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Monthly Report

Scheduling probleaui continued to plague the department throughout There would be no purpose serred to elaborate on the situationhas been discussed and cusaed at great length verbally and In writing.

It Just boils down to not being able to get six gallons outive gallon can. Tou either have to ehanga the requirement or get another can. No amount of scheduling changes can correct the problem. When all the pilots have run out of time, the schedule can either be cancelled or seasonsaiver.

FEPA continues to operateree hand and apparently full support and backing from the company. they are Immune from serious criticism becomes ever more evident with every situation. That they are completely supported by the general membership la seriously doubted as there is much evidence to the contrary. ew leaders have Joined together and are completely dominating the actions and decisions of the whole pilot group in Saigon. They appear to be Immune from any serious criticism by management without their own concurrence.

He now have five pilots on extended sick leave and their return is Indefinite. The Instances of becoming sick and grounded has increased with the necessity of cutting down on scheduled time off. Several have become ill in time to make the week-end and are well again by the first of the week. With the limitations placed on how much they are permitted to riy, thisonvenient way to have the week-ends off. When there were no such severe restrictions, it was very seldom that pilots were sick except when it was readily apparent that they should be ln bed. The present systemituation where loyalityesire to do the right thing result In the individual being penalised rather than rewarded.

A. On two different irst Officers were going to be sent directly to SCK without ground school. If the school is to be held here, this Is of no consequence whether theyr not. Ifrequirement is to be met elsewhere it isecessity that the school be held prior to coming to SON. The present visa situation makes any other action unpractical. After arrival we must plan on one or two months In countryinal multiple entry/ exit visa Is received.

The revision of the crew rest policy to permitours restine hour day provided some relief forrogram working out of Danang. Other than that ittep in the right direction but not nearly enough relief from the other restrictions of the Flight Time Standards policy.


Chief Pilot/FV guide two trips out of country during the month. Oneto attend the CA6 Manual conference and another to TPK regardingcontract and some of the scheduling problems with which we arc


summary, the month was frustrating but relatively uneventful aspectacular nature. No one was particularly sorry to see

it past. On the other hand it could certainly have been worse. (Presumably).




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