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ThU publication li Intended lo furnish the Intelligence communiiy wilhtimely survey of signtflennt current scientific Inlelllgence. The Items herein are based on selected incoming report! ot all kinds received during thr previous week. Tierrpresenl the views of lhe Office of Scientific Intelligence ono the Foreign Missi'e and Space Analysis Center and are coordinated to the exlrnt possible In thevailable within CIA bul. being baaed on the material at hand, areto change on receipt of further Information or analysis. We caution against ttctlon taken solely on the basis of the preliminary evaluations herein. Substan-tlve questions concerning Items in this publication may_bc addressed directly to tht


DSI. CIA Headquarters, Langley.vmtmmlng distribution should be forwarded through appropriate depart-menial channels.





Soviet Chemical Troops Cr-.iyirjc in CW Traininrlatoons oi the Order o:rin Vccvrecently enrapoderies of trainine;honor of theCongress of the CPSU. ypicalthe decontaminationank battalion whichexposed to "radioactivo and chenic.ilwithdrawn froa duty. The exercise war- timed .inddecontamination of vehicles, personnel, clothinp Tha winner received the title of Out Stand

- :here are two significant points tO Df,this; report. First, Soviet CW doctrln- calls foruse of nuclear .md chemical weapons. Tho"radioactive andontamination" in thethe exercise iseflection of this Sovieta suggestion that the Soviets rust believe thatopposing them have similar doctrines plus theof implementing them. Secondly, in contrast tomilitary rorces, which have relatively limited mirierCBP defonse troops ondew hours of CBSthe Soviets continue to maintain largechemical defense troops who rrequentlvncompetitive training.

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Cuban Soldiers' Peaction tocw Attack Appears

a^or Cuban.xercise,

|*he SA.': iitc'dt Kuara wasnenicai

alarm and ordered toll doors and windows. Similar instructions were issued to another SAM site -it Managua. ollow-up inquiry was made at Managua to determine ifhad donned their masks. The responseative, but all doors and ventilators had been closed. |


Cocoon t: Previous evidence of the soldiers' reaction to

a simulated CW attack would indicate that they playedwith some decree of realism.

reportea response to this particular attack surp.est that the defensive measures taken were perfunctory. It is somewhat


Week lyv

b April

confusing as to what structures arc involved in the area under attack. SAM control vans have no windows* and if the defensive effort was held to closing doors and windows in various buildings within thehis would provide little protection to troops occupying these structures.,


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