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ash of terrorist andweeks probably is largely the work of maverick Fatah elements operating with members of more radical fedayeen groups.

oyal Jordanian Airlines flight from Beirut to Amman was hijacked to Benghazi, Libya,ember of Fatah. On the same day, the pipeline carrying oil from Saudi Arabia's eastern province to the Mediterranean was ruptured in Jordan not far from the Syrian border; no organization has claimed responsibility for the act. Two bombs exploded and one was dismantled in Amman oneptember,the incidents received no publicity. This week, another hijacking attempt was madeatahomb was placedordanian hotel, and new breaks occurred in the pipeline in two places.

dissiaents in Fatah, some in able importance, has joinedopular Front for the Liberation of Palestine to torpedo any possibility of reconciliation with the Jordanian Government. This group istargeted against Royal Jordanian Airlines and is planning to hijack another plane within the next

three days.

pipeline sabotageoint operation

ot the PFLP and two other radical commando groups; Fatah's complicity is unclear.

Jordan is intensifying its security precautions and is pulling no punches in dealing with convicted fedayeen. Two, presumably PFLP members, wereexecuted, despite the fact that publicity given to their hangings will not advance the on-again off-again "conciliation" conference in Jidda.


PAKISTAN: The civilian cabinet appointed in East Pakistan yesterday is likely to be of only minor help in government efforts to win popularamong Bengalis.

The appointment of all East Pakistanis to the new cabinet is apparently designed to giveurther step toward restoring civilian rule and that East Pakistanis will be allowed to run their own affairs. This latest action, however, is unlikely to be viewed by the great majority ofas more than window dressing to disguisearmy control over the East wing.

Most members of the cabinet have been fairly prominent in East Pakistani politics in the past, and several have served in national assemblies. Only two, however, are former members of the bannedparty that swept elections in East Pakistan lastthese two are regarded as turncoats by many Bengalis. Host of the rest are from parties thattronger centralthan does the League, and which did poorly in the elections. Pour of the cabinet members were badly defeatedtin races for the National Assembly.

Sep 71

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