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Prisoner 'v'iso Cooperated With the, VC Qikirj d! Special Zone and Conditions in the VC Militaryrison Carap

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Bobby who had been persuaded to cooperate with the Viet Cong (VC) in the VC Quang Da Special Zone (QDSZ) prison caap a; Loc.Son Mountain, VC Lcc Son Village, VC Dai Loc District, VC Quang Da Province. 3obby helped VC propaganda cadres with their English, wrote propaganda pamphlets and conducts, preliminary interrogationsewly-arrivad Ar.ericar. prisoners to try to convince thea to supcert the VC caufto. Bobby was trusted by thond alloircrdve freely ir. the nearbyillages. InS, dueiJd military operations in the area, tjio Loc Sor. prisonas disbanded andnd several other American prisoners







were covede VC Military5 prison camp. In

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tiio local ord tint ary Youth NVX)hroe6 ' .o.

lineriends vita nit:. Bobby was aboutearsparents Mra still living in. and ho hadand one brother. eil li;;ed Near the er.c"* T had beer, admitted to thoand was to be transferreda chronic stornch r>-to

American prisoners had cecr.S andnIsor "ho;r

evel VC cadres.C holidays were celebrated by sivir^ the prisoners additional food. Important American holidays were also celebrated at the camp. End Summary.

1. eeting in about Junef tho Propaganda Subsection at the offices of tho VC QDSZ military Proselyting Section at Loc Son Mountain, VC Loc Son Village, VC Dai Loc District, VC Quang Da Provl nee.' "

proselyting cadre,imu |af

Americani rr. that

he had attended an Bagllsb course ccr.ducTecoy the VCTraining Section in early and, vben the course was completed, he had returned to the Proselyting Section where he sat with an American prisoner called "Bobby" V

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prisoner mentioned in

of0 and in [ dim ia; i.

,Jhe VC jjRSZ .includesV and Lovor-nment of Vietnam (OVX)am Province less Que Son District and the southernf Due Due District. VC Quang Da Province has same boundaries as the QDSZ less Danang City. VC HR-fi includes CVS Quang Nam, Quang Tin, Quang Ngal, Blnh Dinh, Phu Yen, Xhana Hoa, Kontus, Pleiku, Phu Bon and most of Darlac Province, VC Dai Loc District includes the northern third of GVN" Due Due District.)


Bobbyeep from Con Khe

Dien Dan District, Quang Kan Province, south near the coast and had lost his way. He wont into VC Dien Binh Village to ask directions back to Con Khe and was captured by VC guerrillas, Ke was later taken to the QDSZ Proselyting Section whore he was imprisoned at the loc Son fountain prison camp. The American said he was interrogated bynd (fnu) Chin, both former English professors In Dnr.ang, who succcodcd in convincing him lo cooperate wiih the VC.


said he helped VC propaganda cadresvrote English language propagandati^ njrmii.oa-of. American.

y^nterroga-lo_na. ofnoriean-^pt to convince then to support tho VC


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ly in tho nearby Mor.tagnard villages.

about then to the VC cadres it. charge

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4. emained at lisc Loc Son prisonhen the caap wasnd was. moved tocamp with Ho An and several other Americannot know the location of. this pr


he move was made because the area was insecure dui to Allied and GVN Military operations. At tho time of the move the VC releasedVN prisoners and one Republic of Koread Forces corporald Nan, who had bc< captured by the VC during theS attack or, Koi Anfter Bobby was moved to the VCrison camp he shared quarters with Ho An instead of living with the other Americans.

emoer oi tne

UurYehtrty commitnd concurrently chief of the Military Proselyting Section. The course, which was sponsored by VCas conducted by

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labB When the prison camp.

|in the Proselyting Section, tnat he met Bobby at about the end of ved the American prisoners to the VC SIR-5


description, iJOUSy was aDOufears old, 'ins parents were still living in. and he had an older brother and sisterounger sister.

that Bobby was free to go anywhere he

liked in trie area and he visited the Montagnardreturning with food given him by thethe Montagnards gavereat deal of food,it with the AmericanBobby was

highly regarded by the Montagnards and tlley preferred dealing with him rather than the high-level VC cadres in the area.

Near the endhile

conducting the


lment, would not

courseecluded area, heviiwr irus. rmr VCroselyting Section which said that Bobby had been admittedember cf the People's Revolutionary Youth Group and was about to "cc transferred to because hebdominal problem that needed


treatment* (Field Comment: like Bobby, once he had reco

be allowed to return to SVN. He said Hanoi would procably send hiaolitical indoctrination course and, if Bobby insisted, he would be admittedember of the Lao Dong Party.)

8. three other American

prisoners nao beeniruu > SZ6id another prisoner, ajlrlost in Nuyen Hon Village, Duy Xuyencaptured in. (Fieldnot

give the r. of any prisoners other than

9. Whilebout Bobby's activities at thedisclose-about the

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etention cam?,

arge ;rj".bcr of Americanmany

allV foodr than that of

manioc added, plus VNSMt the rate of exchange)o DSSl) for fovd andaboutor miscellaneouspenscs, per day. Tlie prisoners tore occasionally given fresh moat obtained during hunting expeditions. Tne VC encour^od'the American prisoners wo grow vegetables .and raise chickens and pigs to increase their food rations. Each prisoner was allowed to have five "Ruby" cigarettes per day, but tho ration was occasionally increased. (Field Comment: Ruby cigarettes arc considered the best quail1 Vietnamese ciraretto-.) C doctor told| [that itost American prisoners suffered abdoninalbecause they were used to eating aeat but were now eating rice, to wnich they were unaccustomed. 'Vac, corn and nanioc were not added to the rice given tho Americans.

VC holidays, such as National Day on

2 September, Cotnn"O'p'0.ration Day (of the creation of the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnan)onecember, Labor Daytay and the Vietnamese new year were always celebrated by giving the prisoners additional food. The VC intended to make the Americans remember these days for propaganda purposes if they ever returned homo. Important American holidays such as Christmas and tho 4th of July wore also celebrated by the VC in the American prison camp. On tho 4th of July Pro.' isor Anong speech stressing tho Amorican struggle against the British colonialists, particularly emphasizing the Bill ofocument that VC propagandists believed to be the earliest progressive declaration in the world. 7he speech also attacked American Government policy in Vietnam as being against the will of tho American people and contrary to the Bill of Rights, also said thatj accordingC s'tudy, mostlower-class American prisoners did not understand the war and were thus easily propagandized.


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