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affiSnffrej1-ea* nine Americanraucasian and two Negro soldiers, at the Met Cong (vc) Binh Thunn Province u> tent Ion camp in Binh Tuy Aovlnce. during the period late to Comment: vc Blnh Thuan Province Includes Govern-.wnl of TTVtBaii /CVN/ Blnh Thuan Province and the eoutheastero .portion Of Ian Dong Province.) Tho aotontlon camp comprised, four small camps, the Americans being heldpecial section called the "International DetentionTral Glan Quoc Te) .locatedalley near the Da Trian stream atn Buv..Khiem Village, Tanh Linn District, Binh Tuy"Pro vines."

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Consent: Tho VC Binh Thuan Province Committee has ically used the mountainous arras of Binh Tuy Province, to The.south,ase of


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the prisoners, they always appeared to be in good spirits. Thev were not wounded, and their apparent leadered-haired swrceantoears of age. Tho sergeant, whoarged the menathing area tvo or threeeek.*eM lii.ald that although he goto set that the red-haired Americanargen his left forearm,ould not renember thejajte printed above the American's fatleuo jacket pocket. hemetal chevrona on thoe fatigue jacket. 'n'icii11 Tht- Joint Prisoner Recovery Center indicated that the sergeant nay be Staff Sergeant Adams,aptured on5 near

3.* During the period ol jjflgJggJgt/conflneKent ir. eamp"^

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"A" of the detention camp, he was told by <fnu) amp eomnandor, that the Americans were will treatedfed canned meat, vegetables and fresh bread. Be -aidby the VC Binh Thuan Province Conmlttee wouldigher authority. ffgSggSComment: Chaiconfirmed by other sources ns^the leader of the camp. Captured enemy documents also place,site in tbe general -vicinity describedrin tiny occasions be saw commercial

swat-being taken to the Americans. Be described thess brightly colored, but he was unable to road According tonamed Ajefc

I the foodinterdictions on highwayto the northeast Province. flgS]|aluc>'s total of nine Americans beca uae mKttidtKThQiimeal

In0 prisoner named"ew monthb earlier, taken frow the campnd were bound for Ra:.ol. of the date because it was were released or transferred not see the Americans at the had also board that Banol wa in feeling the Americans.

ormer detention camp


who had been released smia the Americans'had boon me9oliday and manyejf the prison* ai that time,that he canp after imSeriod.to compensate the expenses locul

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