlog of many profound issues- This is especially true in regard to' l' the matter of the struggle agalost the Americans during the war of deatrvc-tlon In North Vietnam. Tou demonstrated very atrong determination, reflecced ln combat and production. This proves Chat the Vietnamese people are fully capable of overcoming all difficulties In order to fight and produce. Even the Vietnamese teenagers and children haveeautiful impression on The teenagers and children of VletDao are very rnuragymifl, joyful, and o forth.


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. government's war lo Vietnam has given riseesistance war right In the United States. Numerous organizations have hrfT "tf ahl' for various age groups, and each has its own methods of operation appropriate to the character of its struggle. Recently, these organizations have attracted ed greater participation, particularly among the poor. Some organizations

struggle from the point of initially struggling only

forovn happiness to the point of gradually recognizing that theexpenditures for the var lo Vletoan arc swallowing up all of the funds for their welfare. Consequently, they have begun to struggle against the war. This is likewise true of oev activists organization* aaoogsoldiers. The reason that these organizations are struggling with their Increasing strength is that they have clearly recognised th* relationship between their interests and the war. They are conducting aore and more struggles in order to keep froa going to Vletoan. Id the pest, anyone who was drafted but failed to report or tore up his draft card, was thrown in jail by the government. At present, with more thanercent of the draftees falling to reportonstantly increasing number of people tearing up their draft cards, tbe American goveranent has been revealed as ineffective In face of this movement.

The constant Intensification of the movement. youth againstservice hasajor obstacle for the American government. The earlier burning of the military recruitment caap In Philadelphiaajor victory for us. The burnt allltary recruitment lists have prolonged the allltary recruitment time for supplying the war la Vietnam, snd so forth. Our struggles definitely will achieve many more successes la the future and so forth.

Hy first visit to Vietnam was also my first visitocialist country. ave clearly recognized the beautiful system through yourin your way of life end la your work and social activities. hink that this is the essence of tht socialist society.

(Phil Lswson)

Hr. Phinring with me two major ideas oo my visit to Vietnam: first ofhink that we sre friends. m visiting Vietnamellow combattant. lso think that the people of North Vietnam have defeated the Doited States. ant to visit Vietnam In order to study your experiences and struggle methods in order to go home to apply them to th* struggle in our country, particularly for th* struggle of our black peopl*.

X have found considerable food for thought from the realities la Vietnam during the past several days. Itifficult to describe these thoughts but the thing which dominates and captivate* ay heart aad mind aore than anything else is your optimism sod your confidence la the inevitability of victory. With these Ideas, one struggles very aggressively.

In my Kansss City, the anti-war movement isovement of the black peopl*. Some of the young people are opposed to the military service. The movement exists, but generally speaking, it Is only Id Its Initial Stage. It Is still necessary to further educate th* people In order to bring the movement forward and have more successful activities. As far as our black people are concerned,. Imperialists hav* exported the war from the United States to Vietnam, killing tbe Vietnamese people. The reason for this is that therear right In the United States which Is Intended to wipe out the black people in the United States. This fact

forces ut to struggle end v* think that this struggle must be able to change the system and to change the preseat life.

In visiting the Vtetnaaese Revolutionary Huseua, we realise that It is necessary to struggle, as the Vietnamese people have done, to protect the national culture. As black people brought over from Africa, we too have our own culture. For this reason, after returning home from our visit to Vietnam, we will work together with the American people to furtherthe struggle to end the war in Vietnam, and, at the same time, to struggle to protect the culture of our people. There is one point which has given me considerable food for thought: Your victory has obviously not been determined by weapons but by the spirit of determination and the strength of solidarity of all the people. In ay opinion, the reason that our movement has so long been weak is because It has lacked this spirit. In our struggle, we have slso given more thought to weapons thao to educating, mobilizing, and uniting the people carrying tha weapons. This lesson of yours is particularly useful for us.

Martha/Jest over: We haveetter understsodlng of the problem by coming to Vietnam. People say that Vietnam is very poor.the facts indicate to me that this poverty is onlynder tbat exterior, you haveery rich life, and have enthusiastically produced in order to supply the essential needs of the country. Despiteierce war environment, you have your vital necessities and your people are supplied all types of goods. In our country, on the outside It looks like there Is very great prosperity, but actually only some people live like that. Most of our peoplefa of poverty and miseryarge number of people go hungry.

You are really happy. Id the areasave passedave seen you preparing materials such as bricks, tiles, cement, and so forth for rebuilding the country. This has given me much food for thought. Another Imageind it difficult to become accustomed to during ay visit to your country Is the image of Vietnamese women. The Vietnamese women are very simple, very normal, but very beautiful. Women participate in every combat and construction sector and in all social activities. This proves that the capability of Vietnamese women is very enormous and .

At present, our Amerlean women are organising tbe struggle against. government's war, using every different form. a participating In an organization which is studying the American war industry. Through the publications of the Defense Department and the White Bouse, thisis studying how. government plans to unleash wars and what funds It mill use to do this. The results of our research help localto clearly perceive the government's objective in producing weapons of war, which is to serve the Interests of military Industrial groups, so that tbe local organisations can establish specific struggle plans in the centers of production of war weapons. Our work has begun to achieve successumber of areas, particularly among American students.


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