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The policy of two separate and equal flying divieiona at Saigon cane to an end with the decision that Capt Heinl wouldino pilot rather than Acting CP/RW. Since the CP/RW andre TCS for an indefinite period, this leaves Va gap in the continuity and control of the RW prograa. The chanri of scheduling fron Capt Heinl to the Scheduling Section has thus far not created any great problems as the program was in excellent condition at the time Capt Heinl dropped the handling of it. Time will tell if the situation will change as things progress. With the absence or imminent departure of all the RW supervisory personnel, one annot halp but wonder who is to take over the operational supervision of theapt Johnson has indicated that as Acting SIP/RV his duties are limited by theontract to action directly related to flight instruction.

The nanning situation continued to cause morale and other problems, particularly j In the non-existent CA7 program. Things have started to settle downegree, butong way to go to achieve stability. Scheduling continued to present its share of difficult!ties related to compliance with the various time limitations. ; The present "no waiver" policy is generally permitting us to begin getting well

from our prior situation where we were slipping backward with each day ofctivity. The exception is in the Ci6. The extra flying requested by the customer

and use of the fifth "uncontracted" aircraft has greatly cut into ourine used to try and get the crews time-off and mset all the limitation ceilings -jtfiieh exist. An example of the schedule Juggling which goes on, it is often necessary foro fly to NHA or DAD witheadheading. hen flys back to SCI! witheadhead. This meets the flight time limits (usually compliance withn0) but realistically does nothing but cost the companyound-trip deadhead. There is certainly no added safety factor established, as few would argue that this type of deadheading was more restful than flying. (Perhaps even th* contract). The limitations have,umber of occasslona, caused considerable alienation of the customer. This is particularly true of those in the field who are not Informed that it la their own management who has requested or supported the restrictions. They still feel we should provide the Quality of service that was standard several years ago and not plague them with administrative limitations.

Capt Herrlngton was reinstated> 7TB Capt after six weeks WOP for his accident and for permitting his medical certification to lapse. His reinstatement was of considerable help in maintaining tho VTB schedule within the required limits and permitting crews reasonable time off to get away from Saigon.

It is unfortunate that all the programs cannotimilar situation since as local conditions continue to worsen, with increasing harassment and petty stubling blocks constantly generated. Even the military has experienced an increase


of armed robbery and gunshot wounds in Saigon. Mr Grundy was delayed in his departureesult of an Immigration error which isypical probleat for our employees. The burden of corrective action was thrown on him and the company as the local authorities refused to acknowledge there could have been any fault on their part. Only with the assistance of the airlinoe, customers and senior company representatives did he manage toours later. (Needless tc say all this assistance is not available to run-of-the mill employees who would have been delayed from Saturday until at leastuch harrassments make it so necessary for personnel to getm Vietnam as often as possible for real relaxation. (Even that time-off spent in country does little toward decreasing the local "ulcer juice" situation.)

Captains collard and Johnson were awarded positions in Udorn but at present have not had word as to whan they night expect to be transferred. The bids for vacancies published Inotices were announced at tho end of the month, almost two wemksafterid closed. There were not too many radical surprisesouple of awards went to people who were not really sure then wanted to make the change.

/The latest form of local harassment is from the customs people in refusing to ! let anything into the country which they consider not acceptable. This isased on what, how much or who, but only on the whim of the individual inspector Vat the moment. (It effects TN, TCM, USnly TIPs and Diplomatic Passport holders are exempt.) ^ne person going through can bring In unlimited amounts of something and the next one with small amounts of the same item have it conficated. To quote some eage thinker, "There is no reason for it, it is just their policy", unfortunately there are no guide lines and no assistance or supportto our personnel when this sort of thing cores about. The individual [can try to argue but usually ends upribe or losing theveryone intending to visit Vietnam would ate well advised to bring only what is 'actually required and thus oreclude confrontations with the custmss authorities.


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