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RAB STATES: The assassination of Jordanian Premier Wasft Tal in Cairo has stirredew storm in the already troubled Arab atmosphere.

Tal, who had been opposed by Palestinian groups since his appointment inas one of the executors of King Husayn's raopping-up campaign against the fedayeen. The assailants may bewith the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, whose radical goals include theof the present Jordanian administration.

Tal was in Cairo for meetings of the ArabCouncil, where he presumably presented the Jordanian side in discussions of the problems of the fedayeen. Mediation efforts sponsored by the Saudis and Egyptians had broken down on Friday, with each side again blaming the other's intransigence for the failure to reach any agreement. Theand the Syrians had urged an accommodationthe convening of the Defense Council.

In Jordan, the immediate effect of thewill be to stifle any lingering sentiment for accommodation with the fedayeen. There will probably be an intensified campaign to identify and round up Palestinian agents, and efforts tofedayeen leaders outside the countryistinct possibility. Tal's rivals and detractors who have been urging the appointmentorepremier will havo to lie low lest they bein his death. In any case the next premier is not likely to be chosen for his pro-Palestinian sentiments.

Although Egypt probably was not officiallyin the slaying, Cairo may be criticized by Amman because of its well-known coolness to Tal, which dates from Tal's outspoken opposition toNasir in the.


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The assassination will do little to forward Egyptian hopesnited Arab stand against President Sadat had been using the series of Arab ministerial meetings toommon Arabin the debate on the Middle East question, which is expected to take place in the UN General Assembly in the cominy weeks. cpj--tj

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