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soldiers read published accounts and received lectures on the Btatuspilots shot down over NVN. Prior5 downed airman woreof war and were to be treatod as auch, but after that yearchanged, and pilots were to be thought of aspies"I


pilots were commandos because they destroyed crops, bombed factories,

killed civilians, and disrupted the economy; none of these aroas were

as military targeta. Theilot would receive would be more severe

than lt was priorreviously lie was given higher rations and shown

more consideration, butaptured airman receivedtandard

NVA food ration. The physical treatment ho received waa dependent upon whether

a main force or militia unit captured him.

pilot who was captured by the odlitary would fare better then one takenforces or civilians. Cadres used to compare the two Methodshandling during Indoctrination sessions. Members of the maintold to treat prisoners well for tha cadres wanted to raise(hethe.NVA in the eyes of the world. When tho pilot was released he would

report that he was treatedis probable that ^Jv

the NVA wanted thslr policy towards prisoners to be know so that Allied forces

would show the same consideration to oaptured NVA personnel in SVN. However,

pilota captured by popular forces night be beaten and received little in the

way of consideration. Differences in the two'policiea wore explained in

tonus of the distinction in missions bo two on main forces and popular force

principal task assigned to the militia was to protadt tho people.was to spread propaganda and torust of the government

in.tho people. If militia forces took an Allied flier it would profit

immonsoly to bring him before the pooplo charging, "This Is an American pilot who destroyed peoples'heir purpose was to "stir upo of tne pooplo to hate the Americans. Soaetinea, according to thosituation would pot out of hand ond angry mobs of people would beatkick the

k.. Cadtes cited examples of boatings. pilota recolvod at the handspeople. Soldiers wero instructed to intervene if they sow thea pilot. Thoy were to inform the people that tho pilot had to 'olive in order that he could be exploited for information and be used propaganda .

In either Juno or JulyAmorican pilot on oxhibition in

Q1TYNK THANH VillagoAW Village, QU7NH LUU District

NGHB AN Province, NVN. Tha pilot was dressed in tho brown clothesorth Vietnamese. Ho was not bound but was bare footed and walked with difficulty. Ha did not appear injured but seemed ill. Tho pilot appeared to beyeara of ago. His flight suit and other clothas woro on exhibition.

The people became angry and wanted to beat him but tho militia protected him. He was being taken to many villages for exhibition. Latar bo would be. taken someplace north.

feno late morning incean off tha coast of QUTNH LUU District where QUSN River entersshooting downD6 piano b/ AAA guns from tho

shore. Tne two occupants parachuted into tha wator and woreater by an amphibious aircraft which flow inow anglein tho wator. istance of about two kilonoJ,ors, Sourcefigures climb from tho water into the airplano when tho plane doorfor them. Tho amphibious plane then took off easily,


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