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lUBJBCT i DAMAMO Station Monthly Beport for1

Hostile cctirlty in the Danang araa increased significantly aa ccaipared to tha previous few eon the. On tha corning ofebruary approximatelym rockets lepacted on the west elda of the Danang air base. Oneircraft wee destroyedirect bit.

On tha norningX received sight bite froa autc-natlc weapons firelias weet Southwest of Hoi-An. Only one crewnanber wasaner ankle cut caused by shrapnel. Several aaj or ooBpocenta of the aircraft, including the engine, were replaced eitheresult of danage or as precautionary measures.

Both naln landing gears of0 collapsed on landing et Danang onebruary. USAF crash recovery did an exeellont Job of lifting the aircraft from the runwey and transferring it to tbe ccatpany ramp. Ko further damage waa caused by thie operation. Tanporary repalre were ande on the aircraft at Dsnaag toear deem ferry to Saigon.

The Danang city curfew baa been reduced one hour,0 houre0 houre.

Customer hsuTlOMS

Both Denang customer retreeentatives have been ncet cooperative inthe company in redutlng dialoos resulting from published flight time liadietiomo. teet if the problems concerning the scheduling8 aircraft have been tempcarily resolved.


Payment for the new SI rsldcnce le still being deferred pending repair of minor discrepancies.


The work request eubmlttt to Base Civil Engineering for reeurfacingB touchdown padsompany ramp has been basically approved. oot estiamte bee been Ppared end materials prograaassd, hut work has not co an raced to date.


Attendance rosters are *ll being utilised to record time in>cloc* to'or

Petty each expendlturee totaledi


aarenue night tlae decreased3 houre aa eoapared to January. Revenue loaaee reaalaed high but vara aalnly due to uucontroli.ale caosee.

The followingreakdown of rerenoe flight Una ganorated by thla station In Februaryi




Rswaane losaaa for the nonth ware as followst




It is ondsrstoed that the request to surrey ths two station adcro-bnasos say be approved in the near future. Detailed plans are now being aade pertaining to specif ieations for re placement vahielae.


The hostel occupancy rate declined aonswfaat ss cossparod to previonB nonthe. Nore affective rotntlea of flight crews end fewer additional gOX alrereft are the primary reasons. otalodeere utilised, yielding en occupancy factor9 per coat.

CartUloatee of non-avsllabllltyotal ofights were lsened to TCS groand psrsoonel.

The reaota TgP/UHF Motorola systea operated fairly wall during the aonth hot minor problem continue to ho ancoept^red.^It-ame off the air for

tvo days due to BSlfl power failure at thu The

overall reliability of thla system still leavae anch to be deairad. Trwnartsg snd omtgolag aeeeagee5espectively.


Th- Berkel cargo weighing scale was inetalled in the US AID Warehouse but is inoperative due to sons broken steal ribbons wblch support the balancing aacbanisa. These itene were apparently daaaged in ahipnent.

* Passenger and cargo statistics for ths nonth of February are aa followe:




PM a


were of tbe calendar

for the


ir Baee passes for ell received snd should renain

year providing undated reeidenceeontlnue to be received frcea Saigon.


Difficulties in obtaining exit/re-entry visas have caused theand/or deferral of several leave plana for TCS personnel. Mot only does this situation cause Inconvenience to tbe concerned employee, it frequently reeulte In payroll deductions since revised leave requeete do not always reach payroll in tine to aeJce the aeceeaary adjuetavnta.

The pereonnel brwakdown for Danang Station at the close of business,as aa follows:

Pra-Process Teaporsry



RKDotalrriving and departing fligbte aa conperedn January. Heavy servlcee were UnitedB aircraft (threeervicee snd oneervice). One engine change was required (VTB) aod four aircraft were grounded forC6B).


BGKDotalenhours, of whichere utilised in maintaining the hostel. Two eircondItloner compressor ootors horned out during the aonth. Only one PEMD swcnsnlc hes been on dutyebruary dueesignationaisy in returning froa leave due to illness, bat he has managed to keep nil powered equipment operating.

i'nM by Winston C. Caabre

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