Created: 11/15/1971

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Soviet Lunar SpaceBtiit Described: oviet physician haspacesuit to be used for walking distancesa on the lunar surface. The source was involved in testing an experimental model of thii suit at Tomilino during the spring Considerable further development of the spacesuit took place at the Institute of Medical biological rroblems after this test at Tomilino. The upper part of the suit was described as firm, with the arm and leg areas comprisedoft hermeticixing fabric in six layers. ontrol console flapped out which permitted the cosmonaut to control the suit pressure and temperature. The means of supplying oxygen to the spacesuit during the teat wasine; eventually tanks would be affixed to the back but they had not yet been developed. Heat was removed from the body by means of water which circulated through tubing.

Comment; The model of the Soviet lunar spacesuit described appears to have been in an early stage ofin the spring9 (the first US lunar landing was in. This information is significant in that it indicates that at least this version of the Soviet lunar spacesuit wasard suit. This contrasts with the US Apollo suit which is soft. There is insufficient information upon which toudgment concerning the Soviet state-of-the-art in joint development and general mobility. This suit, however, does not appear toonstant volume bellows jointrimary assetomplete hard suit. The gloves, one of the most critical items in spacesuit design, appear in this teat to be of crude design and inadequate for work on the moon



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